Thursday, February 28, 2008

Racist, Sexist, Homophobic

To me, there's not a lot of difference. Some people accused Rick of being a little more forgiving towards the hockey team at Lockview for their sexist and homophobic comments, plus he knew some of the boys involved. I asked Rick after the show if he thought it might be different if the students came from Dartmouth High or someplace different. I agree that I've heard much more offensive things, but I'm in agreement with everyone that it should have never been published. Whose head that falls on, well, that's another thing. I guess whoever saw the program last, if that was the coach, well, okay. From what Rick said about his conservation with Kevin Brown's wife this morning, they sound ticked enough to seem like Brown may be taking a fall for another person??

This Chuck Cadman story really sickens me. I respected him so much when he stood up the Liberals 3 years ago. I actually cried because there was this pause, and then he stood up. I swear, I'll probably name my kid Cadman or something because in that moment, he was a star. Anyway, the allegations that the Conservatives tried to bribe him with a million dollar life insurance policy when he was dying of cancer is insane. But then Rick said Cadman's wife was running as a Conservative in the next federal election. Then I started thinking, is she backing the claim in this book to get her name out there, generate some sympathy for votes for her campaign? See, this is what the Hotline does to you. Nothing is black and white, there is a conspiracy behind everything! Life used to be simple before the Hotline!

I received a call from a new listener off the air today. She says she loves the show and says Rick does such a good job stirring up a hornet's nest sometimes that she just sits back and "giggles". Not going to lie - I do the same thing! You guys hear me though because I don't giggle, I full out guffaw.

Hey, if you want to check out an Op-Ed piece written by Duff Conacher of Democracy Watch on the prevalence of vote buying - click here:

About Robert Latimer - I'm happy he received day parole. He's a simple farmer, I bet he'll want to be out of the spotlight, I highly doubt he's going to go Kevorkian on us and advocate mercy killing.

Anyway.....gotta write some news!

Have a good one...Friday tomorrow - yee haw, as the Rickster likes to say!

Take care,


Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Sick of lunch

I'm really looking forward to getting this lunch issue sorted once and for all tonight. Well, I guess it's naive of me to think it will actually be settled tonight by Howard Windsor, more like it's going to create more fodder for the show, which is a good thing. I'm with Rick on this one. When I went to school, the teachers took turns supervising recesses and lunch hours. Honestly, I don't see the issue with this. Bottom line.

The McNab's Island hour was very interesting! It definitely made me want to check it out. I'll have to go this summer. You probably can't swim there though, because it's in the Harbour, right? Or is it far enough out that it's safe? Nah, I wouldn't risk it anyway! One of my friends fell into the Detroit River once and got ecoli poisoning which has weakened him immune system for life. Best not to risk it!

Peter Stoffer was on fire today! I love it when politicians come out blazing. I can't stand the political speak, ie the Premier talking about "We've got to do what's right for Nova Scotians...."
Obviously! Gah! I love fiery politicial speak and Peter cares so much about veterans, it's so cheap to think about the Veteran Affairs minister slamming him.

What do you think about the federal budget yesterday? I'm still shaking my head about this one. It's so incredibly weak I think Stephane Dion could have had a chance to get back into power. Of course, Dion isn't exploiting the many weaknesses of the budget, he's just saying, no there won't be an election. Who do we call to get a coup d'etat around here? The federal budget includes 300-million dollars to explore nuclear energy!!! 50-million dollars for a pig cull!! They've decreased the money being paid down on the debt and creating a glorified savings account for Canadians. I was chatting with the Mayor about this savings thing. Is it for GICs? What's the diff if I put 5 Gs in my bank account or this special account - my bank account is tax free too! Where are the details? Hey, at least thanks to the GST reduction I'm saving 3 dollars a month on my car payment. Unreal. We need an election! We need a leader who can inspire Canadians. I actually woke up this morning and was missing Paul Martin - he actually cared about Canadians, I'm not sure what the federal government cares about, except, being smug.

God, all this hating is making me hungry.

Have a great day - we're going to talk trash, literally, during hour number 2 tomorrow.



P.S. Giddy up!

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Show me the Ameros!!

The Deagle landed today and it was an...umm...interesting hour!

He talked about the Amero - the currency the governments of the United States, Canada and Mexico want to create - according to him. He talked about a lot of other conspiracies, including Princess Diana. Apparently, she was killed because there was a chance she could have a Muslim baby. He also talked about a group that controlled the weather and so on. Actually it was kind of funny because one of our engineers was in doing maintenance on the computer during the 1st segment and kept looking at me in disbelief. He's sort of a genius, so he just told me he did some research on something Dr. Deagle said and totally contradicted it. Deagle said Cape Breton has enough coal to heat for 10-thousand more years. Well, Kenny looked into it and says the entire country only has enough coal to heat for another 46 years! Honestly, I think I trust Kenny a wee bit more. You can listen to the Deagle on his radio show from 4-6 our time weekdays by clicking on You can also join his Halifax 9-11 group and learn the "truth" about 9-11. Deagle says check it out and believe it yourself, and then try to change the system. Even if I did check it out and everything Deagle said was true, I'm sure not going to do anything about it. I don't want to get shot in the head 3 times by the CIA!!!!! Whatever you say about him, he's interesting to listen to and he generates a lot of calls, so that's why Rick has him on once a month or so.

It was interesting to hear Barbara Walters is a member of something called the "Council on Foreign Relations". Jeez, I wish she'd pursue this full-time and stop asking people asinine questions with that annoying dream-like filter she puts on the cameras. So irritating!

Lots of news coming tomorrow with what happened at the Taxi public meeting tonight and Howard Windsor's decision on Excel. Should be a busy one!!

Well, enjoy another spring-like day! Snow on the way overnight changing to lots of rain tomorrow.



P.S. Caller Dawn was so funny today. She talked about the school program and then she started gushing about Rick's voice and how much she loved it and Rick couldn't stop laughing and I think he may have blushed a little bit too! It was hilarious! I agree - Rick's voice is great, but one voice I love hearing on the airwaves is Pat Connelly. We love you, Pat!

Monday, February 25, 2008

Back to the ol' farm

It's a sad day for Louise Hanavan. She has to say good-bye to her chickens today. They are heading to a farm in Hants County. We want to wish Captain Crochet, Bernadette and Chicken a fond Hotline farewell. Who would have though 3 hens could have generated so much chatter on the Hotline in '08.

Total shocker for me today listening to Jim Bauld. Apparently we can recycle all plastic bags - from bread bags to cereal bags and the city recycles those and sells them to make plastic plant holders! Although I think that's great, I think we need to curb the use of plastic. I think it would be better if the city encouraged people to use more cloth bags and then maybe added different numbered plastic as stuff that can be recycled, like 5 or 7. But it's great - I always used to throw out cereal bags, etc.

How in awe are you of Ellen Page? I think she is awesome. Barbara Walters is so tired, needs to hang it out, but Ellen handled her asinine questions with considerable aplomb. When she played the Moldy Peaches song at the end of the interview I felt so proud. She's just awesome. One thing is for sure - Ellen Page did not lose last night. Rodney. The Premier won't come on our show because he's too busy "running the province", so says his new media guy, Wade Keller. Well, I guess it is kind of hard squeezing in the "running of the province" in 5 days since every weekend is "personal time". Whatever. His loss. I think we may have to resurrect our chicken sound effects for future use!!

I heard something really cool today. Apparently, some members of the Turkey Club heard Rick's interview with Mel Boutilier from the Parker Street Food and Furniture Bank and donated 8-thousand dollars to the shelters Emergency Fund! That is just so amazing! The caller pointed out to me that the government gave the Salvation Army 200-thousand dollars for its emergency program last week. That's all well and good, but you can only get help from the Sally Ann every 5 years!!! So, you can be warm one winter and freeze those other 4. That makes a whole bunch of sense, doesn't it? The short-sightedness of this government kills me. Let's not attack the root cause of poverty - let's put a band-aid on and pat ourselves on the back. Yay! Sorry, feeling slightly embittered today!!! I share Garfield's disdain for Mondays!

Anyway....I have to run and get some lunch, then write some news...then back at it tomorrow!!

Thanks for the calls - chat with you then.


Friday, February 22, 2008

Eating crow

Harv brought in a fake crow today for Cecil and Rick to eat after picking the Pats to win the Super Bowl! Ha! It was great to have the boys on during hour number 1 - it is always so entertaining, I loved it. They were so loud at some points, I had a hard time monitoring their levels!!! Fisticuffs nearly broke out a couple of times, I just sat back ane enjoyed the show. Sadly, Cecil wouldn't sing Purple Rain again, but he did do a line from O Canada, which he sang at that charity hockey game last night. He also was gloating about the fact he knows Ellen Page, having worked with her on the Trailer Park Boys.

Okay, on to one of my favourite blog topics - Rodney MacDonald!! The Premier says he's not ruling out raising the gas tax in the province. Yeah, that must be an easy decision considering you don't actually pay for your own gas. Apparently the Premier wants to do the show, but only wants to do a half hour and you know what that means - it means unless he commits to an hour, NO DICE.

Some startling stats today from the woman from Clean Nova Scotia. She says it take 12 million barrels of oil go into making plastic bags in the United States. That to me, made me even more determined to stop using plastic and to continue to use my cloth bags. I don't understand why you can't just put your garbage in a can and have the garbage people dump that into their truck!!! I think Rick may try to get Jim Bauld, the city's waste guy to come on and talk about these things. I mean, nothing's going to change until after October. Remember they couldn't even agree to use clear garbage bags because Sue Uteck was afraid of what they may find?

I want to congratulate Gary, who is my weekly winner of my "Sarcasm Award". Gary very chipperly (and sarcastically) said he was so thrilled gas prices were so high because he knew the province would be putting all that extra gas tax revenue right back into the roads and Nova Scotia was going to have the best roads in the world!! Expert delivery - Gary, congrats, that the most sarcastic line of the week!

Did anyone else notice the line Colin uttered that should strike fear into the hearts of every decision maker in the province: "Gloria's on the warpath".'s almost weekend time. Have a great one and we'll chat with you Monday!



Thursday, February 21, 2008

Crazily Correct

Trivia is so much fun. It's my absolute favourite thing to do on the Hotline, besides a good old fashioned phone assault. As I told Rick, he has totally been my mentor in how to be a poop disturber and I'm eternally grateful!

Congrats to Don for the big win today! Don is the son of another Hotline caller Frank - a little Hotline caller trivia for ya! I thought Frances was going to pull it out, but Don knew too much. Thanks to everyone for participating and again, I thought I had another stellar hour as the lifeline missing just one question about hockey, but since I hate hockey, I didn't really count that question!!! Ha!

So much to comment on today....first up, the cloth bags. A boycott of Superstore because they're trying to phase out plastic and maybe do a little something kind for the Earth? Give me a break!!! I'm just in shock about that insanity. But I agree - they should be doing a lot more! For example, the bags are made in China, which is ridiculous. Secondly, when Sobeys and Superstore package food from the deli or something, like feta cheese - it's a #5 recyclable - meaning it can't be recycled here in Halifax and must go in the garbage. Both grocery stores could switch to these biodegradable plastic bags, something I know they do at HMV @ Mic Mac Mall, or go back to paper. What happened to the paper bags? Not like I want more trees to be cut down, but again, there is more both stores can do, but boycotting them is so counter-productive and frankly, a little dumb. I'm not sure how long Ray is going to live surviving solely on nuts and spices from the Bulk Barn!

I'm all for this suggestion to get rid of Tim Hortons' cups. They are a plague!! It's so easy just to bring your own mug and it costs less! Or if you get a Tim Horton's paper cup, you should have to pay more! That was a great suggestion by a caller today. Rick is going to be speaking with someone tomorrow who he thought didn't like him on this issue. Stay tuned for that!

Happy Birthday to the person who is arguably the most famous person from Halifax right now - Ellen Page! She is turning 21 today and I can't wait to watch the Oscars on Sunday to see if she wins! She was so great in Juno!! I saw John Dunsworth talking about her today on CBC, too bad we already talked to him about Ellen, like, a month ago!

I cannot believe tomorrow is Friday already. This week has gone by unbelievably fast. I'm pretty sure I say that every week, but it's true. Busy day tomorrow, I'm sure the same is on tap for tomorrow.

Until then, take care!


Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Dante's pothole

Big thanks to Andrew for the title today. Gee, Hotline listeners are so clever, I don't even have to think anymore. He's coined that after listening to Peter Stoffer say potholes cannot be blamed on just the municipality; the funding from all three levels of government contributes to potholes and crumbling infrastructure in general. He related that to the Divine Comedy, made of three parts, hell, purgatory and paradise! Nice correlation there, buddy!

Potholes were the big issue today and it's just insane driving around having to avoid these massive holes in the ground! I did a little Hotline experiment today. I called in a pothole, well, a series of potholes anyway, and in 14 days I'll let you know if they've been fixed! It's getting ridiculous and I think John O'Brien's attitude was just a little too cavalier. I loved cabbie Bob's call today. He really went off and really wants to see some changes in October during the municipal election. He mentioned something I've been wanting to talk about for a while. There are too many damn councillors! Although I like most of the councillors and think they are committed to their jobs blah, blah blah - there are too many of them. They should slice the number in half, raise the salary and make it a full-time job, bottom line. Nothing is accomplished at council because 24 people want to have their say! It's ridiculous. No wonder if takes staff so long to bring back reports, if they are working on requests from 24 people? Slice it down, make it full-time, let's get something done in this bloody city!

Mike Savage and Peter Stoffer were in during hour number 2, of course mocking me for my love of Question Period. I think they both do a great job in what Peter calls "Romper room for adults". I hate the MPs who are on the government side and ask a question and keep their eyes locked on a piece of paper and sound so stilted, "In 2006, 700 people received important assistance from the government to help them with their Multiple Sclerosis. Minister Clement, will this important assistance continue to flow to needy individuals in the spring budget?". Then they sit down nervously and anticipate the already prepared answer from the Minister. "I want to thank the honourable member for their question. In 2006......." Then they drone on and normal people tune out because it's such a game. They should give Mike more to do - he's an awesome MP, up on what's going on and fiery when he needs to be. I think he could take on John Baird no problem. Stephane Dion should do something right - give him a critic role at least!!!! A caller off the air thought there was too much of a lovefest going on between Mike and Peter. I don't feel that way - they disagree, but are respectful about it. It's the total opposite of what's happening in Ottawa now - deliberate unconcilliatory-ness. Wow, total George W. Bush there with the creation of that word. Anyway, it's a strategy the Premier is using now and it's not working. God, these boys and their love of drama!

Anyway, are you with Peter on creating an "M & S free zone" - standing for Mulroney and Schreiber? Go away and take your dirty money with you!

A little sunshine today - enjoy it!



Tuesday, February 19, 2008

We deserve better

Thanks to Tim for the great title today!

We do, don't we? Governments plead poverty constantly, but that certainly doesn't stop some politicians from making fair salaries, getting generous car, apartment and food allowances and making tough decisions that don't affect them. It's not fair and we have to demand better treatment from these people! Good timing too, as 3 elections are on the horizon. Definitely the municipal one in October, plus the possibility of a federal election this spring and a provincial one. I told Rick, I think the provincial Liberals have a lot of momentum going into this sitting of the legislature. Here's my guess: NDP Minority, followed by the Liberals and then the demoralized PCs.

The funeral for Karissa Boudreau is being held in about 15 minutes time. I wonder if the suspects questioned by police will show up? I feel so badly for that poor little girl. I think it's going to be a huge relief when the real story comes out and people are charged.

So, I'm sure it's something Rick may mention tomorrow, since it's something right up Gary Carson's alley. The province sent out a news release today saying 67% of all Grade 3s in the province met expectations after a provincial math test administered last June. Here's the release, you can read it yourself and see how they try to spin it. It's hilarious.

Here's a line that really stuck out for me:

"Students also did well in counting, interpreting data and probability tasks, scoring more than 80 per cent, on average."

Grade 3 students are still learning how to count?? I think we may have stumbled across the problem of why high school students are failing! Shouldn't they be moving at a slightly quicker pace - I mean, my niece can count to 10 - and she just turned 3!

So, 67 per cent of grade 3 students can count at a normal level.

Paging Gary Carson...we need your help!


A caller mentioned this drug for Multiple Sclerosis, so I wanted to pass on the website she gave us. It's

Oh, and the number to report provincial potholes is 1-888-432-3233 or in Metro: 424-2297. Locally call 490-4000. Good luck avoiding potholes, your daily exercise in futility.

Well, I'm in a good mood today because it's sunny and warm! I'm off to get some lunch, so have a great day!



Monday, February 18, 2008

Terrified of life

I told Rick I felt impending doom last night. Maybe it's the myriad of bad news stories we've been reporting lately. Karissa Boudreau, the Daily News, god, it's getting me down! A holiday today might have helped, but since every day is Family Day according to Rodney, I guess we'll have to wait until Good Friday in March for our stat.

Our condolences go out to Barry, whose wife passed away in Cuba. We are so sorry for your loss! Barry called me, quite frazzled, looking for help in how to get his wife's body home. If you missed the numbers for Foreign Affairs - here they are:

1-800-267-6788 or 613-944-6788. Good luck, Barry and again, we are so sorry.

Horrible news out of Afghanistan today too....suicide bombers attacked civilians watching a dog fight...taking over 100 lives. Then another suicide bombing attack today. Unbelievably sad.

How about Michelin getting these wicked terms for its loan from ACOA? It's nice to know the company has until 2041 to pay back its loan. Meantime, I have 10 years to pay back my student loan at 2 per cent past prime. Plus, after I graduated the government gave me a 6 months grace period - but at the same time I accrued interest on my principal - and had that tacked on after the 6 months. Thanks!

There was a little bit of levity today. Grumpy Barry called and he tried to make his point in a clever manner - but was foiled by a wee bit of poor spelling. He thought Christians started with a "Cr". This story about the Sikh man who is fighting the ticket he got for riding without a helmet has really piqued the interest of people. I was surprised Walter Thomson was actually against the guy, but I agree. Riding a motorcycle is not a right entrenched in the Charter of Rights and Freedoms and although I applaud him for being a devout Sikh and believe that right is protected, I think it's a little much to ask that your right to being a devout motorcyclist is also entrenched. Sorry.

Well, it's a grey, rainy, miserable day. Let's hope for something good to happen tomorrow, okay?



Friday, February 15, 2008

Bye, Dave.

I want to send a massive thank you to David Rodenhiser, who's been a regular on our show for a while now and who contributed so much to it. Dave, you're a class act, an amazing writer, so damn smart and as Rick said, as long as we're on the air, you have an open invitation to come back anytime. We'll miss you! Enjoy the whiskey! Ha!

A very, very busy day today with a bunch of different issues ranging from what's happening in Bridgewater to this Sikh man in Ontario who wants to ride his motorcycle without a helmet. That drew a lot of callers. I'm undecided about this one. I forget who made the point, but I liked that waiver idea. Sure, don't wear a helmet, but if you are injured, you have to pay for your treatment yourself. I realize though, a lawyer would love to take on the case and prove the waiver was invalid, etc. Essentially I'm still on the fence on this one.

I'm glad to hear they arrested 2 suspects in Bridgewater, even though they have been released. I pray it's not a case of they know who did it, but don't have the smoking gun, you know? You'd be surprised how often that happens. I mean, you look at all these unsolved murder cases and essentially, on paper, they are solved!! They just don't have that last piece of evidence that convinces the judge. It's incredibly frustrating and sad. Stephen Kimber did a piece for The Coast a couple of years back about a detective investigating the Jason McCollough murder and it was gut wrenching what he went through to try and solve the case. It cost him his health, as he's currently on disability because his heart can't take the stress. It was an amazing piece.

A couple of funny things today - I've discovered part of my role as producer is to give Rick compliments throughout the show. Today I had to tell him how youthful 53 was!! It's funny, my boss forces me to suck up to him!

Didn't you love the guy who called a motorcycle a "motor-sickle"?

Couldn't believe when Rodenhiser said one of the TransCon suits said Halifax was "overmediatized." Still bummed about the Daily News. I desperately missed my gas predictions yesterday.

Well, we survived another week.

More on Monday - have a great weekend.


Thursday, February 14, 2008

A litany of woe

That line was uttered in regards to condos by one of our guests during hour number 2, but I think it's applicable to all the news today.

People think journalists are just cold, unfeeling people whose motto is "If it bleeds it leads". I can tell you I'm not jumping for joy about the news this afternoon. Not only is the body they found last weekend Karissa Boudreau indeed her, police say she was murdered. They haven't released any details about how, when or why - saying they have no suspects. They say it was an "isolated incident", so that kind of makes me suspicious there too. I got chills when Jim Hoskins said it was suspicious when he talked to Rick before the end of the show. Sadly, he was right. This has been a very busy, but depressing week.

I would write more, but I feel really depressed about this story.

I'm sure this will be one of the big topics tomorrow.

More then,


Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Money matters

Of course the Eagles are going to go where the money is. This is a band that's had how many reunion tours? I've lost count how many times hell has "frozen over". Let's just hope one of these other concerts pans out because some of the bands they're looking at blow the Eagles out of the water - and that's a fact.

No one else is really going to find this funny, but right after my news, I called Mayor Kelly and although he promised Rick he would be there, he wasn't there. Okay, I thought, I'll try Mayor Mitten. No, he wasn't there either. So, I had to write Rick a note on his screen breaking the news to him. It read:

Okay, bad news - both mayors are MIA.

Then, it was a face that will forever lift me out of bad moods - the shock on Rick's face that his 2 mayoral interviews weren't there. It was a look that I've become familiar with, since he made the same face when I had to write him a note on Monday when I heard from Chris that the Daily News had folded. Luckily, Mayor Kelly called us back. He was taping his show on Eastlink and he had Premier Rodney MacDonald as a guest, hence the reason he wasn't expecting our VIP call!

You know who is a breath of fresh air? Gary Carson. Rick spoke to him briefly during hour number 1. Although I don't have any qualms about Howard Windsor, I think Gary Carson should have been the one man school board. He would have been amazing and instead of keeping things status quo, would have tried to make some changes to make the system smarter, and better. Maybe he'll run for the school board? Carole Olsen's worst nightmare....

I think caller Charles had the best idea today. If there is an ice surface constructed in Bedford, it should be called the "Gary Martin Memorial Arena". The mayor thought that was a great idea as well.

It was a good discussion during hour number 2 with Stephen Kimber and Jack Romanelli. Jack is doing as well as can be expected, making some very funny quips about his marriage. Apparently his wife is going to be the editor of Metro and Rick asked how his marriage was and Jack replied, "She's bringing in the money, I love my wife very much!" It was pretty funny. It just sucks and it's sad and it's going to take away for people to believe it's really gone.

Well, another stormy day even though it doesn't seem like it's raining right now. I loved how Rick was baiting the listeners by calling everyone "weather wussies". It's true though, I was talking to Cindy Day about this, about how everytime there is snow in the forecast people start absolutely freaking out! We survived White Juan - aren't we tougher than this?

Anyway....that's it for me. I think we may be playing trivia tomorrow, I'm so excited!!

Have a good one!


Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Still in shock

I'm still completely stunned that there is no more Daily News. Totally, utterly shocked. I cannot imagine what someone like David Rodenhiser is going through. 18 years at one place, going to work on Monday morning - and then - boom, you're done. I want to wish everyone who lost their jobs the best and I know it's not okay, but I hope it is soon. What a shame. I loved the paper, I miss it already. I agree, I love Peter Duffy (he had a great column today about Gary Martin), but other than that I found the Daily News columnists far superior. Blair claims he didn't like them, but I enjoyed hearing what "real people" thought, not these pompous stuffed shirts like at the Chronicle-Herald. Jim Meek slammed Hotline listeners before, don't you forget it! I'm going to miss the regular things I read, Rodenhiser, Martello Tower, some columns in the Sunday paper, HFX including Valerie Mansour's column on restaurants, Peter Rockwell's wine column (even though I definitely have some issues with how he works for the L-C, so is obviously going to push stock that they have too much of!!!) It's so incredibly sad, to think about the livelihood of so many people, the fact the C-H has no more competition and my own personal reading enjoyment. We'll chat about this more tomorrow with former editor Jack Romanelli and former columnist Stephen Kimber.

One other word about the Daily News and some of the fallout today: revelling in other people's misery is a recipe for karmic disaster. Remember that.

Speaking of Valerie, she was on today for an hour talking about restaurants. It's an hour that succeeds in making me feeling absolutely starving!!! As people were talking and between answering calls, I was making my own list of awesome places to eat.

These are in no particular order:

1. Rogi Orazio - Italian restaurant in the Hydrostone. Haven't been there for dinner, but the lunch is so delicious. Lots of delicious bread to eat beforehand with olive oil and balsamic tasty!

2. Keg. You cannot go wrong at the Keg! So delicious, I was just there on Friday night, have the twice baked potato - you'll be glad you did!

3. Rogue's Roost. My favourite pub. It's a craft brewery and they have cheap, tasty food. Great for people watching too - it's right on Spring Garden Rd. above the Second Cup.

4. Old Triangle. It's my second favourite pub. The Curry and Chips is amazing comfort food, and the sweet potato fries and dip are to die for.

5. Henry House. I love this place. Valerie mentioned it - they have the best fries in the city. Food/beer is delicious, and you can't beat the atmosphere. Plus, you can play darts! Servers are phenomenal, it's awesome.

6. Onyx. Very expensive, but soooo worth it for the food/service/ambience/wine. It's like one of those places you would only go once every couple of years.

7. Jane's on the Common. Great neighbourhood restaurant, high quality food, great atmosphere.

8. Hamachi House. My favourite place for sushi and all things Japanese.

9. Morris East. Great pizza, if you like thin crusts with gourmet toppings. The only issue is that it's borderline impossible to get a table.

10. Curry Village. I can't believe Valerie dissed CV. Never had a bad experience there, love the food, plus, it's cheap!! Can't beat it if you love Indian food.

I guess that's about it...I could go on!! A really affordable place in the neighbourhood that I tried for the first time the other day was Cousins. I had my doubts, but I had the most delicious lunch and it was a massive plate for 10 bucks. Totally awesome.

Okay, now I'm officially starving.

Is anyone else totally put off by this new run for cancer research being organized by the QE2 and the IWK? Someone called off the air and suggested it was taking away from the many other activities like Run for the Cure, Relay for Life, Terry Fox etc. As Rick mentioned, I went on the Terry Fox website and 87 per cent of funds raised go directly to cancer research, 3 per cent go to administration and 10 per cent to fundraising endeavors. This 50 per cent administration cost is, to me, scandalous.

God, I nearly lost it today listening to Moosehead Mike. How patronizing can you get? Gloria McCluskey is doing amazing things considering her age? What? No one would say that about Ron Russell, John McCain or someone like John Buchanan! How patronizing to say, wow, John Buchanan can still formulate a sentence at his age!! That just really bugged me, because it doesn't matter what age Gloria is, she's amazing!

I can't believe Rick hadn't heard the term "sea whistles" before. "Sea balloons" is another term that was introduced to me when I arrived in Halifax and was horrified that they dumped raw sewage directly into the Harbour. That's great that the "floatables" are few and far between and that the smell is improving. It's certainly a great achievement for which Mayor Kelly can base his re-election campaign, isn't it?

Well, lunchtime for me. Take care, be grateful for what you have and DON'T GLOAT.



Monday, February 11, 2008

Just when you think you've got it figured out...

....several things happen to absolutely blindside you. We were faced with a barrage of news today, none of it any good. First of all, our condolences to the family of Gary Martin. I did not know Gary as well of some of us around here, but when I saw the name "Gary Martin" on my call sheet, I was extremely happy about it. He was a class act, a pleasure to deal with, very respectful and definitely got into politics for the right reasons. We will miss Gary so much, but admire his fighting spirit. Gary was on the show in early January, I gave him a hug as he left. R.I.P., Gary, you will not be forgotten.

The second story was the sudden shut down of the Daily News. It's an absolute bombshell and I feel so badly for the staff at the paper. I really liked the Daily News, I looked forward to reading it every day. My love of Rodenhiser's work is well-documented. I think he's a genius and it makes me so sad I may not read his column again. I loved HFX, looked forward to that every Thursday. This is truly frightening and I really hope we get Stephen Kimber or someone like that on to chat about this and the bigger implications of this. What a terrible start to the week for those employers. This Greg Lutes guy comes in an 2 weeks later, there is no Daily News? Plus, there's a news release trumpeting his new appointment to Publisher of this new Metro daily thing. Sickening. The employees were busy putting out a paper, while their bosses were undermining their firings. You'd be surpised by how often this happens.

The third thing that depressed the heck out of everyone today is the weekend discovery of the body of a young female on the South Shore. CKBW reporter Sheldon McLeod pretty much summed it up for us that if it's not Karissa Boudreau, everyone is going to be very surprised.

God, this is a lot of news, but like I said, none of it good.

Give us a call tomorrow...hopefully we'll have some answers for you on if you're getting back the money for your subscriptions, etc. Don't bother calling 444-4444 - they shut down that line this morning.

Talk to you tomorrow...(I hope)


Friday, February 8, 2008

Mutual admiration society

I felt like I was at a meeting of it starting at 12:30 today when Rick and Elizabeth May were telling each other that they were each other's favourite people! I wanted to get in on it too...because they are both two of my favourite people! (Rick reads this, I have to suck up).

I love listening to Elizabeth May. No matter how her words get twisted by the Conservatives, she just makes so much sense, doesn't speak in the cliched jargon we've all become so familiar wish. She truly cares, it's obvious if you talk to her for 10 seconds. She's awesome and I hope she beats Benedict Mackay. I don't know if Rick remembers, but he made a bet with someone who e-mailed him, Earl, and promised to sing something if Elizabeth May loses. I can't remember the details though.....

We had two Tories on during hour number one, but after that, people just kept calling and talking about DD, Darrell Dexter, that is. They lauded his character, the job he's doing, how he does it, etc. There was an article in the paper today about the Premier being filled with confidence. Well, it's one thing to have your colleagues think you're doing a bang-up job, but that's not what counts. Rick thinks we have an election coming this spring, so we'll see what the people say about the Premier. What gets me is that the Premier never seems to be sincere. He is always photographed with this smirk/smile on his face that I find very disconcerting.

Can you believe this Karissa Boudreau story in Bridgewater? She's been gone for almost 2 weeks. Where is she? What happened to her? Apparently there's going to be a prayer vigil at the Salvation Army in Bridgewater on Sunday night. It's a devestating story, I pray that there will be a happy ending.

We spoke to Mel Boutilier again today from the Parker Street Food and Furniture Bank and he's at his wit's end. He cares so much, but doesn't have the means to help these people....and I'm talking seniors who can't afford to heat their homes. If you can help...give them a call:

453-2498 or 425-2125. Every little bit helps.

This has been a week for fired-up politicians. Yesterday the Mayor and today, Brooke Taylor. He was ready to rumble on all the issues today! I had to shake my head when he was talking about looking at lifting the moratorium on uranium mining though. After they left, and they are two pretty decent guys, someone called and asked me to tell them what those two guys were smokin'! It was pretty funny.

Well...the weekend is here. I was chatting with Cindy Day and she says we could get 15 cms or so.....and it may not change to rain on Sunday. 30-40 cms in New Brunswick! It seems one Maritime province gets it worse than the others each year and it's definitely NB's turn.

Have a great with you Monday.



Thursday, February 7, 2008

I love sushi!

Apparently, Rick doesn't. Rick took total issue with the fact some of us like to eat raw fish. Spicy tuna roll, Rick - you must try it, it's so unbelievably delicious. It's why we have to protect our oceans so that we can continue to eat delicious, fresh sushi for years to come! I'm jealous of Mayor Peter Kelly, who got to go to Japan and eat delicious sushi all day, every day! The Mayor was kind of losing it at the end of the show, I loved seeing him get a little fired up! He's always so calm and we all know, it's impossible to be calm and chipper 24-7! I don't think it's healthy, you have to blow off some steam once in a while.

I don't know about you, but I am so excited about the prospect of a new library in downtown Halifax! I think it's definitely something the city needs. Have you been downtown? It's so old and the bathrooms - I don't think I've ever had a worse bathroom experience than using the bathroom at the downtown library. Some of the suggestions are so interesting though - a wine bar! Wine and books - what a wonderful combination! Seriously, they could rent out space to a restaurant, cafe, art space, have the library there. The library in Seattle is so amazing, it's a tourist attraction - something our library could be too!

You know, before I had my car I didn't care about potholes. I heard the complaints, but never thought twice about it. Now that I have my car - MY GOD! Potholes in this city are totally out of control!! In the past week it's seem like the number of them has quadrupled or something! The Mayor says they are patching them up, but you've got to call them in - 490-4000. I think I'm going to call one in after I'm done writing. North Street, right before Gottigen on the right hand side near the's a virtual festival of pot holes waiting to take down your car! Also on Mic Mac Blvd going to and from Mic Mac Mall - it's like you have to drive an obstacle course to avoid them!

Rick had a good suggestion today - you should be able to bring your own bags to the grocery store....or they should give you paper! I was reading in the paper too about biodegrable bags you can buy to pick up your dog crap too, so that solves one problem with no plastic bags. Also, caller Michelle suggested going back to garbage bins instead of bags, citing the fact we use green bins without issue. There are ways, we just have to think outside the box a little bit!

Well, it's lunchtime for me. I hope you have a great day and I'll chat with you tomorrow! I can't believe how quickly the week has gone by.



Wednesday, February 6, 2008

You're fired.

That's what we may have the opportunity to say to Stephen Harper in just a short month. He's bringing the conditional extention of the mission in Afghanistan to Parliament for a confidence vote. Yikes! I'm remembering what Debbie Young said earlier this year. She said there would be an election this year and that there would be another minority government with Harper at the helm. Although I'm no fan of Stephen Harper, I'm especially not a fan of Stephane Dion. If I saw him at a coffee shop and just chatted with him as a person, I think he'd be exceedingly pleasant, but I just don't get that Prime-Ministerial vibe from him. I don't think Harper has it either - he's just a complete and utter megalomaniac! I do get it from Ignatieff, I so wish he would have won the Liberal leadership. I think the MPs here in Metro are pretty safe though, don't you? Anyone you want to see gone? Anyone you see think may call it a day?

That's a pretty crazy story about the Metro Transit driver going berserk, eh? I know the person it happened too, and trust me, it's not someone that goes out and looks for confrontation, that's for sure. I've had great experiences with bus drivers and horrible ones. I've had bus drivers stop while I made a mad dash for the bus - that is so much appreciated. However, when I used to live in Dartmouth, there was one driver who went for a bathroom break and a coffee at the Sportsplex every time we were about to get on the bus. In minus 20 degree weather, he wouldn't let us on the bus before he made his little sojourn. My boyfriend complained about it - never got any result. Today, I discovered why! A retired driver called me off the air telling me that if a supervisor called a driver about an incident, if you said "I don't recall that", it was pretty much over and the inspector would send an e-mail like, "Your concerns mean a lot to us, blah blah blah". I do empathize with drivers though. As Barry said, driving in Halifax is stressful enough without having to do it for 8-12 hours straight...and on a schedule!!

So, Rick's going to be a guest on Mayor Kelly's show on Eastlink TV today! It will air tomorrow, Rick thinks around 7 o' clock - check your local listings!! I can't wait to see how Mayor Kelly does as a talk show host! Depending on what happens tonight, tomorrow's show should be interesting - the Mayor will be taking your calls during hour number 2.

This story about the animal abuse in Cape Breton by a rescue group of all things, is so disturbing!!! I want to help the SPCA out - I think I may drop off some non-clumping cat litter tomorrow. They are in desperate need of it and money to buy more cat kennels. Can you imagine? They are already at capacity and now they have to find a way to care for 75 cats and 27 dogs? Apparently, they have 14 foster homes for the dogs, so that's cool, but these poor volunteers are trying to do the best they can. If you can help, call 835-4798.

Cindy Day must be happy - the snow continues to fall in Metro this hour! In fact, they're calling for snow this afternoon, tonight, tomorrow, flurries on Friday and then periods of snow for Sunday. Enjoy!

Well, have a great to you tomorrow!



Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Fat and Super Tuesday

Yes, lots going on this Tuesday. Jim mentioned that we seem to know more about the American presidential race than what's going on in our country. I think that is definitely true, but I also agree with Rick when he was talking about how incredibly exciting and history making the race in the States is right now!

We know John McCain pretty much has it wrapped up for the Republicans. I like John McCain, I think he's pretty far left on a lot of topics - he's not a complete nutjob like Mike Huckabee. But on the Democratic side - look at the choices! A black man or a woman who could be president - it's absolutely incredible! I think whichever way it goes, a Clinton/Obama or an Obama/Clinton ticket would be outstanding. That is, if their fierce debates haven't gotten too personal and soured one against the other. I'm so excited - Norman Spector in front of the Commons Ethics Committee today and Super Tuesday results tonight - it's a great day to be a political junkie!!

Jeez, pretty scary advice from Gary McLeod today, one of the members of the Association for the Care of the Elderly: "Don't get old, don't die". The horror stories we've been hearing for the past couple of weeks have been totally disturbing. Nothing's going to change though unless the Health Minister and politicians actually admit there is a problem!!

This Natural Gas thing is bugging me! Delores called me off the air when Rick was speaking to the president of Heritage Gas and essentially said she would never get natural gas because her house will probably blow up and would even cause another Halifax Explosion. I calmly told her (or maybe not too calmly!) that there's a very good reason Ontario hasn't blown up yet, because it's a safe form of energy. I told Delores if you threw a match in an oil tank that would cause an explosion too.

It's cheaper and more energy efficient - what's not to love? Plus, people heat their homes with propane for pete's sake - I'm no chemist, but I'm fairly certain propane is pretty high up there on the explosive meter!!!

Guess what? It's an all open show tomorrow, so you can talk about natural gas, litter, 4A and much more - it's all yours tomorrow from 10-1.

Thanks for the calls today - chat with you tomorrow!


Monday, February 4, 2008

Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands

Weird title, you might be saying.

Well, Bill Deagle claims she's one of the big players in the conspiracy world, so there you go! Who knew people in the Netherlands wielded so much power? It was an interesting hour with Dr. Deagle who brought his conspiracy talk and so much more into the studio today. Don't forget, you can listen to his show by clicking on his website: and I'm sure Rick will have the good doctor in again soon. His appearances generate so many different calls from Don who out and out said he was a nut job today, to Delores and Ray, who defended him and seem to be on the bandwagon. Delores keeps telling me I have to watch Loose Change, the 9-11 documentary on the internet. Deagle has a phone number too: 1-888-212-8871. Apparently there is a local group that gets together once a month to talk about this messed up world, watch movies, talk about new books etc. You can hang with the Deagle! Make it happen..and then call us and tell us about it!

I want to give kudos to someone Rick has slammed lately - Judge Pam Williams. I wonder if she heard Rick's promise last week to unleash the full power of the Hotline audience on her if she just gave the girls a slap on the wrist. Then, maybe she read Martello Tower in the Chronicle-Herald today and then decided to ignore what both lawyers wanted. Seriously, a year in jail for both these girls was the verdict handed down today. It may not seem like a lot, but it does go above and beyond what the lawyers were recommending and that's something. I'm so curious to see how these girls reacted. I have a feeling we'll get a glimpse into how "sincere" the letters of apology were which were read at last week's hearing. I hope this verdict gives the woman who was beaten a little piece of mind.

It's a topic that is one of Rick's favourites, but something that has been dormant lately - until today. The topic of litter came back! It doesn't surprise me that a lot of people in Halifax litter. I see so many people spitting all over the place. If you can spit without feeling any shame at all, of course you're going to litter! I was just walking behind someone on Bell Rd. yesterday afternoon heading downtown and this classy gentlemen alternated between taking drags on his cigarette and then spitting. It was delightful, let me tell you. Speaking of actual material litter, I remember last year walking behind an elderly couple and the lady biffed her coffee cup right on the front lawn of a house on Robie Street. Another time last summer, my boyfriend and I were walking by a coffee shop in our neighbourhood and this guy was sitting in his car (while it was idling) drinking his coffee. He was less than 3 feet away from a garbage can and he tossed it out the window. We just stopped and stared at him because we were in so much shock. He sighed, got out of the car and put in the bin. I mean, we're so incredibly lucky that we have garbage pick-up and we just put it in a bag and someone comes and takes it away for us! We're not in a third world country where you would have to burn it yourself or just throw in on the ground. It's unreal - I'm with Rick, when I see someone littering it really aggravates me. He's so right - why should we have to go cleaning up the community? If we didn't litter, there wouldn't be an issue. That being said, I don't know how many times I've gone to put garbage into a bin downtown or something and it's completely overflowing! So, in that respect, the city has a role to play too. Anyway, I wonder if that nun is still fighting the cause. Remember she got mad at Rick for blaming the Mayor for Halifax being a dirty city? It's pretty hard to make a nun mad at you, but hey, it's Rick Howe after all!'s a nice, bright, sunny Monday - let's keep that in mind given that we are getting snow tomorrow!

We're going to be talking health care during hour number 2 - specifically about the unit 4A in the VG.

Have a great day!



Friday, February 1, 2008

Rick's big spread

That had many different connotations today...if you were listening!

It was great to have Harv Stewart on the show today for a sports hour. They wanted Cecil in as well, but he was headed to PEI. I love the banter between Rick, Harv and Cecil. I just sat back and chuckled to myself. As for what my prediction is on who will win? I don't have one - I could care less about football! I'll go for whatever team helps Rick win money. That way he'll be in a good mood and won't abuse me like he normally does. Ha! For those who do care, kickoff is at 7:17 Atlantic time and man, the commercial prices were even more out of control this year. I had a story earlier in the week that a 30 second spot cost 2.7 million dollars!

On to more serious topics, don't you find it disconcerting what caller Paul pointed out near the end of the show? The conditions in JAILS are better than at unit 4A of the V-G. Now, apparently Health Minister Chris D'Entremont went to the V-G yesterday to check it out and apparently said he would have no problem having his mom stay in the unit! Interesting. On a sadder not, Ruth Russell died. She's the woman who had brain cancer, whose daughters spoke out last week with Liberal MLA Keith Colwell. Our condolences to the family of Ruth Russell and thanks to them for bringing this issue forward. We won't drop it until something changes!

We spoke to Margaret again today about her husband. He's doing a bit better in the hospital after what went down on Tuesday at the Cobequid Health Centre. I was talking to Rick about this - Margaret gives us a rough estimate when she got there - between 9:45-9:55. She's estimating. But, 3 independent sources at the hospital say they got there at 10:25 exactly? Doesn't that just seem too perfect? I'm with Rick on this one. Either or, he should have been treated there. Reminds of the last Seinfeld episode. Jeez, the security guard probably would have been charged with violating the good samaritan law in the states had this occured there.

Well, time to wrap it up for another week. Thanks to the Rodenhiser for another wicked hour - he'll be away next week, but we'll welcome him back Feb 15th. Is it just me or is 2008 already flying by at warp speed? It frightens me.

Have a wonderful weekend!