Friday, September 28, 2007

Hurricanes are lazy

I think that random title sums up the complete randomness that made up today's show. There was levity, tragedy and everything in between today, which is what makes the Hotline the best talk show in Metro!

Another violent, senseless beating has callers on edge. A teenage girl was tortured, and I mean tortured last week in a parking lot in Dartmouth. Apparently her face was beaten until it was unrecognizable. Rick spoke to her father today during the third hour and obviously he is disgusted, saddened and confused as to why this all went down. An 18-year old girl is charged, along with 2 other girls, ages 14 and 15! After talking about teen violence issue for weeks, I'm at a loss for what to do and how to stop it. The callers are frustrated, citizens are scared to leave their houses and these violent teens are ruining peoples' lives, not to mention their own. I'm sure it will be a question that will come up with the Premier on Monday. Yes, you finally get to ask the Premier questions on Monday - FINALLY.

The incredible Debbie Young was in during hour number 2 and again the lines were jammed! A woman from Guysborough county got through at about 11:57 and I had to tell her we couldn't squeeze her in. If you want to make an appointment with Debbie, you can call 425-4808. There is usually a pretty long wait, but it's worth it!

What did you think of Rick's column today? After reading it is there any doubt why nothing ever gets accomplished in this city? Grow up people and do your jobs!

The Rodenhiser was in as he is every Friday during the 1st hour and today's big issue was the transit strike. There's an update in an hour at city hall (3:30) and I desperately hope both sides get back to the table. This issue about block picking, or picking the shifts seems to be a contentious one though. If anything changes, I'll post again or listen to C100 news at 4 and 5 for the latest.

I had the quite the surprise when I entered the studio this morning and found it decorated for my birthday! There were banners and a tonne of balloons! I was very flattered, but I seriously loathe balloons. I hate balloons, I even hate walking past car dealerships having sales because there are always balloons. I know it makes me seem like a crazy person, but Debbie Young says her daughter has the same phobia. It was funny because I looked it up and it's called "Globophobia". There is truly a phobia for everything! Rick kept trying to toss balloons at me during the show and Debbie told us the moon was in Taurus and it was making Rick even more antagonistic than he already is! Thank god for Deb Smith, who very kindly removed the balloons from my working area as Brian giggled his way through his sign-off. Okay, I may be afraid of balloons, but let's not forget Rick's phobia - bumblebees!!!! I think I may have to get him some honeycombs for his birthday next year.

Thank you so much for all the kind birthday wishes today! The Hotline has the best listeners in the world.

Have a great weekend!


Thursday, September 27, 2007

A transit strike...great

It's easy for Rick not to be too annoyed that the bus drivers might strike - since he has a car!!!!

Trust me, all my friends still in university are freaking out and this is a major concern for a lot of people!

My gut tells me they won't strike though. They are in a legal strike position as of tomorrow, and they say they won't walk until Monday morning. I think they were waiting for the customers to start complaining to the media etc, let the public pressure start to mount and hopefully get the deal they are looking for over the weekend. Very shrewd!! It's a great plan, if it works out that way.

It does suck for university students who must pay for a U-Pass. If they do strike, most customers have the choice not to buy a bus pass for the month of October. University students are pretty much out of luck, money-wise, if they do go out.

Another super busy day today with 2 councillors in during hour number 2. Steve Streatch and Debbie Hum were in, with Debbie making her first foray into the studio. Lots of different topics were raised including ditches, arenas and such. Rick heard a rumour that Debbie might be one person behind, but she denied it. Check out Rick's Daily News column tomorrow, that's all I will say on this very juicy subject!

Am I alone in anticipating the 2008 election campaign? Bring it on!

I'm going to need my rest tonight, because whenever Debbie Young is on the phone lines do not stop ringing! With good reason too - she's amazing! Rodenhiser is in during hour number 1 and then Debbie Young, so it promises to be a very busy and very entertaining Friday Free for All!

Have a great one!


Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Bernie Smith

What a great guest during hour number 2!

I wouldn't say he was perturbed that Rick was asking him about a possible mayoralty run, but he did seem flattered. I mean, it is flattering when someone tells you they want you to run the city! I had no idea about some of the things he was doing, like helping panhandlers get actual jobs in the downtown and helping people get on the right track. It was great to hear about some actual homemade solutions instead of just hearing complaints about things and problems being studied, etc. Do I think Bernie might run? Well, he didn't say no, let's put it that way.

That's kind of cool how he is trying to shut down Spring Garden Road from Queen to South Park street for a month next summer. Vision - I love it.

The poll question today - in regards to the increased traffic flow in Metro. I think I've heard more calls for increased transit on the show than for wider roads. First, there was a call from John in Harrietsfield about a need for transit there. Off the air yesterday, someone called wanting transit in Three fathom harbour. Then, Danny called today wanting more transit options in the Hammonds Plains Rd. area. The success of the Metro Link is all council needs to remember when looking at these other areas. The need is there, especially since more people are moving further away from Halifax because it's a lot cheaper than living right in Metro.

There was a very interesting call from Leonard during hour number 1. He suggested instead of building a new Metro Centre, that we build a treatment facility for people suffering from addictions. Where do people go now if they are addicted to drugs/alcohol/gambling etc? I have no idea. As Bernie pointed out, a lot of people are out on the street because of addictions and a lack of mental health services. I wish the government would focus on these critical areas instead of trying to take away a health care worker's right to strike. If I had to work under the conditions at the Abbie J. Lane building, I'd certainly want to keep my right to strike too!

See...another hour wasted last night on this Halifax debacle. It's a non-issue, I'm telling you!

Enjoy this amazing September day!



Tuesday, September 25, 2007

No snark?

Maybe it's the Upper Canadian in me that expects politicians to take the lowest road possible. Rick gave both Mayor Peter Kelly and Liberal leader Stephen MacNeil ample opportunity to slam their detractors and to score some political points and they refused to take that road. Is that naive or is that the Nova Scotian way?

I think Darrell Dexter and the NDP had a great working relationship with John Hamm and that was a benefit to the province. However, I don't believe the current Premier has that same relationship. I think a little snark would elevate both DD and SM into the limelight and into the position of Premier. There, they could re-establish the concilliatory relationship with the other leaders. It's great to be nice, but when it comes at the expense of your success...

Do they want it? Do they want to be Premier? It's an accusation that's been hurled at DD before. I liked what SM was talking about today, in terms of trying to fix the problem fo ER closures and wait times, instead of focusing on this anti-strike legislation for health care. Again, kind of short on specifics, I guess we'll have to wait for the next election.

Rick and I were chatting after the show about what the 1st question for the Premier should be! There are so many to choose from! I'd like to know (maybe not off the top) if he even likes his job. I do not get that impression from him. I don't feel the passion like I do from a Danny Williams or, in the past, Ralph Klein. I don't know, is it just me?

I was laughing as Rick was baiting the Mayor to say something bad about various people: Sue Uteck, Rick Emberley etc. He wouldn't bite!! PK doesn't have to though, because he's so popular, he doesn't have to stoop so low. The councillors would be smart to stop the personal attacks on other councillors and the Mayor and focus on the task at hand. But, Rick very astutely pointed out that even Dr. Phil couldn't get this council to be civil (or even civilized).

Interesting, eh? Yesterday there was speculation about a federal election by the end of the fall and now Peter MacKay hints they'd let Bill Casey back into the party? Thank you to Bill Casey for saying, sure, honour the Atlantic Accord and we'll chat. Maybe Harper is learning to be a little more concilliatory himself, realizing Bill Casey's riding is a safe seat and he needs all the MPs he can get in order to form a majority.

Here's a question that popped into my mind yesterday: If Hamid Karzai wants to negotiate with the Taliban, why are we fighting them? I was never for an immediate withdrawl, but if Karzai is undermining the mission of NATO to destroy the Taliban, we should pull out now. It's so sad that another Canadian has lost his life.

On that note, I'll wrap it up.

Bernie Smith from the Spring Garden rd. business association will be in. Some are touting him as a possible mayoralty candidate. We'll get the scoop tomorrow.

Until then,


Monday, September 24, 2007

Another time waster....

The issue of "Halifax" coming before council tomorrow night is another example of the incredibly efficient, issue cognizant council working for our betterment.

That's a joke.

This issue is so ridiculous, I won't even bother getting into it. There are so many issues to deal with, it's shocking to me that council will likely spend hours on this tomorrow night. C'mon 2008!

I thought Rick's interview with Sherman Hines was great, but disturbing. His frustration is completely understandable. The judge gives a guy who has shown disdain for conditional sentencing by breaking it - a conditional sentence? It's absolutely stunning.

That was a very interesting comment from one person who responded to Friday's blog. The poster suggested not letting the Premier on the show. Read the post and check it out. A couple of callers today suggested he shouldn't be on, but then caller Mary told us she really wants to hear what the Premier has to say after not being on our show for so long. Although I know we all want to press him on his reasons for him not coming on the show, I agree with Rick. We have him for a short time, so let's stick to the issues and ask the tough questions there. I will be wary of plants, you better believe it. It's going to be a very interesting Monday with the by-election the next day - this fall has been incredibly busy so far!

Liberal leader Stephen MacNeil is in tomorrow. You'll remember I wasn't very impressed with his performance the last time, but I have to give the Liberals credit for saying they wouldn't support the anti-strike legislation for health care workers. I'm hoping he comes in with some ideas because if the Premier forces this legislation and makes it a confidence motion, hey, we're headed to the polls!! There's speculation about a possible federal election too! The Bloc is making noise about bringing down the government, but as Peter Stoffer said today, he doesn't think it will actually happen.

I was kind of disappointed Gene didn't call during our hour with Peter and Alexa McDonough. Either Gene was busy...or he's losing his edge?

Kind of chilly today, so stay warm and enjoy the rest of the sunny week! Tune into C100 at 4 and 5 too - one of our favourite Hotline guests starts doing the weather - Cindy Day!

Take care,


Friday, September 21, 2007


The Police Chief came armed with stats today, didn't he?

No matter how ticked I am about crime in this city, it is impossible to be mad at Frank Beazley. The guy is just too damn nice! He's so decent, you cannot confront him on things. He's quick too, calling Rick on a couple of things like asking if Police Chiefs have the right to free speech!
He sounded more like a man with a plan today, which is good. He says he will, of course, meet with Curtis Sliwa when he comes in to hear him out, but voiced his concerns and I believe those concerns are valid. The Chief makes a lot of sense and I know he doesn't like crime and doesn't want it to happen. The Courts need to step up, parents need to step up and I think if more people felt like criminals would remain behind bars, maybe they would come forward to police with information about crimes. I would do it, but I admit, I would be scared to report a crime because the courts tend to release criminals and put them on these unenforceable, asinine curfews! It's a perfect storm for retaliation. Maybe I'm just extra paranoid because I'm in the middle of watching all of the The Sopranos seasons.

Beazley says 83 per cent of all Haligonians have never been a victim of a crime. But on the flip side, 17 per cent of people have - I think close to 1/5th of the population is kind of high, don't you?

Moving on to something really cool - the pink protest lives on! I'm wearing pink today to support the Central Kings students who fought bullying by being clever! It's a Nova Scotia wide thing today and Rick interviewed one principal where there was close to 100 participation. Can you imagine the sea of pink? I love it, it's one of the best stories I've ever heard.

Rodenhiser is always a great guest and today was no exception. I love his sarcasm! When Darren said Halifax needed more of a "can do" attitude, Dave replied that we were hiring some consultants from Toronto to study whether or not we need a "can do" attitude! Ha!

Sadly, it's totally something the city would do!

Well, that's it from me. It's been an insanely busy week and I am beat. Monday should be fun for political junkies - MPs Mike Savage and Peter Stoffer are in.

Have a fantastic weekend...the weather looks great!



Thursday, September 20, 2007


Some absolutely great calls today - thank you!!

Will's call about the timing of the Premier's visit to the Hotline was so astute! Way to go, Will! October 2nd is the by-election in Cole Harbour-EasternPassage and the Premier will be appearing October 1st. Hmmmmmmm. Thanks for that food for thought!

Is anyone else STUNNED that the Premier is coming on the Hotline? As I'm writing it, it doesn't seem real!

Another caller off the air wondered about the timing of the Canadian dollar reaching parity with the U.S. greenback. He says not too long ago there was an SPP meeting between Bush and Harper. There are fears the SPP will result in a common currency between the two countries and now - parity? Hmmmmmmmmmm.

Both Darrell Dexter and Rick used great words today on the show. Darrell threw out "preponderance" which means (according to "the fact or quality of being preponderant; superiority in weight, power, numbers, etc". Then Rick threw out "bafflegab" which is "confusing or generally unintelligible jargon; gobbledegook". We should have a Hotline word of the day!!

DD was in during hour number 2 and he's frustrated that there's not even a date for the house to resume sitting! I hope that's question that will come up for the Premier. Apparently the Premier might take the legislation about taking away the right to strike for health care workers and make it a confidence vote! That's insanity! The opp. parties have already said they would oppose this. At least Harper isn't daft enough to think he could win a majority right now, how is it that the Premier thinks this?

I really liked what DD said about Mental Health courts. Here's a link to read more:

When Deb was doing her weather, you might have heard her say "Rick and his purse coming up"! During the break we were commenting on her story about the new words in the dictionary and there was "manbag", obviously a purse for a man. Well, Rick carries his millions of papers and notes in a leather satchel and Deb told him that was a manbag. He didn't like that, so we took it a step further and insisted he carried a purse! Deb and I are always ganging up on Rick and it's so hilarious. He was bombarded in a 30 second time frame and hence Rick opening the show with the line "Get me away from these girls!" We love you Rick, we were just teasing!

Tonight is that meeting in Harrietsfield on transit services, don't forget! It starts at 7 at the community centre. Caller John has promised to call us tomorrow and give us the scoop on what happened.

September has really been a great month weather wise, don't you think? Another sunny day, so enjoy it! The Police Chief will be in during hour number 2 tomorrow, so get your questions ready!



Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Tough with a capital "T"

Curtis Sliwa really fired back at Rick today after Rick suggested that his "tough talk" might be a little out of place in Nova Scotia. Sliwa pointed out that he talks tough because he's dealing with crackheads, crack dealers and people that would beat elderly ladies with metal table legs! He also pointed out that he's been shot 5 times, by an associate of the Gambino crime family!! Hey, I love the tough talk, we have to get tough with these creeps that are destroying the sense of well-being we used to have living in Halifax! At least Sliwa isn't like 50 cent, glamourizing the fact he was shot and survived and just being a gangsta rapper. He's actually trying to do something to help! It's in 86 cities for pete's sake - let's at least hear him out when he comes next month!

Bill Casey was in during hour number 2 and as Rick pointed out, he is such a breath of fresh air! Totally classy, totally decent - we heart Bill Casey! He is still getting a tonne of support for his stance of the Atlantic Accord and he says the fight continues and we'll be hearing more about it when Parliament resumes next month. Again, Thank you, Bill Casey, for being a straight shooter and an overall decent guy. I urged him to run for Premier after the show was over!

An absolutely shocking report is out today by the Canadian Cancer Society and GPI Atlantic about the cost of smoking. An estimated 17-hundred Nova Scotians die each year because of exposure to smoke and second hand smoke and direct smoking costs a total of 171 million dollars and over 500 million in indirect costs, like decreased productivity. The taxes on smoking only bring in 136 million dollars. Even Nova Scotian students could probably figure out we're spending millions of dollars in our tax money on this problem. Not cool.

Earlier, caller Ralph was wondering if anything was being done for the squeegee kid who saved the woman who was being beaten on the Commons by the girls with the metal table legs. Well, Constable Jeff Carr called the show and apparently he's receiving some sort of commendation at next month's police commission meeting, so there you go. Rick suggested taking him out for a steak!

I like how Ralph called Bruce "Captain Devenne". He's certainly making a lot of headlines lately, eh? I don't know....normally I would agree with letting private business be funded by private business, but I think the Farmer's market is so incredibly worthwhile! Buying locally when you can is a great thing, but I tend to stay away from the market because it's so damn busy and I hate crowds. I am really looking forward to the new market, so I would support using tax dollars in this case. Does that make me a hypocrite? Maybe...or maybe I'm just hungry and am thinking about food so I'm more than willing to fund any type of food venture!!

I guess I'll have lunch so I'm thinking more rationally this afternoon!

Have a great one,


P.S. Darrell Dexter is in tomorrow from 11-12!

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

You've got to be kidding me!

Some wacky calls today, eh?

Even though everything Rick was accused of today on the show is total bunk, it is kind of fun to hear him riled up, isn't it?

Man oh man, is Stephane Dion in major trouble or what? Despite the fact that his english has improved, he is not connecting with the voters! I read news for a living, it's my job to keep up on the news, I read 3 papers everyday, surf the internet incessantly, watch news outside of work and guess what? I haven't got a sweet clue what Stephane Dion stands for. No idea, except he wants Canadian troops out of Afghanistan by 2009. I haven't heard any concrete plans for any other issue. So, if total news junkies can't figure out what he's about, regular non-news obsessed people probably aren't either - and it showed when the Liberals struck out last night, big time, in Quebec. Stephen Maher's column in the Herald is very juicy today, suggesting Michael Ignatieff's people were behind the defeat in Outremont. Check it out! Plus, Dion didn't want Justin Trudeau to run in Outremont and in retrospect, that looks like a pretty bad decision.

We heard more about the Commons watch being proposed and I definitely think it's a good idea. What is also good though: being alert. I walk through the Commons at least once a week, twice last week, once really late. I wasn't alone and I am constantly keeping my head up, looking around, not listening to an MP3 player. You have to stay alert! Preventing that though, are the huge bushes that could easily hide a massive swarm of people. I'mnever a fan of cutting down trees or greenery, but in this case it is a safety concern. The lighting sucks too. Maybe they can put more than 60 watt bulbs (or what it seems like anyway) in the Commons. The lighting is very hazy and it needs to be a lot brighter!

I nearly died when Rick was talking about an excuse issued by a Newfoundland M-L-A implicated in that big spending scandal there. The M-L-A, who allegedly used taxpayers' money to buy alcohol defended himself by saying he only used it on alcohol he drank while doing government business. Oh, well, okay then! I'm sure writing legislation is a lot easier when you're half in the bag.

Anyway, have a great day! The whole week looks awesome, weather wise, anyway!

Take care,


Monday, September 17, 2007

The dichotomy of the Hotline

I told Rick during a commercial break today that only on the Hotline can we warn people about an impending nuclear Holocaust and then hear something so good and happy that it makes you cry - so is the dichotomy of the Hotline.

I don't even know where to begin today, I'm looking through the pages of notes I made on the show, this was an extremely busy Monday. The pink anti-bully protest really is still in the news, as we spoke to the principal at Central Kings and the two students involved, David Shepard and Travis Price. Apparently, the story is being picked up around the world! A huge Hotline round of applause goes out to these nice guys who did something intelligent to shut down a bully. There are rumours about a possible interview with Oprah which would be very cool for these humble young men. Although I commend what they did, these guys are just regular, nice guys. Are they in such short supply that this makes news? I wish stories like this weren't the exception, but the norm.

I wanted to give a huge THANK YOU to Alexa McDonough and gulp...Peter Mackay for seemingly bringing a happy ending to the Heli Munroe saga. We spoke to Alexa and Sandy Munroe today and it looks like Heli will actually be coming home soon! It is an incredible ending to a heartbreaking story that's been going on for two years now. Sandy says he will let us know when she gets home and right now he's feeling a "tidal wave of joy". It's so strange that regular people are thrust into these situations in the media, but it shows that with the right amount of media pressure, you can make things happen. It also goes to show that things can happen when people forget about their political stripes and work together. Again, I wish it were the norm, rather than the exception.

Speaking of political parties, Rick kind of lost it on Wayne today. Rick gave him 10 minutes and then Wayne accused Rick of censoring him! Unreal! He's also accused the Hotline of being "controlled" by people, which is ludicrous.

Moving right along.....

Dr. Bill Deagle was so interesting, wasn't he? Do you believe him? As Rick was teeing him up last week and today, you think you're really going to meet a wackjob, but he was very nice and sounded very reasonable on the air. You can log onto his website: or listen to him on He made 2 predictions, one that the U.S. would definitely invade Iran and secondly, that Hilary Clinton will the next president of the U.S. with Barack Obama as her vice-president. I'm so interested to see if these things will happen. He spoke very ominously about the path Prime Minister Harper is taking us down and talked about things like the Project for the New American Century, GNEP, the SPP and Pax Americana. Google some of these things, you might be astonished what you find. I liked his term "conspiracy reality" even though some of the things he talked about like the Iran-China partnership and all the nuclear weapons just ready to be used really scared me. What did you think? Did he make sense? Do you feel fear as well? Let me know or give us a call tomorrow, the first and third hours are open and we'll be talking about law and order with Jim Hoskins during hour number 2.

There are a few things that really annoy me, and one is when I agree with Daily News columnist Charles Moore. I completely agree with his column today about the Guardian Angels! What's the harm in getting a little information?

Sandy had called during the first hour with a crazy story about a woman getting into a fight with a man in a wheelchair at Sobeys! Rick and I were just looking at each other in utter disbelief! It's sad that little disagreements seem to escalate so quickly and easily now. It's hard to even point something out to people without them holding some sort of bitter vendetta. Sad.

Anyway....more tomorrow! We have some some awesome guests lined up this week, tune into tomorrow and Rick will give you the scoop!



Friday, September 14, 2007

Mamby Pamby

I love that expression and we heard caller Tony use it during the Bruce Devenne hour. He told us he was tired of fence-sitting, mamby pamby politicians who can't make a decision and suggested Sheila Fougere and Sue Uteck were like that. Although I agree with Tony about wishy-washy politicians in general, I hope he's not lumping all female politicians into the "mamby pamby" category. I can come up with a quite a few male names to add to that list too. I'll say it again - you're either a good politician or a bad one, sex has nothing to do with it.

I was chatting with someone about the Guardian Angels yesterday. If Halifax is determined to start a citizens' group, why not let the Guardian Angels train them? They've been in existence for years and that's exactly what it is - a citizens' group made up of volunteers. Why not use the Angels' experience? Am I missing something here?

Rick's "Charles Bronson" Death Wish line cracked up columnist extraordinaire David Rodenhiser today. The Mayor provided a few moments of levity. The following scene was directly out of one of those commercials on T.V. right now, you know, something awkward happened because someone's cell phone lost the connection?

Rick: Hello, Mayor Kelly!
Mayor: Rick, how ya doing today?
Rick: David Rodenhiser is here with me too.
David: Hello, your Worship.


I think David was a little panicked, but it turned out the Mayor was getting another call and doesn't hate David after all! I like how Rick and David immediately delve into the major issues of the day when they get together. First up today - how good donairs taste and the frequency in which they should be eaten. Seriously though, it was a good hour and we look forward to welcoming Dave every Friday to get a jump start on the Friday free for all!

Monday's show is going to be awesome. Dr. Bill Deagle will be in during hour number 2. You hear a lot of conspiracy theories on the Hotline and you're going to hear some doozies on Monday. Be sure to tune in!

Have an excellent weekend! Tomorrow, it's supposed to POUR RAIN, but then get nice for Sunday.

Talk to you Monday,


Thursday, September 13, 2007


It took me a couple of seconds to figure out what that was when I was staring at this little piece of paper Rick leaves for me in the morning with the poll question written on it. Habedarsack? That's hilarious! However, I think we should leave it as HRM. I completely agree with Gloria. What tool won't realize that when someone says "Halifax Regional Municipality" that they're talking about Halifax? Here in town, we're always going to say the Chicken Burger is in Bedford or HMV Mic Mac Mall is in Dartmouth. Let's just say HRM and get regionally specific when we need to be. This debate is getting annoying - can we please move on? Shouldn't the Chamber of Commerce be worrying about Halifax's reputation as a city with a lot of violent crime and not what we're called. Trust me, they know what we're called. It's the same thing with the GTA. People say Toronto, but in Toronto you say you live in Scarborough etc. What's the big deal? MOVE ON.

I can't believe the opinions on the Guardian Angels! As I've stated, I am all for them coming here. Every little bit helps. I missed the Curtis Sliwa interview with Steve Murphy yesterday, but that doesn't concern me. If criminals do form a gang simply to combat the Guardian Angels, all police have to do is follow the Guardian Angels around to catch the criminals. It's genius! Plus, if the criminals, who are probably out on curfew or probation, hurt one of the Angels, the police can arrest them right away! Maybe after their 15th conviction, well maybe the 30th, they might be put away for a long period of time! Curtis Sliwa is awesome; let's bash some heads! As Rodenhiser says, let's make the criminals sweat for once; I'm personally tired of worrying about getting mugged every day. Rick mentioned he's trying to get the Chief in soon, so stay tuned! I'd be very, very concerned/ticked if the department brass refuses to meet with Sliwa when he comes next month. Today, Sheila Fougere said she would welcome more information and thinks meeting with him is a good idea. Thank you, Sheila!

HRM by Design was a popular topic on the show too! If you are interested in reaching Heritage Trust, you can call them at 423-4807.

I loved the story about the students who stuck up for the bullied students in the Valley. Thank you to Central Kings Rural High School students David Shepard and Travis Price. YOU GUYS ROCK! A grade 9 was being bullied by older students for wearing a pink shirt, so these 2 actually bought pink shirts for 75 students and organized (probably via Facebook) a day where everyone wore pink. Apparently, the bullies went crazy because they were so angry! It's just great that you can teach people lessons through rational thought and just being clever. I know that might seem contradictory to my "break some heads" Guardian Angels stance, but I feel the Halifax criminals might seem too far gone to understand this logic.

So...break some heads when need be, but better yet, use your head to defeat the ignorance that is out there in this world. Thanks to these students for restoring my faith in humanity, for today anyway.



Wednesday, September 12, 2007

The Guardian Angels

The Guardian Angels - the international volunteer group designed to promote safer streets - certainly was a hot topic today! We had calls ranging from people wanting to volunteer all the way to people vehemently against them coming to town. Again, I say why not? What's the harm? If it takes a village to raise a child, why does it only take one police force to keep them safe? Let's all pitch in to make the city safer. I do not see a downside in this. If I'm missing something - talk to me! Call us tomorrow...the 1st and 3rd hours are open just for you! Let's have some good gangs roaming around town, not the thugs. De Adder reached a new hilarity high today with his cartoon. You must click on and then clickin De Adder and you can see the cartoon. It is so spot on. Well done! Why don't we make the bad guys sweat a bit?

Charles Cirtwell from AIMS certainly had to do his fair share of deflecting today from suspicious Hotline callers. I thought some of what he had to say was interesting, especially in terms of the right to strike. I flip flop on this issue (like many others...). I'm going to speak with 5 of my friends who are all at the Mount this year for their B.EDs, and I'll comment on it later. But he said unions aren't bad (duh), he would agree to let teachers work to rule instead of full out striking and his main point was that the teachers' union has too much power. Your thoughts?

For those who may have missed the HRM by design meeting earlier this week, you have one more chance. Tonight's presentation starts at 6pm in Heritage Hall at Pier 21. A news release says the burning questions that have been asked by citizens will be answered along with a presentation put together based on the consultations. If you go, be sure to call us tomorrow as we will be speaking with Dawn Sloane and Phil Pacey from the Heritage Society about the downtown. Should be interesting, some of those drawings look incredible.

Stay safe today!

Talk to you tomorrow...this week is flying by!



Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Why the heck not?

Similarites between the Guardian Angels and Mickey MacDonald? Yes, I think there are a couple. Mickey shared a bit his philosophy during hour number 2. He says he tries anything once. He says he is always positive and pushes forward and he's enjoyed a lot of success. So, why do we have to be so negative about the Guardian Angels here? Why not just try it and see if it works? It's free, it runs on volunteers and if it makes a difference, why not?
I know I always do this, but you've got to read Rodenhiser's column on it today, it makes so much sense. I found Curtis Sliwa to be extremely engaging and he's promised to come into the studio for an hour if he can at the end of October when he comes to Halifax.

Here's the link for the Guardian Angels:

It was shocking to hear that Curtis heard from Maritimers out west that the crime situation is shockingly bad in Halifax. He had even heard about the lady being beaten in the Commons by the teens with the metal table legs. If one mugging is prevented, or if I happen to feel a little safer on the street, bring it on! I cast my vote today on the Hotline poll and I voted Yes. I want to feel safer and that doesn't mean the police aren't doing their job, it means, let's fight crime with any method we can! He mentioned the latest Guardian Angels group forming in Red Deer, Alberta, population 80-thousand.

It was great to meet Mickey MacDonald today. I've spoken to him on the phone during the IWK Radiothon as he's made some very generous donations to the cause. We can't thank him enough for that. But I really loved his positive mentality and the fact that you have to try and enjoy life wherever you are, as he said, whether you're in the Caribbean or in your backyard chatting with your kid. The show was great today with the majority of the people united in action. MM is opening up a new gym on Gottigen street, to hopefully help give kids role models and an activity to channel their energy into; meantime, Curtis was talking about being role models for kids, to give them an alternative instead of worshipping the drug dealers. Positive thinking, change, vision - let's embrace it, Halifax!!

Caller Frank wanted to pass on a book recommendation today. It's called Ivory Tower Blues and he says it's an incredible account of the university system today....Here's a link:

It was a super busy day and I'm sure it will continue tomorrow!!

Stay dry!



Monday, September 10, 2007

Blast from the past

I know anything goes on the Hotline, but it's such a blast from the past to be talking about Mulroney, Bouchard etc. Am I interested in it? Oh yeah! Mulroney is an incredibly polarizing figure, someone you love to hate. I am very anxious to read his book, well, probably the last 500 pages. I could care less about his childhood. It's 11-hundred pages! If Mulroney came on the show, what would you ask him? Leave your questions in the comment section or call us tomorrow and let us know. So far, he says he's not doing a book tour...but you never know.

One caller, David, defended Mulroney. Bruce called me off the air and asked me if Mulroney's son was on the line! Hee hee. But Bev....she launched into an attack on Mulroney, basically saying she hated his guts. Like I said, he is polarizing, which makes it a great topic for the Hotline. you think I should put "When Irish eyes are smiling" into the computer system to play it to drive Rick nuts?

Random stat: Dawn Sloane has 2 cats - Eight ball and Minnesota Fats.

Don't you love Edna? She called Rick a "prince" today, but usually calls him "darling" or "hunk". I love it. She called me a "dream doll" today, so she's in my good books! I noticed Rick didn't agree with the "dream doll' comment. I am about to google "Irish eyes" and get it loaded for tomorrow!

The Mayor made an appearance on the Hotline today. Say what you want about him, but he is a cool customer when the pressure is on and he does not fall for personal attacks. I've never heard him say a bad word about anyone. I'd be on the defensive if there was a website like Did you hear Rick with some possible news that a business group that was involved with the 2014 Commonwealth games might be involved with that site? Hmm...a couple of names come to mind....

Partly sunny skies today...but rain tomorrow, so enjoy it!

More tomorrow...



Friday, September 7, 2007

The Medium

We received LOTS of feedback about medium George LeBlanc who was our guest in the second hour. The lines were jammed with people wanting information about their passed on loved ones and at the same time Rick said he got a tonne of e-mails from some hardcore skeptics or straight up non-believers about the subject. A lot of people felt he was very general, but I thought it was really entertaining! I felt no one was disappointed by what George told them. I'm kinda flaky though, and believe in psychics and that kind of thing. Trust me, if you've spoken to Debbie Young, you'd be a believer too! I'll ask Rick if he's planning to have Debbie on anytime soon, she's definitely one of our most popular Hotline guests! If you'd like to get ahold of George for a private reading, you can call 435-7969 or go to his website: His show goes tonight at the Khyber on Barrington St. at 9:30, then 3 shows tomorrow at 4, 6 and 9, then Sunday at 5:45. Check it out! Tickets are only 8 dollars...and they're available at the door.

It was nice to hear a voice of common sense today on the show...and that voice was Tina Chaulk. She is an amazing person, has a lot of strength and just speaks the truth about what needs to happen in order to make crosswalks safer. She has a vested interest in this, as her daughter Mary-Beth died in a crosswalk. I will definitely put forth the nomination this year: Tina Chaulk for Hotline Nova Scotian of the Year. Unless the legislation allows for physical changes at crosswalks, it will be a complete and utter waste of time.

Rick cracked me up today when he was talking to Charles Cirtwell about education reform. Apparently, Kuwait is copying the Nova Scotia curriculum for its students!! Rick asked Charles if the Kuwaitis were aware in 10 years their students won't be able to add!! HA! I guess it's not really funny though as fact is - we have an absysmal pass rate for basic math skills in N.S. Sad, but true.

There's no word yet on the status of Archie, the dog set to be put down in Colchester County. We tried Mike Smith, but just got we'll see if he gets a last minute reprieve. It is sad. I have a cat, but I can imagine if I had to put him down. I would be devestated and beyond consolation.

Well, on that somewhat depressing note - I'll leave you for this weekend!

Another action packed week on tap next week. I hope you'll be part of it.

Enjoy your weekend!



Thursday, September 6, 2007

Bruce's limerick

Here's the limerick Will referenced on the air today:

There once was a Mayor named Kelly
Whose backbone was made out of jelly
He passed out our cash
Like big bags of trash
So what if the deal was smelly

Two questions

There were two main issues on the show today: the "confidentiality" of Commonwealth games bid information and whether the dog involved in the attack on the 3-year old girl should be put down or not. Believe it or not these two issues were seamlessly interwoven by all the callers today!

Whatever you might say about Fred Mac, he is one smooth cat. He doesn't get frazzled easily and handled Bruce DeVenne's questions well, even getting a dig in at him in regards to his council bid. Can you imagine if Bruce wins a council seat? I think it would be great and would add a little excitement to those Eastlink broadcasts. He cuts right through the crap and makes his point. Go Bruce!

Darce Fardy, the former Freedom of Information officer had a little something to say about the lack of Games bid information. He says it's crap. You can log on to his website: for more info on what Darce does now and how you can get the information you need to know. He's holding a forum on openness on October 4th at King's College. It goes from 7-10 at Alumni Hall.

What is up with Brian Mulroney? Why didn't he make any of this public when Pierre Trudeau was alive? Sure, it's easy to wait until someone dies before launching a vitriolic attack. Where's the moral fibre there?

So...Rick finally asked Will on the air if he was behind Will covered pretty well saying if he had the website he would have called it: Ha! Will cracks me up, especially when he mentioned Bruce's "terrific little limerick".

Well, tomorrow is the day we'll find out if that dog is put down or not, so that should generate a lot of conversation during the open hour 1st hour. Remember, no sports in the first hour, and although I'm not sad about it, I just realized I may never get to hear Rick say "Sportstalk" in his way he did every Friday. I'll have to get him to say it off the air to amuse Deb and myself. We're going to have that medium in during hour number 2, so if you're hoping to connect with any deceased relatives, give me a call during the second hour and we'll get you on the air.

It is a stunningly gorgeous day outside - enjoy it!



Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Sorry,'re not special

Those words were uttered by the new Chief Public Health Officer, Dr. Robert Strang. He was a guest during the second hour and the subject came up when Rick was asking if he was special because he's never had the flu! The answer was - no. We heard from Dr. Strang about the fact there is a still a mumps problem in Nova Scotia and what they plan to do to try and eradicate it. We also heard about the upcoming flu season!! I haven't had the flu either and I got my shot for the first time last year. I say better safe than sorry, right?

What do you think about this no hoodies thing at Citadel high? As a hoodie fan, I'm outraged!! Doug Hadley did explain it well though, saying it's a preliminary thing and chances are later students will be able to wear them, just not put the hoods up while in the school which is understandable. As for the student who claims she spent 1200 on got ripped off!!! *Update* I just checked the wire and there's a story saying students at the school can wear hoodies, but they have to keep the hoods down at all times. So...controversy over!

The big issue on the show today was whether this American Bulldog who attacked the young girl in Truro should be put down or not. I saw the interview with the owner, Paula Cooper, yesterday. I'm torn. As Rick said, it wasn't a nip or a snap, it was a full on jaw clenching painful incident. At the same time, I can understand not wanting to see you pet die. Maybe we'll do a poll tomorrow!

This Commonwealth Games spending issue is out of control! As if we have to make an Access to Information request. I'm sure the topic will come up with Fred MacGillivary tomorrow during hour number 2 on the Hotline. Get your questions ready! It's an open hour to start off though and Rick has something that could be really cool for Friday. Stay tuned!

Have a great day!



Tuesday, September 4, 2007

10th season underway!

Today was the first day of Rick's 10th season on the air of the Hotline! Can you believe it? It is not an easy job, but he makes it seem that way. I was excited to come to work today with the old hours and back to the regular 3 hour show. We heard from Bruce D., who was keeping kind of a low profile over the summer, but still raising hell elsewhere.

What did you think of the councillors today? We had McInroy and Sloane in and they seem very frustrated about the level of crime in the city. It's not just the city we need to worry about. We had some violent incidents in the city (sexual assault, shots fired), but there were 2 murders over the weekend, one in Digby county and one in Glace Bay. I really don't know what needs to change, but I liked Rick's idea of a council resolution calling for changes to the Youth Criminal Justice Act for starters. Caller Bert says the council can do something - scream and yell and make themselves heard on this issue. Let's see if anyone takes that and runs with it at council tonight.

It's so interesting to hear all the callers talk about Shelburne, the former youth jail. So many callers have said when they were kids the mere threat of Shelburne set them straight. Today, no such thing. There is no fear. It was so interesting to hear about Rockhead jail, where people broke rocks as their punishment. Now that would be brutal. No TV, no mail, conjugal visits, just breaking rocks all day long. Is this something we need to look into again?

Rick mentioned the GNEP here's a link for some "light reading" on the Global Nuclear Energy Partnership.

Well, tune into tomorrow for the start of our regular "Rodenhiser Wednesdays". It should be a lot of fun and when Rodenhiser is in, it's always an open hour!

Talk to you then!