Friday, November 30, 2007

Celebrities on the Hotline

You could feel a palpable buzz in the halls of the pink palace this morning. It was all because of a man named Bret Hart, one of the most famous wrestlers in the world who was our guest during hour number 2.

Rick asked me what I thought about him after he left. He's very hard to describe. He wasn't overly jovial, but he also wasn't. He was kind of zen. He was calm, and seemed a little world weary. It seemed like nothing could faze him, and he was genuinely moved by the comments made by Hotline listeners today. It was great that we heard from some true superfans today! Anyway, it was very cool and David Rodenhiser was such a fan he stuck around for the hour! Little known fact: Bret started wrestling as "Buddy the Heartthrob". He looked very sheepish as he made that admission. Good news - he says Roddy Piper beat cancer which is good to hear. He says Andre the Giant was an incredible athlete (which I was suprised by) and that Andre actually played national soccer in France before he got too big. He blames the Chris Benoit tragedy on concussions and not steroids, which was interesting to hear.

Speaking of Rodenhiser, another and opinionated hour with him to start off the Friday free for all. I am in complete agreement with what he says about squeegee kids. They shouldn't be in the streets and it's a toss up whether they are even out there telling the truth or not.

Gloria kills me every time she comes on the air! The "venerable iron lady of Dartmouth" as Rick calls her was in fine form today. She told me on the phone she was shaking and I naively asked her why, was she outside? She said, no, I'm so scared I'm going to lose my job now because of Don Mills! Ha! Everything she said was dripping with sarcasm today and I loved every minute of it. She called Bill Black a "two time loser" and said this group was essentially a south-end boys' club! Another super sarcastic quote "They know so much, they are so intelligent". Rick and I were dying, she is at the top of her game. I wish I could have seen her in action as Mayor of Dartmouth! I love Gloria!

Well, I'm off next week, so when you call you're going to hear the mellifluous tones of Austin Price! No blogging, so I'll catch you back on the show December 10th. Be nice to Rick!!



Thursday, November 29, 2007

Up with Chavez!

Caller Barry, who lives in the South end of Halifax, and I have a familiar routine. I say "How are you" and he says "Grumpy". I am always happy to hear that because grumpy people have the best complaints and that makes the Hotline so much fun to listen to! Anyway, Barry was actually in good spirits today and says we sould appeal to Chavez in Venezuela for some cheap oil so many seniors can survive the winter!! Thanks for the suggestion, Barry!

I'm currently riveted to Karlheinz Schreiber's testimony in front of the Commons Ethics committee. He's crafty. He's not going to answer any questions until he gets the details of his extradition sorted! Nice move! It is really high drama with some gasps going through the gallery. I love politics!!! Now Schreiber is answering a few questions, he says he had an agreement with Mulroney, but never had offered him any employment. As for the 300-thousand dollars, a member of Parliament asked why not write a cheque - and Schreiber said simply, "The cash was available" and refused to mention anything more.

It was interesting when Jim brought up the point about no one saying boo about Ozzy Osbourne coming to town! I mean, this is a guy who bit the head off a dove, is an admitted drug addict and is generally regarded as kind of messed up. In fact, I read Motley Crue's autobiography a few years back and one of the members actually witnessed Ozzy snort a line of ants!! Great book, by the way. Anyway, Jim's point is that Celine is squeaky clean, one of the biggest stars in the world and there was an outcry. Rick said we weren't interested in that concert and I'm just wondering - what is this city interested in? Moncton is going after a CFL team, what do we want? Does this city have a future? Sometimes, I'm not sure.

This HMCS Toronto business is interesting. I was initally aghast, but ex-Navy wife Mary essentially said the wives/husbands need to suck it up! I think both reasons being tossed around why the ship will be coming in on Tuesday instead of Sunday are both equally lame. The first - they need to save gas money? The second - that Peter MacKay can't make it on Sunday to welcome the frigate home - LAME. I can imagine how the families could feel so disappointed though - you have marked that date on the calendar and have to wait two more days. I know 2 days isn't a long time, but when you have your heart set on feels like an eternity.

Walter Thomson was such an interesting guest during hour number 2. Normally, you hear about someone who defends civil liberties and you're picturing someone who is so far to the left it's out of control. You know, someone Gene would label a "Commie"! Walter though, was incredibly balanced and it was very interesting to hear his take on some of the big issues going on right now. I did learn something too: Walter says we have the freedom to be as crazy as we want to be. Good to know.

Caller Shannon voiced her concern about the malls/stores opening on Boxing Day. Even though I have no issue with Sunday shopping (it's been a godsend for me this year), I do think the stores should be closed on Stat. holidays. Let's hope the Liberals do get behind this and support the NDP.

Well, I'm going to go watch more of these proceedings on TV. Total soap opera.



Wednesday, November 28, 2007


Rick's conversation with the Mayor of Bridgewater certainly sparked a good number of calls and a diatribe from Rick himself about smoking. Rick thinks we should ban cigarettes and I agree, but if there's one thing I hate more than smelling cigarette smoke, it's the hypocrisy of governments collecting tax money off these things, while at the same time spending money trying to get people to stop smoking. PLEASE! In Bridgewater, they've moving forward with a bill that would ban cigarettes from all public places, including walking down the sidewalk. Here's the thing, I don't think you can have one level of government decide something when another level of government profits off it. Cigarettes will never be illegal because of the tax revenue they provide, which is more important to the government than health care costs, apparently. So, it's government hypocrisy that keeps cigarettes in society and helps people to kill themselves with them. You can't fault a person for using a product which is fully legal. Like I said, if governments feel cigarettes are dangerous to the public, just ban them - don't do this piecemeal approach which is only a ruse so you can keep collecting millions in tax money. Please, we're not that stupid.

This story about the woman in Saudi Arabia being gang-raped and then lashed for it is disgusting. It is vile to think about rape, but then to be punished for it too? I'm desperately trying not to be ethnocentric here, but I'm finding it very difficult. I didn't read the Mail Star yet, but apparently there is a woman who has started a letter writing campaign about this. Maybe Rick will have her on the show, so that this issue doesn't die.

It was great to have Paul Pettipas of the Homebuilders' Association in today. I had spoken to him many times on the phone, but had never met him. It was an interesting/disturbing hour. Disturbing in the sense that you don't need a licence to build a home in N.S.? Of course you don't. Hairstylists are licenced, but not homebuilders. That makes a whole wack of sense, doesn't it? According to the CHMC, there are forms of licencing in B.C., Ontario and Quebec. I'm glad the province is taking baby steps to at least look into the leaky condo situation. I would not buy a condo that's just being constructed now. What a risk! The best thing to do would be to make sure the builder is a member of Paul's group, get some second and third opinions...and they just pray! It was funny because Rick was talking to Curtis Sliwa before the interview and Paul was listening and laughing at all Curtis' little sayings and slang and that in turn was making Rick and I start to laugh, so we're all essentially laughing in the studio, it was great.

What do you think about lawyer and former school board member Steve Boyce's move to raise money for the legal fees of the fired members of the Halifax Regional School Board? It's a nice thing to do, but it's not like they weren't warned! They received a warning letter and they didn't shape up. Wouldn't it have been anti-democratic to leave in people who weren't doing their jobs? It most definitely would have been unfair. The fired members might have been dedicated, but that dedication wasn't clear. Howard Windsor seems genuinely concerned about education and the issues, he has proven that on our show. Democracy is also about electing the right people to do the job. Howard Windsor was appointed by Karen Casey who was duly elected. We elect M-Ps, which in turn brings a Prime Minister to power, who in turn appoints judges. I don't think the firing of the school board was undemocratic, it was necessary. We've had Howard in twice, I think, and we were not bombarded with calls telling him how much they missed their elected representative, I think that says a lot.

Well, it's a beautiful sunny day, can't ask for more than that. Thanks for the calls today, sorry we had to let go of everyone at the end - please try back tomorrow!!

Thanks for today!



Tuesday, November 27, 2007

The Morroccans basically ruined everything

That's one fact I leared about Timbuktu today! I felt kind of embarassed when Rick told the world I just found out from Marq de Villiers book that it was an actual place! Oh well, I guess I don't know everything!

Great show today - thanks for the calls. The topics were all over the place - from tasers, to crosswalks to assisted suicide to greenspace - it didn't stop today.

We had our Hotline crime expert Jim Hoskins in talking about everything crime related. He says he wouldn't want to be tasered because he has hypertension and he fears for his life. Tasers are supposed to save lives and I'm not denying that they have in the past, but they are on quite the opposite tear lately, unfortunately. Is it just an unlucky streak or are they dangerous? I can't decide.

I was kind of upset with the police chief after I read the article in the Herald today about the Guardian Angels. Then I talked to him briefly on the phone today before the interview - YOU CANNOT BE ANGRY WITH THIS MAN - HE'S TOO DAMN NICE! Gah! I just think to say they aren't welcome in this town is kind of harsh, but who knows if the newspaper kind of put those words in his mouth, because it doesn't sound like something Chief Beazley would say. I totally understand him not wanting to put citizens in harm's way, of course, but why not try working with them? I think we need all the help we can get. Give the Guardian Angels tasers if they aren't dangerous! Ha! As for Curtis Sliwa not getting him the reports, well, it's only been 3 weeks. This is a man who does a morning radio show in NYC and is the head of an international organization, he's travelling the world looking to start new chapters. I mean, he's busy!!!! I just think maybe more of the tough talk should be reserved for actual criminals and not for someone who wants to come here and try to help us.

I'm on vacation next week and kind of anxious, so I think everything is putting me over the edge! I lost it when I was reading the paper and saw a little article about how the Education department is looking for input about student loans in the province and they want to hear people's issues with them. That's all well and good, but it's EXAM TIME! Nice timing there! Anyway, there's a forum at the SUB @ Dal tonight and one @ the Mount tomorrow. Or, you can e-mail: Exam time, let's schedule a meeting. Nice.

Yeah, I'm pretty sure I need a vacation!

I would die laughing if I saw Bruce sitting in his car holding a hair dryer and freaking people out thinking it was a radar gun! Thanks for the laugh today, Bruce!

Totally off-topic: Oprah is another person that's bugging me. Can we trust her judgement? She's holding a fundraiser for Barack Obama. I mean, she gave us a fake memoir, thanks to James Frey and then hired someone who is alleged to be abusing kids at her Girls' Academy. Can we trust her judgement for who should be the next President of the United States? This is a very important decision for the fate of the world, wouldn't you agree?

Brian Flemming's column in the Daily News today was excellent. A Dex-Mac co-alition government! Bring it on!

Anyway, gotta run, but have a great day! Don't blow away!



Monday, November 26, 2007

I hate computers

I just spent a half hour writing my blog "A few concerns...." about the changes to the Motor Vehicle Act. I saved it, published it and then went to make sure it was on the blog. I clicked on and guess what? It's just a blank entry. There goes a half hour of my life I'll never get back. GRRRRRRRRRRR. Why on a Monday?? Why?

I'll give you the Coles Notes now, because I've got to get to some other work:

-you can't legislate everything, people have to have some personal responsibility for their actions
-you can't leave it up to police to do everything, maybe the fines/jail times should be increased in order to increase deterrence that way
-they aren't criminalizing running someone down in a crosswalk, they're just increasing the fines, it's still just a cash grab and people will not go to jail for killing someone in a crosswalk, that's not right

And there was some other stuff, but I'm frustrated with this stupid thing now. Blah.

I'll write more tomorrow, but I can't promise it will appear on the World Wide Web!!!



A few concerns...

Friday, November 23, 2007

Too many buzzkills

That's how Darren characterizes a part of the population of Halifax. Would you agree?

As expected, the Taser issue was front and centre today. I agree with Rodenhiser 100% when he says the mental state of the patient must be taken into account, along with whether or not the disturbed person is on drugs on not. It seems like a good number of the taser-related deaths happen when the person is schizophrenic. I mean, there were 30 hours in between when the Howard Hyde was tasered until the time he died. There is still the issue of whether he was tasered in the Burnside jail. It seems like police were justified in using the taser inside of police headquarters, at least. It's a sad story. What are the odds of something getting tasered on two different occasions in their life?

This has been a long and busy week! The Rodenhiser is no stranger to long, busy and strange weeks being thrust into the media limelight himself. He did Entertainment Tonight, appeared on Perez Hilton's website and said he did an interview with the BBC! It was the absolutely strangest thing and my Facebook group has over 118 members now! David Rodenhiser did nothing wrong - check it out!

Wasn't it fun listening to Rick and Michael Harris spar today? I'd love to hear them do a point-counterpoint on time, wouldn't you?

It's going to be incredibly cold tomorrow!!! A high of minus 2...the temperature has completely dropped, I just stepped out and the glorious warmth of this morning is over.

Enjoy your weekend...I really need to re-charge for another week of the Hotline!



Thursday, November 22, 2007


There are traditionally a couple of slow news times. One is in the summer, the other is around the holidays. Well, the summer was a whirlwind of activity and so far, almost a month before Christmas, things are just insanely busy. From Celine Dion, to the legislature going back to this Taser has been crazy!!!

I'm watching the news conference on the Taser death right now. From what it looks like, there was a violent struggle with police in the police station, he was tasered, he was taken to hospital, cleared medically and then died 30 hours later at the Correctional Facility. The 45-year old was facing an assault charge. That's all I have right now. Deputy Chief Tony Burbridge is leading the news conference and the Medical Examiner is doing an autopsy, so it's unclear if he died from something Taser related. I'll keep you posted!! This is going to make for one busy show tomorrow. The Rodenhiser is at the conference too, so it's going to be busy.

We were taking people's guesses today with how long (or short) this session of the legislature will be! I really want to watch the throne speech, but this police news conference is going on right now. I have no idea what the Premier is planning except for this anti-right to strike legislation. As if the Premier requested "late last night" for Labour to meet with him today! Then he's shocked that they said no. I hate politics sometimes!

On a completely different topic: pressure. I feel incredibly nervous for Ted Abraham who will be starting for SMU tomorrow at the Vanier Cup! Rick says they did an interview with his mom and she says he is ready to go since Eric Glavic is out with a torn ACL. Good luck Ted and Saint Mary's!!!

Anyway....I have tonnes of work to do. We're trying to get Cecil Clarke on tomorrow too, but Rodenhiser will be in during hour number 1 and then one of the best investigative journalists in Canada - Michael Harris (not to be confused with the former Premier of Ontario).

Have a good day!


Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Out of freakin' control!

Okay, this Rodenhiser thing is spiralling out of control! He made Perez Hilton's website. If you've never heard of Perez, he's probably the world's most popular and powerful blogger. His site gets about 10 million hits per day and the name "David Rodenhiser" appeared in his blog today.

Unreal! I actually started a Facebook group today called "David Rodenhiser did nothing wrong!" Search for it and join!

Today's show was incredibly busy - I feel like this Celine Dion topic won't die! We had the Mayor on, along with Cathy Jones from This hour has 22 Minutes. She was great - very funny off the air.

I know this is incredibly short today....I promise a longer one tomorrow!!

Have a good day!


Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Rocks in our heads

First off, I just read Rodenhiser's column from Saturday on Ernie Fage, check it out:

As per usual, the people who "talk back" after the column are in fine form. David defends himself, it's all very entertaining. I liked the column, but that's nothing new, you know I'm a huge Rodenhiser fan!

To the show...a busy one today, lots of talk about Celine Dion. We lucky listeners were treated to Rick's Celine Dion impression, which I thought was absolutely hilarious!! I wish I could post audio, it was classic.

DON'T WASTE A MILLION DOLLARS TO CHANGE THE NAME TO HALIFAX! Honestly, I've heard a lot of dumb things on the show and this is one of the dumbest. I've been against this since I've heard about it. We live in HRM, it's not that hard to say, you get specific when you need to. They say GTA in Toronto or they get specific when they are talking about Scarborough or something. It's ludicrous! You might as well bring the million dollars to Rick's Celine Dion CD burning party and just watch it go up in smoke. So insane. I'm so glad Steve Streatch made that comment about having "rocks in our heads". Unreal.

I have to give kudos to the province today, which is kind of shocking. 2 decisions - not to burn tires for fuel in Brookfield and no quarry in Digby Neck. Two actual green decisions that won't propel Nova Scotia "to the forefront of the environmental movement by 2020". Way to go! Hey, check your mail today and watch for a new missive from the Premier trumpeting the fact that the Atlantic Accord is "alive and well". Then think back to 11:45 when Mike Savage and Bill Casey called us from Ottawa to tell us the 4th meeting scheduled with bureaucrats to give them the scoop on this new deal had been cancelled....14 minutes before it was scheduled to start. Back to the Premier, I am so intrigued by what this Throne Speech is going to offer Nova Scotians. What kind of goodies are we in for in the next 15 years? It's going to be interesting. 2:15 and you can watch the speech on Eastlink. I can't wait!!!

Anyway, big show tomorrow with the Mayor during hour number 2 and then 22 Minute's Cathy Jones will join us for the last half hour of the program.

Talk to you then!


Monday, November 19, 2007

Heaven on Earth

That's how one caller described Rick today, Heaven on Earth! Agree, disagree? Leave your thoughts after the blog!

It was either that title or something Richard said "Sooky French Folk" in terms of Celine Dion's husband saying she didn't come here because we're so negative. Despite the fact whether it was that or this free concert planned for Quebec City the day before, we are indeed quite negative! I mean, it's good for the Hotline, so I'm not complaining, but who wants to feel negative all the time? It's not good for you! Tim called after I played the little clip of Celine going into a break and told me I ruined his car speakers. Ha! Rick was having fun with this idea to hold a Celine Dion CD and poster burning party. The problem was - everyone we asked could contribute neither a poster nor a CD, so I'm pretty sure it's been postponed.

I was getting kind of anxious thinking about aging during hour number 2 and how it would feel not be able to care for yourself anymore. Scares me to death! Now, there's ANOTHER insurance we're being urged to get, this one for long term care. It stresses me out just thinking about it. My grandma is kind of going through this issue right now. She never got her driver's licence and my grandpa had 4 mini-strokes over the summer and can't drive right now. She has bad arthritis and is relying on family members to take her to get groceries etc. It's incredibly stressful for everyone, especially my grandpa who just wants to be able to do everything he used to do, he loved driving, travelling etc. You just never know what's going to happen - that's the only guarantee life offers.

I thought Rick had a great conversation with Deputy Chief Tony Burbridge today. He was very measured and fair, I thought. Apparently the issue with the Taser isn't the voltage, it's the amps involved. Knowing absolutely nothing about electricity, I have no idea what to make of this, but one would think a little less power would make some sort of difference. Amnesty International is leading the charge to ban tasers. Here's the website if you want to check it out:

On the other hand, I'm sure glad they tasered the sword guy at Halifax Shopping Centre before anyone got seriously hurt. The Deputy Chief told us the Canadian Assocatiion of Chiefs of Police is studying this issue; Burbridge will be a part of that and news is expected sometime next year.

Football fans will no doubt be gathered around TV sets at 8:30 on Friday night. That when the Saint Marys Huskies face the Manitoba Bison in the Vanier Cup. Go, SMU!!!

Enjoy this sunny Monday!

Thanks for everything today.


Friday, November 16, 2007

C, J, Z

Those are codes in the Commonwealth games information that denote first class travel. The document is 80-some pages, but it sure is interesting! Check it out here:

I found it quite interesting the Executive Committee voted to give some of the staff members extra months' of salary, namely Tony Holding, the Senior Director of Strategic Relations an extra 4 months salary on April 17, 2007 - a full month after the bid was scrapped. I'm sure this is going to be a very topic for Monday!

A caller told me off air that "unaudited" means the company that compiled the information based on what the committee told them, and didn't have to provide the actual receipts, so do with that what you may!

The big topic on the show (besides flyers) was this disgusting killing of the Polish man in Vancouver. Sickening. I can't even bear to watch the video. I keep turning away when they play it on TV. I feel so terrible for his mother, who was just feet away when her son was killed. I can't remember the caller who mentioned this, but why can't they reduce the voltage? You know how much it hurts when you get a regular shock? Okay, ramp that up to 50-thousand volts. The guns would be just as effective with a lot less voltage. The poor, poor man. He was agitated, yes, but to taser him twice?

No one deserves to die like that.

Kind of a downer way to end the blog for the week, but it's grey outside and the story has me totally bummed out.

Oh, the Ernie Fage trial has been delayed until Tuesday. Click on for the story or tune into my news @ 4 and 5 on C100.

Have a good weekend,


Thursday, November 15, 2007

Ho, ho, ho!!!

Are you offended?

According to officials in Sydney, Australia, you might be by Santa's trademark greeting.

Little by little, Christmas keeps getting ruined every year, doesn't it?

-people don't say Merry Christmas anymore
-no candy @ the parade of lights
-no more Ho, ho, ho??

Is Santa going to be banned because he's a poor role model in terms of healthy body image or something? This world is out of control!

We have to band together and save Christmas!!! Are you with me?

I was watching the Mayor's Roundtable on Violence on Eastlink during the show today. There were a lot of people speaking like Deputy Police Chief Chris MacNeil and Stephen Kimber. The focus groups were outlining their reports today. Even though everyone slams the Mayor for too much talking, I think a lot of really important information was presented - let's just hope some concrete action comes of it and it doesn't just sit there collecting dust. During the lunch break, they were showing all the councillors' contact information ad nauseum and I discovered something new: Hendsbee's online! Check out his website:

My fave: Late summer sunset...somewhere in District 3.... and he's an Aries! Seriously though, his Communiques are very informative. Good job, councillor!

The Ernie Fage trial is underway - here's a link to a story about it on the Daily News website:

I really thought he would plead it out, but it's going ahead. In fact, Rodenhiser can't come in tomorrow because he's covering the trial. A little dishy so far, eh?

So, I've decided to change careers. Please tell me you'll patronize Amber's Convenience Store! I mean, not like I'll need the money with all my retail lottery wins!! Over the past 4 years, there have been 29 wins over 25-thouand dollars and 7 of those were won by the same retailer. Now that's lucky. I'm not buying any more lottery tickets until Michelle Carinci steps down. The head of the B-C Lottery Corp. stepped down for similar allegations. Ridiculous.

Hey.....Celine Dion tickets go on sale November 24th! I'm just putting that in the blog today for the whopping 1 person who responded to last week's poll about Celine and clicked on the "I'm sooooo excited" option! I do think it's great that a star of her stature is coming. She was on Oprah on Monday and she is a great singer, no doubt. I'm just being selfish, hoping someone I like comes, like Elton John or Justin Timberlake (despite the fact Rick will make fun of me - he's very talented!!) Actually, I'd take the Eagles over all of them so we won't have to hear Rick massacre Eagles songs on the air. See, that's how much I care about you, the Hotline listener!

I know some people might hate me for this, but I really want to leave this Brian Mulroney thing alone. Estimates of 30 million dollars for this inquiry? We already hate Brian Mulroney, is it possible to hate him more? Even if he's clean as a whistle, it's not going to improve his reputation with Canadians, so let's just let it die! I'd rather take 30 million dollars worth of tax cuts. Let's move on! Fun Brian fact: I'm reading his book right now (which contains exactly 0 mentions of Karlheinz Schreiber) and turns out in 1959 Brian Mulroney was hired to read commercials on....wait for it....CJCH.

Have a great Thursday!


Wednesday, November 14, 2007

De Show

I couldn't resist - we've been throwing around the "de" in front of everything all day, because of the ueber-talented Michael de Adder. It was a pleasure to meet him today and I got to thumb through his book during hour number 3 and I really think he is the best cartoonist in Metro and definitely one of the best in the country. He can so succinctly sum up a mood of a city, and even the entire country, in one drawing. It's incredible! Like I said before, I'm a huge fan, but I didn't really get a chance to chat with him because of the demand for the book. I must have entered at least 70 names in the draw, so it was a busy hour for me! Congrats to Ray, who won the book. It's a great book, good for a Christmas present, and it's only 14.99. What's not to like?

I have to tell Dawn Sloane her new nickname compliments of Barry (the one vehemently against the sign at the Freak Lunchbox downstairs). He called Dawn "The Amenderator" today. Catchy.

I had to laugh today when Rick called the Senate of Canada an "old folks' home". Ha! If you want to read a book about how much of a joke the Senate is, you've got to read "Nice Work: The Continuing Scandal of Canada's Senate" by Claire Hoy. It's dishy, not at all educational, but very entertaining. I was just reading the review on where one very literate reviewer gave it one star - a senator, perhaps??

One thing I'm having a very hard time understanding is why there are so many concerns about the Guardian Angels. They are a volunteer organization who will patrol the streets, call the police if they see something happening and intervene if necessary. Rick talked about their desire to intervene. Curtis Sliwa said before, if they saw someone getting their butt kicked, yeah, they would step in. I would hope we'd all do the same. They are unarmed, meaning their training isn't going to be that intense, because they aren't getting weapons training like police. They will probably be familiarized with the law in terms of a citizen's arrest and how you cannot exert more violence than someone has perpetrated against you, etc. Bring it on! Curtis Sliwa does talk tough, but it will be Halifax residents simply walking around the street being "Guardian Angels", trying to protect people by being extra eyes where police might not be. It's not that big of a deal, I can't believe people are freaking out so much. Again, they are unarmed and it's free.

I still haven't had a chance to watch Fifth Estate with Sandy Munroe last night, but I'm hoping I can do that tonight.


Have a great day! I'm excited because I did break down and turn on my heat, but it's going to be so balmy over the next few days I'm cranking it off again!



P.S. The entire Halifax Regional School board is on tomorrow!

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Sandy Munroe

Man oh man, who do you believe?

I'm going to watch the Fifth Estate tonight, I taped it over the weekend. Having Sandy in the studio, his brother on the phone, and Carol Sifton, the caregiver on the phone, it was certainly difficult not to have empathy for the man. If he did abuse her, why has he spent the past two years in the media spotlight trying to get her back? What about airing the family's dirty laundry in public - how does that benefit Sandy? I'm not taking a side, I'm just asking questions I thought about during the hour. I'll check out the program tonight and have more to say tomorrow.

As much as I'm not a Brian Mulroney fan, I'm sure we can all agree there are bigger issues to focus on than this Schreiber mess? I was suprised the new poll numbers Rick read today on the air, saying the Liberals and the Conservatives are in a virtual tie! Given Stephane Dion's performance, it looks like a potted plant could remain tied with Harper right now. Yikes. Sorry, Mike. (I know Mike Savage reads the blog from time to time.)

So, I spent the weekend in the Premier's hometown of Mabou. It was very relaxing, namely because there is nothing to do there except relax!!! I'm a city person, small town living is definitely not for me, but it's fantastic for a weekend. If I can figure out how to post pics on my blog, I'll post a couple. Turns out a couple of the amazing scenery shots were taken a couple minutes away from Deb Smith's home village of Long Point! They even know the "Christy" of "Christy's lookout" fame!! I should have stopped in and had a tea with Mrs. Smith and told her how great her daughter is!

I was reading Peter Duffy's column today when something caught my eye - my own name! I e-mail Peter from time to time and he actually quoted me in his mailbag column about cell phones!! It was from an older e-mail because now I have my wonderful car, which brings me all kinds of new complaints about cell phones. I won't talk on the cell when I'm driving. Because of the lack of road signs I need to pay complete attention to where I'm going!

What a miserable day outside! However, it looks like a little bit of sunshine later tomorrow and a little warmer too!

Have a good one,


Friday, November 9, 2007

My heart will go on...

Ah, the timelessness of the lyrics of Celine Dion....

We played "My heart will go on" for the Rodenhiser instead of his normal heavy metal wailing theme song and it was pretty funny! Sadly, joke's on me as I can't get the freakin' song out of my head!!!

Great hour, as per usual, with the Rodenhiser. Caller Joanne rang us to ask "What the hell is wrong with us?" in terms of our super negative attitude towards absolutely everything. During a break we were chatting about how you can leave comments about stories on the Daily News website ( and someone made a comment about all the negativity asking "Why don't you head out to the airport and protest safe plane landings?" HA HA HA HA!!! That totally sums up the attitude sometimes. As caller Sharon put it, if you don't like the concert, it's simple - DON'T GO. For those who live near the Commons, I feel your pain, but she is an amazing singer, her songs are just a little on the schmaltzy side.

Is it just me or are you anticipating some major drama next Thursday and Friday? Those are two days set aside for the Ernie Fage trial. Some big political names have been called as the trial going to go ahead? Is he going to plead out? Should be interesting!

Again, I ask - is it just me or do you find the Bruce vs. Will ongoing slamfest utterly entertaining? When I wrote Rick the note about "The 36 hour day", the book dealing with how to deal with people living with Alzheimers/Dementia....Will called. He said he wanted to recommend another book, "The 72 hour day" - living with Bruce Devenne! These guys snipe at each other all the time. I wonder if Will lives in Sackville...I wonder what would happen if Bruce knocked on his door looking for a vote!!

We spent a good portion of the show talking about the Sandy Munroe story. I haven't seen the Fifth Estate yet, but I'll be checking it out tonight. The revelations in the piece certainly make it a ratings grabber. Maybe that's why they were running ads for the program every 15 minutes on Newsworld today. You have to wonder, especially since both Don Munroe and Sandy Munroe told us they were utterly duped by the CBC. It's hard to know what to believe and it seemed like support was pretty much 50-50 on the show today. Like I said yesterday, incredibly sad, any way you slice it.

I think it's excellent news about the possibility of HRM getting its own charter and getting out from under the province's thumb once and for all!! Seeing what decisions are made after the Charter is in effect will prove if this council deserves to be re-elected next year. I'm so tired of hearing "we can't do it because the province won't let us", like it is some regressive, strict parent or something.

It was a very busy day today, and Colleen Jones paid us a visit during our last half hour. She was great, very bubbly and accused me of being loud!! Obviously, she's very astute! Her new book looks really great, for all athletes, especially curlers! During the break we were talking about sports psychology and how it benefitted her. I think I may need one before I run in the Bluenose Marathon next year. I told myself before the race to "stay positive", but I think I really did myself a disservice during the race when the only thing going through my mind was, "I'm going to die. I'm going to die. I'm going to die." I have to read the book and get some tips!!!

I know I don't have to remind Hotline listeners, but it is Remembrance Day on Sunday and I'm going to take a little time to remember what all veterans fought for and continue to fight for. I want to say a huge THANK YOU.

Until Tuesday,


Thursday, November 8, 2007

Battle of the Atlantic Canadian cities

Someone made a horrifying suggestion today - what if Barry Manilow opens for Celine Dion????


Celine, I can handle, Barry, I cannot.

Rick says he's not backtracking, but seems like he wavering slightly on whether the Eagles will be here on August 30th. It seems like every city in Atlantic Canada is going after concerts for next year, Rick says the "evil-doers" in Moncton are going after Elton John, a concert that supposed to be on our Commons this summer. As for who is bigger, I definitely feel like Elton John would attract a bigger cross section of fans than the Eagles. It's great to finally see ANY acts coming to Halifax, I completely agree with Rodenhiser - the bigger the name that comes to Halifax, the bigger the name we will get in the future.

As for Bruce, kind of being the lone voice in the wilderness about giving money for the concerts, I see where he's coming from. His point, I think, is that HRM should do its core responsibilities well first (roads), before getting into these other events. I hear that. On the other hand, someone called me off the air today and told me whenever he hears Bruce crapping over something, it "ruins his day"! I told him a great lesson my boss Rick taught me: "Don't take anything personally"!

I didn't see the Fifth Estate about Sandy Munroe last night....I thought it was on an hour later than it was. I'm sad that Sandy wasn't available today to defend himself. I'll hold my judgement until I see it myself. It's a sad situation either way, that's for sure.

Anyway..enjoy the sunshine...and I'll chat with you tomorrow!



Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Groovin' with the Eagles!

That's what Rick plans to do when the Eagles come to town next summer. I don't much would you pay to see Rick groove? That's worth the ticket cost right there!!!

Although Rick swears the Eagles are coming, various media sources say Celine Dion is, in fact, booked at the Commons for next August 23rd. I checked on Celine's website, but didn't see the listing. She's touring Germany though!

I do respect Celine as a singer, but I couldn't say I was a fan. I'm not sure that's a concert that's going to attract the cross section of fans, from young to old, male to female, that the Rolling Stones concert did, you know? I think it will be more like a million mom march. And will Celine Dion fans want to stand out in the pouring rain, if that happens, for 5 hours? At a rock concert, it seems like the thing to do is to get dirty!!! Do you really get covered in mud and are okay with being soaking wet at a Celine Dion concert?

You know, we rag on politicians constantly on the show, but I want to give some props out to Krista Snow. She's been working to make improvements to the 118 and the Fall River Exit and today, she and Percy Paris were going to walk with one student in the district today to showcase the unfairness of this program where students have to pay for their students to stay for lunch. Krista and Percy seem to be working together to make some positive changes for the area and I think it's great. Keep up the good work!

Can I just say that I love Michael de Adder? I think the man is a genius! He has a new book out too, I hope Rick gets him on the show. I've seen him at parties, but I've been scared to go and introduce myself to him. I know, it's lame, but I am a huge fan!

So...John Merrick, our energy consumer advocate, thinks the Fuel Adjustment Mechanism might be of some benefit to the consumer. However, he says that would hinge on total and complete transparency from the Power Corp. Judging by the massive distrust consumers have with NSP, I don't think a lot of people are going to go, "Oh, Okay"!

Anyway....I have to write some news for 4 and 5 on have a great day!



Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Absolutely no progress

A very busy Tuesday - thanks for the calls! Sorry to Tim who got bumped at the end because of the Sandy Munroe interview, many apologies!!

I think this whole sign debacle on Barrington street is insanity. They're going to go with bolt cutters to cut this thing down? Freak Lunchbox owner Jeremy Smith says there is 10 feet of sidewalk for people to walk on...plenty of room, I think. Come on, business are dropping like flies on Barrington St. - are we going to deliberately tick them off now? Leave them alone!

So, we're expecting to hear more about the UARB and this Fuel Adjustment Mechanism today. Yeah, like I want Nova Scotia power to be able to raise my rates willy-nilly. Please let the UARB stop the madness!! Still haven't turned on my heat at my house!!! The heat is on in the basement to keep the pipes flowing, but I just put on a few, 10, layers and I'm fine. I might crack by this weekend though...on Friday, the HIGH temperature is going to be 4. BRRRRRRRR. I had a flashback to Juan when caller Kathleen was talking about how she had no power on the Station road in Kinsac. She says she called the outage line (428-6004) and the automated service said they were tranferring her call - and then the phone went dead! I heard that so many times in the aftermath of Hurricane Juan. How incredibly frustrating!

So, there are a couple of concerts coming to town next year - I think it's great! They've finally heeded to Rick's pleas on the show to get the Eagles to come. Rick says it's a done deal - the Eagles are coming!! That would be great, or Elton John, U2...all would be amazing to see live. I completely disagree with Bruce about this. Although I am a big fan of spending money on things we actually need (road signs, hello), these concerts are huge draws, draw positive attention to our city and the citizens (most of them) really enjoy them. Bring it on - so at least we won't have to hear Rick sing on the air again!

Lots of rain on the way tonight, 20-30 mm!!! Stay dry! I really hope everyone who is currently without power gets it's getting pretty ridiculous.



Monday, November 5, 2007

Survived the storm

I'm trying to upload a picture I snapped of a collapsed cart corral at Sobeys from this weekend, but for some reason, it won't let me. Don't you hate when computers won't do what you want them to do????

Anyway.....I made my way to Masstown yesterday and saw lots of downed trees, but no major damage. The gate on my fence was half blown off, but that was about it, in my area, anyway. It was extremely windy! Wow, I felt my house shaking quite a few times, that was slightly nervewracking! What are you? Do you have power, telephone, etc? Seems like those in the Passage are getting the shaft this time around. We had two callers from Eastern Passage who say they have no power...and the outage line is saying tomorrow! Yikes!!

We heard from one woman who got through to a live human being at Nova Scotia power and says she was spoken to in a very rude manner. That's just the icing on the cake isn't it??

Mayor Kelly told us if you are dissatisfied with the service NSP is providing, you do have an outlet to complain. You can write to the Utility and Review Board. Here is the contact info:


Nova Scotia Utility and Review Board3rd Floor, Summit Place1601 Lower Water StreetHalifax, Nova Scotia B3J 3P6

Mailing Address:

Box 1692, Unit "M"Halifax, Nova Scotia B3J 3S3


(902) 424-4448


(902) 424-3919


I'm going to be complaining to a certain grocery chain after they had 3 lanes open on Friday night...with lines about 15 deep. It was ridiculous!

It seems like Curtis Sliwa's trip was a good one. You might not agree with what he says or how he says it, but he is very entertaining! You can tell he does an American talk show, can't you?

Don't forget - the last 2 sessions of the Mayor's Roundtable on Violence happen tonight in Porters Lake and tomorrow at Dartmouth High. Both sessions start at 7pm.

What do you think about a curfew for teens in Halifax? When I was a teen, I would have hated it, but now, I'm all for it. Lock 'em up! There are good teens out there, but those good teens are probably going to be doing homework or working at a part-time job anyway. This is going to keep the thugs who are tagging, vandalizing and tormenting innocent people, pets and things inside, hopefully! Good job, Jim Hoskins - I certainly hope council moves through with something like this. Cats are not the ones swarming people, so move on - PLEASE.

Have a great Monday!



Friday, November 2, 2007

Stormwatch 2007

So...we'll see how this storm business plays out. Noel, or what's expected to be post-tropical storm Noel is going to bear down on us tomorrow. It looks like, from what Cindy Day told us today, that it's going to be intense, but quick. Stay tuned to the weather on CJCH and of course, C100 this afternoon at 4 and 5 for the latest!! You never know what Atlantic Canada weather is going to bring!

Wow, what a busy weekend ahead..and it hasn't even started!! Curtis Sliwa comes to town today and the Mayor will be meeting with him. He'll be meeting with the police chief too. Tune in Monday, I'm sure we'll have either one on to talk about how it went.

The death penalty issue came up today, Rodenhiser made a couple of interesting points about it. I agree, to a point. What is the point of keeping Paul Bernardo alive? He can get any education he wants, he just had to murder people. I, a non-murderer, had to pay 30-thousand dollars. It's just strange when an issue you thought was dead (sorry), presents itself again. Take our Hotline poll today and let us know what you think!

Anyway, I've got to run to start doing some storm stuff. Take care, let's hope this isn't as serious as they think it might be, but better safe than sorry, right?

Talk to you Monday!


Thursday, November 1, 2007

Taxes are awesome!!! Let's raise them!!!

That's the message Liberal leader Stephane Dion is sending. I just stared yesterday, mouth agape, when I read on the newswire that Dion would considering putting the GST back to 7 per cent if the Liberals were elected. Wha????????????????????????????????????????????

The article in the Herald was pretty funny though. Apparently after one Liberal heard the news, he buried his head in his hands; others just cursed. I told Rick, only a coup d'etat is going to save the Liberals now, or someone needs to be travelling behind Dion at campaign stops to tell him what to say, Cyrano de Bergerac style.

If anyone thinks Jim Hoskins curfew idea is a good one...feel free to drop him a line at

Ahhh...Curtis Sliwa. He can certainly turn a phrase, can't he? I love it! You have to remember, he's a talk show host, so his job is to inform and entertain, and he's from NYC - the land of the blunt, tough talker. Growing up across from Detroit, hearing this kind of rhetoric doesn't bother me, but Rick doesn't like it, neither does Dawn Sloane. Wendell called me off the air to agree with me though - this Mr.Rogers nice-guy approach isn't working. Our quality of life is being decimated by thugs - we have to get tough!! It's not even really getting tough though - it's having more eyes and ears out on the streets to let police know where a crime is going down. As for Curtis trying to intervene, his point I think, was if someone saw someone being assaulted, I'm sure one Angel could get on the horn with the cops and I'm sure the other few would step in to help. Wouldn't you? Everyone on the show says they're tired of all the consulting, having the Guardian Angels would be an actual concrete step of attempting to do something to fight crime. With Jim's idea, along with the strengthening of the Youth Criminal Justice Act, more police officers, maybe we'll see a little progress around here and the newscasts wouldn't be filled with stories about swarmings, beatings, robberies etc. I can't wait to hear how the visit went on Monday. I personally want the "Uzi-toting, crack sucking psychopaths" off the street. Don't you?

For those suffering from chronic pain, there's a conference taking place this Saturday at Dal. It goes from 11am-2pm at the MacInnis room in the Dal Student Union Building. It's 10 dollars and includes a light lunch. Thanks to Terry for passing on the information to us today.

"It wasn't easy, but I guess I was a pretty tough bird" - Aubrey Spidle.

Read more about it here:'s_Brigade

Thanks to everyone for the calls today. Great show!

Tomorrow should be fun, because Fridays always are. Rodenhiser makes his return tomorrow, followed by a little "Sportstalk" with Paul Hollingsworth!!!

Have a great day!