Friday, May 2, 2008

Only in Nova Scotia

Only in Nova Scotia would you not attach a performance clause to bonuses or extra pensions.

I think a board of directions might be a little upset if the CEO of the company received any extras when the company posts a loss. However, we're the board of directors and we get no say whatsoever.

An election can't come soon enough. Bring it down, please D.D. and Stephen MacNeil! PLEASE!

Funny hour with Bill Spurr during hour number 1. Rick and Bill chatted about issues and about restaurants as Bill is the "Bourgeouis Gourmet" in the Chronicle-Herald. I adore Bill's column, it's so droll and bang on. I really love the fact he dines with his family and his son B.J. is a little foodie in training. He brought his son to the studio today along with his friend Bruce from Ontario. We all sat back and laughed at the banter between the two boys. They traded insults, like Rick Bill about his weight, while Bill told Rick he could never be the Lieutenant-Governor because "he's not regal enough". Ouch!

Speaking of, this lady is out of freakin' control!! Master Chef? This is Nova Scotia! Land of fish and chips - if you want to be treated to something a master chef would cook, use your allowance and go to one of the many fine dining establishments we have in HRM. Bodyguards? I'm pretty sure the Premier doesn't have a bodyguard. I bet if I asked 10 people on the street right now who Mayann Francis is they wouldn't have a sweet clue. Seriously, get over yourself! I'm not sure who she's hanging out with, but it certainly sounds like they've convinced Francis she's next in line to be the actual Queen of England. In a time where the government just released a shoddy budget where we're getting no tax breaks whatsoever (those piddly tax credits don't add up to much), we're going to fund Mayann Francis' Buckingham Palace fantasies? See the title, only in Nova Scotia.

Well, this kid has to go write some news and then get ready for the weekend!

The weather looks like it's going to hold - have a great weekend and we'll chat with you on Monday.



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Anonymous said...

Sorry, but if your waiting for D.D. or Stephen MacNeil to bring down the MacDonald government, you'll be waiting a long time. They are not interested in forming the next government because they can sit across from the governing Tories, make a few nagative remarks about how bad the Tories are doing, but not bad enough to bring them down. There's no work to sitting in opposition, but they still receive "THEIR ENTITLEMENT". Neither D.D. or Stephen take too much heat. Their excuse is "We're not in power, so there's nothing we can do". What a joke. They don't want to form the next government because they might actually have to start earning "THEIR ENTITLEMENT".

Mike in Windsor