Thursday, January 31, 2008

Rats vs. Chickens

I'll have to agree with Duffy on this one. Even though I have no issue with Louise Hanavan's chickens, if I did start seeing rats around on my property, I would definitely have to support the chickens going back to Old MacDonald's. Seriously, everyone says "this is a port city, we have rats" doesn't mean we have to help exacerbate the problem!

Great hour with Peter Duffy, or as Delores called him: "the old goat". Another hilarious moniker we heard today was from our first called, David, who called councillors "Pickleheads". I don't necessarily agree with that, but believe me, "picklehead" has been seared into the vernacular.

Lots of talk today about Duffy turning 65....and if he lives as long as the average Nova Scotian man, he has 18 point 3 more years to go. That really puts it into perspective, doesn't it? I think Rick is thinking a little more about this, and hopefully he will go to the doctor to get checked out. I can't say I blame him. Ignorance is bliss, but then as Duffy said, "What you don't know WILL kill you". It is scary to get older, no one wants to deal with all these ailments and diseases that could strike, it's so depressing!! Bill Casey urged everyone to get checked out yesterday because he didn't have any symptoms for his prostate cancer. That's a case where he was feeling fine and if he didn't have that test, chances are it could have spread and he might not have survived. He' having his surgery today, let's hope everything goes well!

On a lighter note, Sandy called to tell us about her husband, who kind of sounds like Mr. Bean! He lost his teeth (partials) and blamed Sandy for it, but now they think the dog might have taken his teeth and put them on the living room floor. It was the most hysterical call - good luck to your husband, Sandy! Life without teeth would be, well, interesting.

I meant to write about Bruce Devenne's new website yesterday. It's Bruce is on the warpath after his wife got some pretty shoddy treatment in the system for a wrist injury. Bruce is one of the most determined people I've ever met, so if he's going after the health care system, I really believe something could change. Go get 'em Bruce! (and call us more so we can play your special song!)

Have you noticed that it's always nice on Thursdays? I've noticed this since 2008 - Thursdays are guaranteed sunny days, and there's always some sort of disturbance on Friday - flurries and ice pellets are expected to accumulate tomorrow - fun!

Have a great one - Rodenhiser in tomorrow!



Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Good lord.

Hearing all these stories from people in the hospital system here in Halifax was very disconcerting today. I was actually getting terrified to get sick! Poor Bill Casey! Here he is about to have surgery on Thursday and he gets slotted in between 2 nightmarish calls about the system. Bill, take care and we are praying for you to have a speedy recovery!!

If you have a hospital nightmare, please call us tomorrow and share it with us, as painful as it might be. A lady called us today, saying her mom took a fall, got checked out at Cobequid and died the next morning! I felt so sad for her and she's consulted a lawyer about that case! The case with Margaret and her husband having the heart attack - so sad. He's in critical condition in hospital. Now Margaret said she was there at quarter to 10, but apparently the security guard says she showed up at 10:25. I'm sure we will continue talking about this story right through the end of the week.

Good hour with the Ecology Action Centre today. You have to admire their drive and they cover every environmental issue known to man! It's funny that the chicken issue has mobilized Haligonians so much - and given the EAC some great publicity! You can log onto their website: or give them a call at: 429-2202.

Speaking of Louise Hanavan, she gets to keep her chickens for another month. Sheila Fougere is taking the issue to community council on Feb. 11th, so stay tuned - more on the chickens still to come!

Anyway, this afternoon is totally getting away from me. Have a good afternoon and stay safe!



Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Mortimer flies away

Turns out Clifford the eagle wasn't even named Clifford! It was some sort of mix-up as the "Hope for Wildlife Society" has a bobcat named Clifford. Rick suggested we call the eagle "Mortimer", so there you go! Great picture on the front of the Chronicle-Herald today with Hope Swinimer. You can check out their website at: They have some neat events coming up, so check it out!

Hey, I want to wish Peter Duffy a very happy birthday today! On the opposite end of the spectrum, it's also my niece's birthday in Ontario. Happy Birthday Brooklyn! She's 3 years old today and I must say, the cutest kid in the world!

I'm certainly looking forward to Monday, when Pam Williams will release her decision about the 15-year old gir and the 16-year old girl involved in the beating of the women with the metal table legs. Rick has warned that Judge Pam Williams will face the full wrath of the Hotline audience if the girls are allowed to walk. I nearly cried listening to Rick reading the woman's victim impact statement. Will a long stay at Waterville rehabilitate these girls? I doubt it, that's the sad part - these girls are done. If they do manage to turn their lives around, it will be a miracle.

Hey, did you hear Bill Estabrooks slam his colleague Leonard Preyra today? Bill covered up for it pretty well though, but it was hilarious. Bill was talking about the very concilliatory relationship he had with John Hamm and with Jane Purves and admitted to missing working with Jane Purves. The only issue? Leonard, his fellow NDP-er, took her seat! Oops!! I have to give Bill props for a line that could go in for Sarcastic Line of the Week, when he said "I know Rodney MacDonald is a regular on your show". Very dry, Bill and well delivered.

This tax on funeral thing is something that comes up every now and again. It's one final slap in the face, isn't it? Your loved one dies and you're paying hundreds of dollars in tax on top of the funeral costs. Unreal!

Well, it was a fun show today, thank you so much for your calls!

Talk to you tomorrow!



Monday, January 28, 2008


I find the rain so depressing, along with talk about these deplorable conditions in the V-G's transitional unit - so sad and unnecessary.

We don't live in dirt shacks, so I don't know what the excuse is. I know the V-G is an old building, but some of what Sharon Dykeman told us about was just plain gross. She has no qualm with the level of her her mother is receiving, but she doesn't want her mom waiting for a nursing home bed in a dirty place where she has to swat flies away from her bed! That isn't sanitary! A restaurant that smelled like urine and had a fly infestation would be cited, and possibly closed until it was cleaned up (we hope). This is bloody ridiculous! A couple of callers suggested admistrative cutbacks to the cleaning staff could be to blame, making the workers clean more with less time. Certainly sounds like that could be an issue.

I'm going to listen back to the Chris D'Entremont interview from earlier this week. I'm going to put the clips in the audio list and maybe Rick will play them tomorrow. Then maybe we can launch a phone assault asking the minister to simply to what he that too much to ask?

The other big topic on the show was KFC not delivering to Uniacke Square. I appreciate Dawn's letter, she has to stick up for her constituents, that's what she's paid to do. I really want to believe things are improving over there and if they are, I give Dawn a lot of credit, along with the police and the residents. KFC shouldn't be singled out though, I'd like a list of who doesn't deliver to the area. It's very sad, that a few bad apples have to spoil it for the rest of the community. Good luck with this one, Dawn!

On that note, I should start writing and listening to that D' Entremont interview!

Stay dry!


P.S. Man, I miss Jerry Blumenthal.

Friday, January 25, 2008

It's cluckin' crazy

Thanks for the Rodenhiser for today's title! This chicken thing has really taken on a life of its own, today was a great show, thanks for all the calls and apologies to those left on hold!

A lot of interesting callers off the air today too. One asked how the city can get away with having swans at the Public Gardens under this by-law? Hmm..good question! Another wanted me to tell Rick he'd be surprised by the number of people with chickens out in Fall River. Another said he lived outside of Dartmouth and went through hell living next to a lady with chickens, said he had chicken crap all over his property and he wasn't impressed at all. Turns out, the chickens were killed by other animals and now he has turkeys, so that guy can't win! Only Blair and Sheila Fougere have expressed opposition to it. Rick, or the "evil man" as Rodenhiser called him today, gave out Fougere's cell phone number to have people call to "save the chickens". Apparently, she was a good sport about it and answered most of the calls and was very friendly. I'll have to hear from Rick on Monday whether or not she left an angry message on his answering machine or not!

I meant to tell Rick this but two people, including Gail Rice, phoned to tell us the name of the street where the chickens live is exactly the way it's pronounced "Edinburgh" with a hard "g" at the end. I've called it Edinburgh, like the city in Scotland, Edin-borough. I'm not sure which is right, but since there were only 2 people who called in, I'm sticking with the way Rick and I pronounce it!

I want to give my weekly sarcasm award this week to Blair Beed. Blair called to talk about the chickens today and I just about fell out of my chair laughing when he was talking about the benefits of having chickens (sarcastically, of course) and ended with "It's just terrific!" Great inflection, great timing, Blair, you really cracked me up.

Not to end the week on a downer, but the conditions at the transitional unit at the VG sound absolutely abhorrent. Sewer flies? Chris D' Entremont better get his derriere there soon, or the Premier has yet another scandal on his hands.

Well, this week went by in a complete and total flash. Thanks for all the calls and your patience today, it is very much appreciated.

Have a great weekend!


Thursday, January 24, 2008

It's 8:41

Rick was having some issues with his time checks today....either he was 2 hours ahead or 2 hours behind! It was of many things that made me laugh today. I was just thinking about how lucky I am. They actually pay me to listen to the Hotline! It's the best job in the world and I'm so grateful to have it.

The chickens were a big topic on the ol' show today. Louise Hanavan says she will be sending her chickens to Bridgewater because she can't afford to shell out money for a fine that could reach up to 10, 000 dollars! So...she's going to say good bye to fresh omelettes and Bernadette, Captain Crochet and Chicken at the end of the month.

Caller David was kind of frothed up today, wasn't he? He was angry because a gas station on the Hammonds Plains road wouldn't take American money. Although I agreed with Rick that it was a bad business decision, I can't fault the business. We live in Canada and deal in Canadian currency. If they don't want the hassle of having to change the money over, it's their business, bottom line.

I was pleased to hear about an appeal being launched on behalf of Robert Latimer. He's served his time; it's time for him to be released. Someone called last week to put it in perspective. They let Michael Robichaud out of jail last summer, a man who TOLD the parole board he would reoffend. 10 days later, he raped a Dartmouth gas station attendant and left her to die with a slashed throat. Yet, Robert Latimer, who I'm sure we can all agree poses no harm to anyone, languishes in jail. It's wrong.

Rick mentioned today that the feds keep talking about how they "can't govern by polls" in terms of making decisions about tough issues like Afghanistan. But isn't this a government who spent 30 million dollars on polls alone last year? When it comes to being hypocritical, the Harper Conservatives are the absolute worst.

Thanks so much to e-mailer Michael for such an astute observation in regards to this battle about a traffic signal near the Mount. He wrote that we had no problem connecting Nova Scotia to PEI, can we not span the Bedford Highway? Great e-mail, Michael, loved it.

Question (said a la Dwight Schrute from The Office) - Since when is not tendering a contract an "innocent oversight"? Isn't a typo an innocent oversight? Richard had a great line looking at one of the bureaucrats on the front of the Mail-Star this morning: "I looked at that picture and I had put on a sweater!!" She looks nonsense.

Rick threw out the question - how can we increase voter turnout? Well, I'll tell you what works around this radio station: free food.

On that note - enjoy this sunny Thursday!!

Rodenhiser is in tomorrow...looking forward to that!



Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Ahhh, Mr. Leahy

I know Rick isn't a Trailer Park Boys fan, but I love the show and it was great when John Dunsworth got into his character a little bit during the last segment of the show. He's absolutely hysterical and I loved his line about how he's a member of the "Canadian iconography". Ha! He had some very nice things to say about Ellen Page, who is awesome in Juno - you've got to see it! Great film, her performance is so realistic and refreshing!

I shake my head sometimes at what mobilizes the listenership - it's your show though, so anything goes. We talked to the lady with chickens in her central Halifax home and only a couple of callers were really against it. Chickens are not mentioned specifiically in the by-law, so they are illegal, so say city staffers. Steve Adams is totally against it, whereas Krista Snow didn't really seem to care one way or the other. Something tells me the week will be filled with poultry-related talk. Stay tuned!

What the heck is up with Debbie Hum? You've got to read parts of this news release, it's out of control.

Here's a sample:

"Comments like this only serve to jeopardize the integrity of theprocess, as well as my personal integrity as Councillor for the Districtin which this intersection is located. I am deeply offended that theMayor would take this approach," Councillor Hum said. "The reason theTraffic Authority, who is appointed by the Province, approves crosswalksignalization and traffic signals-- and not Regional Council-- is to keep politics out of these decisions."

Her personal integrity is suffering because the Mayor joined her cause? If these are the kind of cheap shots Citizens for Halifax have been forced to take, it's not going to do much to sway the populace from voting for the Mayor - more like turn them into Kelly supporters, as they watch him take this useless political crap from people who obviously can't work as a team. Most people and politicians in this province work together to help make each other make money. Peter Kelly is taking heat from the people who would have stood to benefit from the Commonwealth Games. Kelly didn't play the game, so he's getting attacked by the very people who, for once, didn't get exactly what they wanted from the game. For that reason, Kelly deserves our votes because he truly did what was best for the common citizen and didn't line the pockets of those who thought they were "in". Too bad, so sad as Rick likes to say.

Keep up the political attacks; they are only helping Kelly take even more of the popular vote come this fall.

A very busy day today....we had some computer issues in the third hour which is why you didn't hear any music!! Everything should be back tomorrow. We're hoping Bruce calls again so we can play our "Don't bring me down" song! An hour on the democratic process tomorrow during hour number 2 - don't miss it!

Oh, before I go, can you believe this drama with the N.S. Green party? Ken McGowan, Beverly Woodfield and another guy stepped down because of an internal dispute and Elizabeth May is taking some heat for it! We'll get the scoop from her Friday - she's scheduled to be on the phone with Rick. Ah, the drama never stops does it? Makes for a good show!

R.I.P.Heath Ledger. Great actor, but obviously a troubled guy. Brokeback Mountain is an incredible movie, and the new Batman movie he's in this summer looks awesome as well. Only 28 years old....very, very sad. Although I think the story is sad, I can't believe some "news" organizations led with it! Give me a break!

Have an excellent day!



Tuesday, January 22, 2008


That's the clever way e-mailer John tried to get across his point about Rick's anti-smoking stance today. We're getting a lot of callers taking umbrage with Rick's hardline stance. Keep the calls coming - it's great, I love it when Rick gets fired up!

Let me just say that for our Hotline Nova Scotian of the Year - I voted for Tina Chaulk. She has so much strength; she is so classy and I admire her so much. She's continuing to fight for safer crosswalks 2 years after her daughter's death. She's tired of the politicians studying studies and not taking definitive action. I agree with her 100% that the action of running someone down in a crosswalk needs to be further criminalized. A fine of 387.50 is absolutely ridiculous. I'm fairly certain during the last session of the legislature that they raised the fine for "failing to yield in a crosswalk" to a thousand dollars, but still no points, no insurance deductions - no criminal charges. I'm with Rick on this one too, in terms of having red lights at overhead crosswalks instead of amber lights. Red lights are ingrained into us to STOP! It makes so much sense, probably why the government isn't doing anything about it.

So, we had Health Minister Chris D'Entremont in the studio during hour number two today. It seems like we've had a lot of Tories on the show this year - I guess the directive for them not to come on the show has been lifted?? Anyway, we received a lot of calls, some about deplorable conditions in hospitals which is truly shocking to hear. D'Entremont says he's going to check it out himself, so we'll see what happens!

Were you shocked about the acquittal of the boy who was driving the S-U-V that struck and killed Demetrious Bravakis last year on Lacewood Drive? I'm stunned. I'm planning to do some hardcore googling this afternoon about Pam Williams decisions, hoping to find a pattern. Unbelievable. Another teen goes unpunished for his actions.

Anyway, it's snowing quite hard right now! Good luck surviving this latest winter storm!



Monday, January 21, 2008

Don't bring me down.....BRUCE!


It's always great to start off the week with a good show, I feel as though it bodes well for the week ahead! might get to catch a peek of Rick on CTV News tonight. A crew was in taking pictures of Steve Streach about his idea to take the 15-passenger vans off the road. Check it out!

So, a listener called me off the air that he nearly died laughing after we played our new song for Bruce - "Don't bring me down". I admit, it was classic and expertly timed on Rick's part. Rick keeps asking why he, the host, doesn't have a song. We'll have to work on one for him too!

Those of us without breathing problems sure take it for granted, don't we? You always think about cigarette smoke causing people to cough and aggravating breathing disorders, but I never thought about smoke from wood stoves.

Check out this link:

You have to think about the particulate matter being released into the air as well - not pleasant. Someone else called about people wearing too much cologne or perfume - I agree...that is extremely aggravating. That being said, I would much rather smell cologne that B.O. I've always wondered why B.O. isn't mentioned in any scent free policy. Why do we ban good smells and we can't ban the bad ones? There's nothing worse than sitting on the bus next to someone who hasn't showered in 4 weeks. Disgusting.

Rick is very anti-smoker, isn't he? I agree with him to a point. It's just that smoking is legal, so to ban it in so many places doesn't deal with the real issue of the government being totally hypocritical.

Speaking of Rick, what a romantic. Bob calls us to tell us he and his wife Jean just celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary and he tells us he wants 50 more years with his wife and Rick openly questions his sanity?? Heart of gold, that one....

It's so deceiving outside, as it looks sunny and warm, but with the windchill it feels like minus 29!!!! Bundle up!

Talk to you tomorrow - Health Minister Chris D' Entremont will be in!



Friday, January 18, 2008

Love tap

That's what Rick wanted to give to the Premier after a glib response about getting a stat holiday in February. The Premier said "Every day is family day". Whatever.

I really have to tip my hat to the Nova Scotia Liberals. They haven't had a misstep in a long time. Diana Whalen is so strong, says all the right things and they don't sound rehearsed, she's such an asset to the party. Steven MacNeil impressed me when he was in a couple of weeks ago, Dave Wilson, the health critic is strong, as is Leo Glavine, doing his best to get the head of the Atlantic Lottery Corp fired and sticking up for hog farmers at the same time! I think the NDP will have another minority government in the next provincial election with the Liberals as the opposition.

Another classic column from Rodenhiser today; to summarize, he says we paid a B-C based company a million dollars to tell us what we already knew. Another stellar move by the provincial government! As Rodenhiser said earlier this week, we did know what the problems were. Someone named "John Hamm" outlined them for us a few years ago. Hell, you could have listened to the Hotline for free and been schooled on what was up. Don't you just want to scream?

Next week should be interesting. Rick says the Manley report on Afghanistan will be out. I'll be interested in seeing how big a role Pamela Wallin played in deciding the future of the mission!

I have to give it up to Health Minister Chris D'Entremont for something he said today that was so bang on. He says we are a society of high expectations, we demand a pizza in 30 minutes, we don't have the patience for much anymore. It's so true. I'm the worst offender. If my internet doesn't load fast enough, I'm just like, screaming at my computer!!!!! That doesn't mean that 8 hour wait times in the ERs are okay, but I agree with him that we are an impatient lot.

Don't you love how Rick has started shortening "Benedict MacKay" to "Bennie MacKay"?

Caller Harvey made an interesting point to me off the air today. He says no one is talking about the driver of the transport truck in the Bathurst tragedy. He says he used to be a trucker and he had a fatal accident before and he went through hell. All we heard about the truck driver is that he "wasn't injured". I can only imagine how he must be feeling too - absolutely devestated.

Well, it looks like it's mainly raining outside right now....the snow, in Halifax, is over. I hope you have a great weekend! We have 2 city councillors in on Monday, it's always interesting when they come in!



Thursday, January 17, 2008


I forget to put this in my post today. If you want to make a donation to the Jennifer Horne trust fund, send it here:

(Cheque or Money order)

A. Mark David QC (noting it's for the Jennifer Horne Trust fund)
P.O. Box #51028
RPO Rockingham Ridge
Halifax, NS B3M 4R8

The full meal deal

I told the doctors after the hour about organ donation that I'm glad I am a donor, or else I'd feel so guilty! Some startling stats came out of that hour.

In Nova Scotia there are:

  • 25-50 people waiting for a new liver
  • 200 people waiting for kidneys
  • 15 people waiting for new hearts
  • 7 people waiting for a new pancreas

It kind of makes you want to eat right and take care of yourself, doesn't it? Imagine how helpless it feels waiting for an organ? As the doctors clearly reiterated today, the amount of donors they get is so incredibly small because you have to essentially be brain dead before they could take your organs from you, given that you've said you wanted to be a donor. They said it's so important to make sure it's on your MSI card that you want to be a donor and that your loved ones know that is your desire. He says there have been times when the family members haven't known and made a bit of an issue about it. As he says, it's an unbelievable gift and they said it gives families great comfort to know their loved one is helping others live on. Here a list of myths the doctors helped us clear up today:

If you haven't signed your card - why not? Call us tomorrow or leave the comments at the end of the post, I'd love to know. The first part of the hour focused on Health Canada's decision to ban gay men from donating organs. I'm so glad the medical community is speaking out about this decision - it's purely homophobic, they would test a "gay" organ just like they would a "straight" one. Unreal.

Janet Hazelton from the Nova Scotia Nurses Union dropped a bombshell today - some nurses in Saskatchewan are getting 100-thousand dollar signing bonuses! I tried to find an article on the net to support that, but I couldn't. No wonder no one is staying in N.S.!

What the hell is Robert Gates smoking? I think he got "Southern Afghanistan" and "Iraq" confused. As if Peter MacKay and Stephen Harper are defending him after he stone cold slammed us. I freaked when I read what he said yesterday, it's untrue and coming from someone who has a much bigger mess on his hands, you just want to tell him to back off.

This week has gone by so fast, I cannot believe it's Freitag tomorrow. Anyway, the Rodenhiser will be in for another fun-filled hour!

Talk to you then!


Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Moment of Silence

I'm really glad we took that wee bit of time right after the 12 o' clock news to honour the victims of the Bathurst tragedy, thanks to David for the suggestion, it was a good one. It's a small gesture, but indicative of how everyone is feeling, helpless, in dealing with this difficult situation. It's nice to hear the town rallying behind the coach, and the support everyone is giving to the families of the boys who died. As Rick mentioned, there's a Beth Lord Memorial Scholarship Fund that has been set up. You can donate at any CIBC branch, if you're so inclined. Sad story all around, still pretty bummed about it.

It was great to have Steve Irving in studio with us during hour number 2. He's the acting spokesperson for the Guardian Angels in Halifax and says they will be starting their self-defence training this Saturday at Linda Mosher's dojo. I told Steve after the show he's like a Zen master, totally chill, totally calm. He's looking for similar people to be Guardian Angels, they aren't looking for people like Dexter (have you seen that show??) to patrol the streets, just normal people who if they spot trouble, will make themselves known, and will call the police! He says the Guardian Angels act as visual deterrents. If it can work in New York City, I say at least give it a chance here in Halifax. As for people put off by Curtis Sliwa's talk, good lord, he's an entertainer! He's New Yorker and a morning talk show host, it's a schtick. As Steve says, he's a nice guy, a smart guy with a good head on his shoulders. Yeah, he might talk tough about criminals, he was SHOT by the mafia and survived, I might be a little bitter about that too!!! Good luck to Steve and everyone else who signed up.

One of the e-mails Rick read aloud today was awesome - about the twinning of the highways. One of my friends spun out on the 101 (twinned part) over the Christmas holidays. If she wasn't on a divided highway, she would have died. Being on a highway with 2 lanes helped save her life. I am a nervous wreck whenever I am on a highway that isn't divided, I'm constantly looking at the other cars flying by praying that I don't get into a car accident. Debbie Young told me one day that I would never have to worry about car accidents, you think that would alleviate my fear, but it doesn't. Not speeding, having winter tires and not driving like a maniac all play roles in preventing accidents, but having a divided highway is another tool to keeping drivers safe.

Anyway....I'm off to eat my lunch and write some news!! I hope you have an excellent day!



Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Warms the cockles of my heart

Check out this link for an in-depth treatise into the orgin of this saying of which Rick is so fond:

I completely agreed with something Jean Leger told Rick today. He said, "you have to shock people to get change". Isn't that so true though? I give him a lot of credit for getting this issue out there again. He wants what is protected by law and he went out and got it - he wasn't intimidated by the airline god mentality that is so rampant nowadays.

We spent hour number two with the so-called "King of Conspiracy" - Dr. Bill Deagle today. It was a very entertaining hour, as it always is, talking about the end of the world and the conspiracies which underline everything we do. We heard again that Hillary will win the White House, that George Bush doesn't have an IQ (is that really a conspiracy theory or just fact??) and that Vladimir Putin is a black belt, who is a genius mastermind. We also heard about the dastardly plot behind the avian flu and other such musings. One thing Dr. Deagle said that wasn't a conspiracy theory is that everything is based on money - it's the root of every decision made in this crazy world of ours. The hour, overall, was great, I love listening to the Deagle, and apparently you guys do too, judging by the calls I got off the air and the slew of e-mails Rick received. You can listen to his show, 4-6pm by clicking on his website, it's Trust me, the Deagle will land again in our studio very soon. We're not afraid of conspiracy theories!

I have news on near the TV near my work area in the studio and they flashed to live U.S. Congress hearings about steroids in baseball. I nearly spit out my water as I saw it. The U.S. Congress couldn't give a care in the world to the American cities, that are literally crumbling and being overrun with drugs, crime and gangs, but they're dedicating all these resources to steroids in baseball? Who cares? Why not let them take steroids - start a new league where everyone is on 'roids and let them hit like, a gazillion homeruns. I think it would be pretty entertaining, especially if they all had 'roid rage and were brawling all the time. In the meantime, can we help regular people dealing with real drug additions?

I can't believe the guy who got a ticket in the MetroLink parking lot in Sackville. Unreal!!! Although the city didn't seem wholly unsympathetic to the man's cause, they didn't really offer any solutions. Hopefully people can park in that nearby Wal-mart and then be shuttled over. In the meantime - carpools to the bus??

Anyway, it's sunny outside and the storm was pretty much a non-event last night, eh?

Have a good day!



Monday, January 14, 2008

Fate strikes again

What a terrible story out of Bathurst, N.B. How do you even start to wrap your mind around something so tragic? 7 teenaged boys dead along with the coach's wife -- why? As Ray put it bluntly today, terrible things happen and it's true. It doesn't stop you from thinking about why they happen. I feel horrible for the coach, the man driving the van. His wife (Rick's cousin) is dead along with his players. A horrible, horrible accident for everyone involved and the town itself. As Rick says, you can't lock yourself in your house, it's irrational to think you can always protect yourself from harm. Again, it doesn't take away the sadness and the question about why fate strikes certain people and strikes them so hard.

Man, it's so sad I hardly feel like writing anything more today. Now it's starting to snow - this day gets better and better! What's even sadder about the N.B. story is looking at the pictures of the kids, smiling, with their entires lives ahead of them. They were good kids, it seems. With all the youth crime problems in Halifax, talking about teens beating women with table legs and playing golf with cats, it's even sadder to realize 7 good kids were taken away from us. 7 kids who could have made a difference, who were on the right track in life.

As Rick said, fate can deal you a dirty hand. Why can't it just go to people who deserve it?

That's all from me carefully, okay?


Friday, January 11, 2008

All business

Wade Keller is right on. In regards to the Premier's plea to get David Letterman to come to N.S. in the form of a top 10 list, you can't be all business all the time. The issue I have is if the Premier is ever business. I think the video would have been funnier if he had been done by Danny Williams, someone who actually accomplishes things in his province, I think it would have been funnier. Since the Premier has a reputation of someone you can't take all that seriously (I actually giggle when he puts on his "serious voice"), I wasn't diggin' it too much. It's a neat thing to do, I would LOVE to see Letterman, he's amazing. I guess it could have been a little more clever and I don't know, maybe as someone said today, voiced by an actual comedian?? That's the suggestion one caller made off the air. On the upside, the Premier got a glowing endorsement from Rick, which I think is the first time that's happened, well, the history of the universe and Wade told us the Premier will be on the show. All very exciting.

Sir Edmund Hillary is dead at the age of 88. I feel really sad about this!! I've read quite a few books and seen a few documentaries about climbing Mount Everest and it's fascinating. It's sad to say good-bye to the very first person to climb Everest. Let's not forget his Sherpa Tenzing Norway!

So...another great hour with the Rodenhiser during hour number 1. I see in the Daily News they have taken out an ad promoting David on the air with another station in our building and then on our show on Fridays. I love the hour with the Rodenhiser, it takes a normal open hour and kicks it up a notch. The banter between the boys is always very funny, I just sit back and laugh. Funny story: David takes the bus down to the station and then usually walks or takes the bus back to work downtown. After the hour ended, I got a call from a cabbie willing to give David a ride downtown so he could talk to him about this deregulation issue and made it very clear with his statement: "I promise I won't kill him". Guess what? David walked.

Today's show was actually kind of different in that it was more on the light-hearted side with the Premier's top 10 list. No one blew a gasket today, which is very rare!!! Wait, I spoke too soon, Rick did blow a gasket when talking with Bert after Bert said he was friends with this judge, which was patently untrue.

What's also untrue is talk about politicians shutting down the Hotline! Seriously, working on the show has turned me into a cynical conspiracy theorist too, but trust me, if the Hotline does go, it's a format issue and a format issue only. Politicians don't control ANYTHING around here, seriously. I don't even want to say anything more about it because it's so incredibly WRONG.

Anyway, lunchtime for this kid. Have a great weekend and we'll chat with you about everything and anything on Monday.



Thursday, January 10, 2008

John Baird is a useless tool

That was Rick's quote of the day today - for sure. Totally true, as well. I think I might make that a daily blog feature: "Rick's quote of the day". I almost called the blog "these turkeys", caller Bill's description of politicians and how we have to keep an eye on "these turkeys" because they are slowly but surely stripping away our rights. Here, here!

So, don't you just love spring? It's my favourite time of year and I couldn't be more thrilled that it's happening in January! Walking over to get some lunch sans coat was awesome...the sunshine is great too. Just the thing to beat the winter blues - spring!

Hmmm...Brian Lee Crowley. Interesting...the guy is very smart, we'll see what happens in terms of this Crown share. In terms of the federal government's standpoint, I don't think they could have picked a better guy!

I spoke to Rick about this issue before the show; I am so disturbed that the Daily News published all the details about the Jennifer Horne murder. It's one thing for disturbing details to come out in court, it's another thing to put everything out there and destroy the family even further, not to mention taint the jury pool! Can you imagine if your daughter was murdered...and you picked up the newspaper and read every gory detail, down to the fact her throat was slashed? I was horrified when I read the story this morning and how convenient that they disabled the "comments" section on that particular story. It will be interesting to see what Rodenhiser thinks about that tomorrow. I felt sick...I always say "don't blame the media", but this was sensationalism, it was irresponsible and it was wrong. I'm seriously ticked off at the Daily News.

A highlight on the show today was Liberal leader Stephen MacNeil. I'm going to say it - he impressed me today. I liked the message, I liked the delivery, I think the NDP might have a little Liberal competition in the next election. Rick and I agreed - it was awesome! I told him he should lose it more often - it's nice to see some passion! Keep an eye out for next month - apparently S.M. will be playing a game with the Halifax Rainmen, something Darrell Dexter and Barry Barnett have done. He's got the height, let's see if he's got other skills on the court!

Well, I have to write some I will talk to you tomorrow!



Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Where to start????

I fear this blog might never end given the plethora of meaty topics today on the show. Judging by the amount of calls, you felt the same way.

There were two big issues, well 3 actually: taxis, organ donation and this new anti-gang strategy for youth. Oh yeah, and we had a big hockey star in too!

Let's get that out of the way first: Brad Marchand is all class. As Rick said, the kid has his head screwed on straight. He was shorter than I thought he would be, but he's strong. It was almost a Mayor Kelly like handshake, except Brad knows when to back off, unlike the Mayor who nearly broke every finger in my hand that one time I made the mistake of shaking his hand! I want to wish Brad the best of the luck with the Mooseheads and I want to wish all the Hotline listeners the best of luck in trying to procure a ticket! I have a feeling most of the games are definitely going to be sold out for the rest of the season!

This organ donation issue is truly appalling. I first read about it on Facebook this morning. One of my friends posted an article from the paper and mentioned how it was kind of funny this directive is coming out under the Harper government rule. Medical professionals, like Dr. Stephen Beed, think it's ridiculous and that lives will be lost because of it. I think it's homophobia, pure and simple. Speaking of, don't you love it when people say "I'm not homophobic, but..." and then utter something completely homophobic? Drives me nuts! I can't believe that I could get an organ from a single woman who has had sex with lots of different men, but I couldn't get one from a married gay man. Unreal.

The deregulation of taxis was another major issue with several taxi drivers calling in to voice their opinions today. I definitely agreed with Rick when he suggested different shifts for taxi drivers, most people have to work shifts, I don't think it's crossing the line to suggest taxi drivers do it too, especially when they claim their service is so important. Some people were really slamming taxi drivers today, but there are so many good ones out there. There was one guy who picked me up downtown one night and he was the funniest person I ever met - I was dying of laughter the whole way home. I've only had 2 negative experiences and they weren't really all that bad in the grand scheme of things. I swear, one driver was incredibly out of it and was really speeding and I actually was gripping the seat handle praying I wasn't going to die...and the ride was literally 4 minutes long. That was terrifying, but I talked to some other cabbies and they confirmed that guy was crazy. Another time, a cabbie tried to give me 3 dollars in change in all nickels and I didn't want that and he got ticked off...but that's about it. I would encourage everyone who takes a taxi to get the roof light number and remember it, just in case. Remember in the summer a woman was sexually assaulted by a driver....on the other hand, you can commend good service if you know the number. Steve Adams told us the public hearing on this issue will probably be in February and he'll be on the show on Monday, so this topic isn't going away anytime soon.

It doesn't look like this fog is going away either - the curse of warm January weather. It looks like it's causing more delays at the airport too, so if you're travelling - good luck to you!

Liberal leader Stephen MacNeil is in tomorrow....I offered up some praise of him in December, let's see if he impresses me tomorrow with some actual ideas for change!



Tuesday, January 8, 2008


FYI - Brad will be a guest on the Hotline tomorrow from 11:30-12!


Rick and I were chatting about religion after the show and we agreed that if everyone followed the basics of any of the major world religions, Christianity, Islam, Judaism, etc, the world would probably be a nice place, with the whole "do unto others thing". We also agreed that we weren't anti-religion - just anti-wacko and there sure are a lot of wackos out, sullying the name of Islam especially. I thought the Dr. Jamal Badawi hour was incredible and so interesting to listen to. I mean, I admit, my mind gets tainted sometimes by the constant media reports about suicide bombers and all the conflict in the middle east. Thank God Dr. Badawi was here today to remind us of many important FACTS about the religion and not myths. I mean, we have to remember it is Christian Americans who invaded Iraq and that fundamentalists in any religion cannot be the spokespeople or hallmarks for those religions. He made these excellent points about associating criminals with a religion:

-people who killed doctors who perform abortions didn't taint all of Christiantiy
-the Crusades, hello!
-the conflict in Northern Ireland
-normal crime in Christian countries - are all Christians considered murderers because there is a high rate of murder in the U.S. - the answer is clearly no.

As Dr. Badawi stated in Chapter 5, verse 32 of the Qur'an, if you take someone else's life, you are essentially killing all of humanity, so Islam very clearly does not condone suicide bombers. I thought the translation or mistranslation of the word "infidel" was so fascinating. We hear the world infidel quite frequently, but Dr. Badawi says the concept of an "infidel" as reported in the media doesn't exit in the Qur'an, same with the concept of milk and honey and 72 virgins. He says righteous people get into heaven, not suicide bombers. I completely agreed with him when he said humans have the ability to justify wrongdoing - and it's so true, and very sad. In fact the root of Islam, the actual word, means to achieve peace! I want to thank the professor for coming in and really opening my eyes - hopefully you felt the same way! There are good seeds and bad seeds everywhere, it's so important not to paint everyone with the same brush.

Onto the other big topic of the day - taxis and possible deregulation. I totally agree with Rodenhiser!! Before the holidays we heard that Bob's and Bluebell had this thing where they would pick you and you could also get someone to drive your car home at the same time, you paid a double fare. Well, that's all well and good unless you're in Halifax and you can't call a Dartmouth taxi over to Halifax. I remember last summer filling in for Deb and calling a taxi @ 4am and they told me flat out - there's no one on the road. Well, that's just great isn't it? I agree, at some points in the day it is impossible to get a taxi. You also can't reserve taxis, trust me I've tried before I had my car and needed to get out of work right afterwards and get somewhere fast. I don't know what Councillor Pat Murphy was smoking today, but I really liked his idea of dropping the zones during certain times, but what was he going on about with the cache of secret secret squirrel numbers he has that he can get a cab at any time? Good for him, but most of us aren't VIP taxi passengers, we pretty much dial the number and have the reasonable expectation that a cab will be there in due course. I just thought that comment was out of line and didn't help contribute to the solution of the problem, you know what I mean? He talked about planning, but you can reserve a taxi, so what can you do???? I know you can reserve a town car or a limo in advance, so that's what my boyfriend does when he has to catch an early flight to travel on business. That's much to the chagrin of the taxi industry, that doesn't like the fact the fares are the same. The taxis can't have their cake and eat it too, it's getting out of hand and the customers are upset. I'd love to see Metro Transit expand service, I'd much rather take the bus than deal with the aggravation of getting a taxi in this town.

When Rick briefly chatted with the VP of Operations for the Boston Red Sox he says the marketing territory for all of Canada belongs to the Toronto Blue Jays. So, if you're a Red Sox fan, Tigers fan, or Mariners fan, you're going to have to search for deals to go to those games yourself! That's shocking - pushing the Jays on us just because we're Canadian?? I grew up in Windsor, Ontario - Tigers all the way!!!

Speaking of Windsor, a new high temperature yesterday - 14.2! We can't complain about the temps here though - a high of 10 today.

Have a good one!



Monday, January 7, 2008

$1 drinks

After listening to the callers and to Superintendent Spicer today, I think I've changed my opinion about dollar drinks. The social cost of this really outweighs any benefit - the only benefit being to the drinker's bank account! It's time to end the dollar drinks, for entire nights, anyway. So, apparently the Palace had said they were opposed to dollar drinks but said they had to offer them to compete with the Dome. Now, the Palace is promoting its dollar drink nights on Facebook! Hypocritical much? I hope we get the manager of the Palace on the phone this week to see what's up. It so unfair that other bars can sell the drinks for a dollar and the Dome can't - there has got to be an even playing field.

Rick mentioned that one of the girls will be appearing in court this Friday to be sentenced for the beating of the lady on the Commons over the summer. As soon as Rick mentioned that she cried in court, I wrote "crocodile tears" and I believe it was caller Phillip who echoed that during his call. They might have had horrible childhoods, but I know a lot of people who have, but they didn't turn into criminals. How about getting some counselling, or here's a concept - SUCK IT UP. If we all acted out because bad things happened to us in our childhoods, there would be complete and total anarchy. I don't have any sympathy for the girls involved; let's just hope there is some sort of actual punishment and not house arrest when they can sit around and play X-box all day. If they truly are remorseful, that's a good thing - let's see if they prove it and make something of themselves.

Speaking of youth crime, Waterville sounds like a real treat, doesn't it? A swimming pool, video games? I'm thinking about booking something all-inclusive....I should check it out.

Anyway, enjoy your day and tune in tomorrow...during the second hour we're going to try to demystify Islam. You've been asking for an hour on the topic - so don't miss it!



Friday, January 4, 2008

Making Mr.Walker happy


Never heard of it before caller Elaine told us about its properties at an ice remover. After that we were flooded with calls about Urea and its benefits. Elaine told us she bought hers at Walker's Livestock and Feed on Cole Harbour road. I called them up because I wanted to see how much a bag of urea was and compare it to salt. Well, I couldn't get through when Rick was talking to Cecil and Jim. Then Ray calls - he called his friend Dale Walker, the owner, and asked if he'd talk to us and bam - he was on the air just like that. Thanks, Ray! I told Rick if he was ever in a position where he needed a new producer, I'd put in a good word for you!
Here is the Wikipedia page for urea if you want to check it out - I briefly scanned it, didn't see anything about it being used for snow removal though:

Maybe we'll talk to the Mayor, a councillor or John O' Brien next week to see if it's something they've considered. It is more expensive than salt, roughly 3 times more expensive, but it's a sorry state that we're in - we've got to stop selling out the environment just because it's cheaper. Again, thanks for the all the calls on urea - wouldn't that be great if this urea trend caught on - the Hotline saves the environment - I like the sound of that!! I know everyone is talking about this salt shortage, but a few callers told me today that they're seeing it at places like Walkers, Superstore, so keep checking around.

Interesting conversation with Joel Miller from Miller Tire today. He says he drives with 4 winter tires and would encourage everyone to do the same. It is expensive though, no doubt. That's why I loved what Rodenhiser suggested - you should get a break on your insurance if you have winter tires on your car. Speaking of Rodenhiser, it was GREAT to have him back in the studio today. Fridays weren't the same without him! One of the funniest moments of the day - Rick stopping Moe before he could tell a potential (and probably) offensive joke about Tiger Woods and Stevie Wonder. Very wise move on Rick's part, I'd say. Moe's so funny - it wouldn't be the Hotline without characters like Moe. Another great call was Barry who was second up this morning. He's the one where we have the ongoing schtick where I say "How are you" and he says "Grumpy", but today he told me he wanted to give kudos to the provincial government. Well, I nearly fell out of my seat, but put him on hold. Rick was equally surprised, telling him, "You took your happy pills this morning!" was a lot of fun today, thanks for the calls, the support, the e-mails and the comments on this blog.

Have a great weekend - Cindy Day tells me it will warm up!!!



Thursday, January 3, 2008

Thanks for your support!

Thanks to everyone with their concerns about the Hotline. No decisions have been made, so let's just carry on as per usual and continue to create 3 hours of great radio every day!

What a crazy hour number 2 we had our Debbie Young. She's amazing!! We were joking during the commerical break about how when she's on the show it's like psychic bootcamp, it's just go go go! She told Rick that he needs to start writing his book and that if he did that it would be a huge success - something I've been telling him for a couple of years now! Debbie says in general for 2008, it's a year to re-evaluate things for everyone in terms of work and money. She says there will a federal election this year and that Stephen Harper will continue to lead, but that Premier MacDonald will get a bit of a reprieve and there won't be an election! Well, you'd actually have to have a session of the legislature in order to bring down the government and god knows when that's going to happen again. I mean, we just wrapped up 16 hard days, I can understand how the MLAs would be a bit fatigued. Not. Anyway, if you want to make a private appointment with Debbie Young, give her a call at425-4808.

I am so excited about today - the Iowa caucuses are happening and I'm so curious to see who will be coming out on top on both the Democratic and Republican sides. It's also great that it's 2008 and that the election will actually be happening. American presidential election campaigns go on for there is an end in sight. No more George W. - do we still have time to turn this world around?

People were sure fired up about the winter tire discussion. I mean, I'm a new car owner, but as soon as the snow started, I didn't feel safe with my tires. I'm so glad I got snow tires!!! I can understand how some would find the cost prohibitive - it was 700 dollars for tires, rims, installation and balancing - and believe me, I shopped around. I look at it like it will save my other tires though and I definitely notice a difference with the winter tires. Trust me, one of my friends just flipped on the 101 last week driving a car with balding all season tires - not worth the risk. Should it be mandatory?? I don't know about that, I'm just saying it works for me.

Oh, not to end the blog on a down note, but jeez, what was with drivers this morning? I was crossing Almon Street on a green light with the walky guy still present and nearly got hit TWICE. Unreal!

Well, I hope you have a lovely day!



Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Shuttin' 'er down

That's what Rick claims he wants to do with winter...and I must say I am with him 100%! I'm so sick of the white stuff already and it's just 2 weeks into the season - I feel like we're staring down a very long few months.....can we have the holidays back again?

Happy New Year to all the Hotline listeners. Chatting with a few of you today, it seems like Santa was nice to you and all is well, so I'm very glad about that. The holidays just went by so fast, at least at my house!

It's good to be back though and we had a busy show today with lots of complaints - which is a good thing. Keep them coming! Tomorrow, you can take a glance into the future with Debbie Young - the resident Hotline psychic. I think she's amazing, and so does everyone else given the amount of calls we get. If you get a busy signal - keep trying!

If you missed the show today, we had a Tory cabinet minister in. Huh - you might be saying, but it's true! Barry Barnet paid us a visit during hour number 2 to talk about the problem drinking issue at the Dome and at other bars too. One thing I'm not cool with is the Dome being ostracized for being the main place with the problem. Although I would never go there, you can't just stop them from selling the dollar drinks - that is so hypocritical!!! I think if they do serve cheaper shots, they should do it for a short period of time. I know there is power hour at the Split Crow and that's dollar drafts - but it's just for an hour. You cannot treat one bar one way and another differently - that's not fair. This Christmas Eve brawl was completely out of control though, there's no doubt about that. I think the bar owners and the patrons share the responsibility, but if someone is going to pre-game and then go out to the bar, well, besides not serving them, there's not a lot bar owners can do about people being morons.

The drug issue is also one I don't think B.B. is really taking a look at. I've been hearing lots of things about illegal drugs in some of the clubs, the main one being cocaine making a major comeback. Cocaine fuels rage and could very well be the cause of some of these must be looked at too when coming up with this new strategy.

Anyway, that's enough from me. Great to be back though - hope to talk to you guys soon!