Monday, May 5, 2008

A better day

I'm really trying to keep it positive, but it's hard after hearing about more food riots, this time in Somalia and this devestating cyclone that's hit Myanmar killing up to 10-thousand people there.

Okay, it is hard to keep it upbeat. I was going to complain about my parking ticket I got yesterday downtown, but not it doesn't seem like that big a deal in comparison to what some are going through right now. What I will say is, instead of penalizing people for going downtown for big events, why not loosen it up a bit and only ticket people who are in handicapped spots or who are blocking driveways, etc. I park in the same spot every Sunday morning and this was the first time I got a ticket. It's a cash grab and it's sick. Made me feel happier when I went to Bayers Lake and didn't have to risk getting a ticket and I'm a huge supporter of the downtown!! Anyway, that's my rant about that!

That being said, there is a very cool vibe downtown with all the tourists here for the games. It's really fun and the weather really co-operated. It was a lovely weekend.

So, Jim Meek thinks we're too hard on Fred. Here's a link to his Sunday column:

What it seems like to me and I've heard this from men too - the boys' club protecting the boys' club. Bottom line.

Well, that's about it for me. All I can say is Go Team Canada and Go Sidney Crosby!!!

Have a solid Monday,


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