Thursday, May 31, 2007


Rick's last interview today was so freaky! Chris Styles is doing research into a possible UFO sighting. Something was spotted in the air, something disc-esque, near Imperial Oil on Thursday, April 26th at 10:05AM. So far Chris hasn't been able to pinpoint exactly what it was, so if you remember seeing anything, give Rick and call and he'll put you in touch with Chris. Will called with a hot tip. He said the sighting was actual Ben from the Island riding his magic potato!

Rick mentioned the Shag Harbour incident, which is truly freaky since it has never been explained. Here's a link:

So Rick thought I was slacking hardcore today eh? Okay, I thought the caller said her name was Morrie instead of Laurie, but I repeated it back to her and, in my defense, she did say her name was Morrie!! Then during DD, a guy called in and said his name was Kevin from Timberlea. Rick goes to the phone and there's a girl named Kayla on the phone??? Huh??? I told Rick, I am capable of differentiating male and female voices (most of the time)!

Did you catch any of Arnold Schwarzenegger's speech yesterday to the Economic Club in Toronto? I thought it was quite good. He's so cheesy, yet engaging. He knows how to work his Terminator/Kindergarden Cop shtick. It will be interesting to see how a meeting between Mr. Personality and Mr. Non-Personality (Harper) goes.

It was kind of disturbing call from Mike today who said he was detained by police for being a possibly wanted man and then turns out it wasn't him and the officer told him he was lucky, instead of apologizing. Rick urged him to file a complaint and Mike told us he thinks a lot of cops have a "Clint Eastwood mentality". Do you agree? On the other hand, there was an article in one of the papers yesterday from a lady who gave kudos to an officer who tried to save some ducks on the Bi-Hi. I think it's like any job and any office, you have some good people and you have some bad ones.

Speaking of good ones - check out De Adder's cartoon today in the Daily news -- just classic.

Earlier today the air conditioning in the building wasn't working and everyone was complaining about it except me. It's because I love the heat because it reminds me of being at home. Hot, hazy, humid, I love it. So Rick was complaining about it and then we got into this argument during the break about sea breezes. He loves a good sea breeze, but I feel a sea breeze ruins a great summer hot day. Who's with me? Who's anti sea-breeze?

I apologize - I'm feeling a little loopy since I'm on holiday until Tuesday. So that means no blog until then. Be nice to Rick and Austin will be taking your calls. Sports during the first hour tomorrow and then the Friday Free for All!

Have a great Friday...and a great weekend!



Wednesday, May 30, 2007

A Hotline tip o' the baseball hat!

Rick gave out several of those today. I swear, it was like an alternate universe, it felt like we dished out more praise than scorn today. Did that really happen? Am I dreaming? Did the cayenne pepper gargling put me in some sort of peyote trance?

Speaking of my sore throat home remedy, either my illness has just run its course or gargling warm water with cayenne pepper actually worked. I actually feel like myself today - after two and a half weeks!

Rick gave out the first Hotline tip o' the hat to Justice Walter Goodfellow today for his refusal to accept 6 months incarceration for someone charged with possessing and distributing child porn. Then he gave another tip o' the hat to Halifax Regional Search and Rescue and RCMP for their roles in finding Rita Crowell safe and sound near Hatchet Lake. What a nice moment when we had the nephew of Ms. Crowell on to thank Tony Rodgers for the effort. I admit, I had a small tear! It's nice really refreshing to hear humans going out of their way to do something to help another human. There is a lot of negativity on the show and that story was a very welcome happy ending.

Elizabeth May was on for the first hour and don't you get the impression her and Rick could just chat for hours? She talks the talk and walks the walk man. She left the studio and headed to the train station where she was going to take the train to London, Ontario! That's commitment. She's having dinner with Al Gore! I told her to tell Al we'd love to have him on the Hotline! What was up with Gene today? Tim, on the air, and a few callers off the air called to apologize/complain for/about Gene's abhorrent behavior. I think it's safe to say Elizabeth won that round. She wasn't fazed, trust me. As for the suggestion I was only putting on May supporters on the line - well, we all know that's not true at all.

NDP leader Darrell Dexter will be in the studio tomorrow, so I hope you'll tune in and ask him some questions. Some callers have said DD likes to be in the opposition and doesn't want to be Premier. You'll have your chance to ask him that tomorrow!

Have a great day!


Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Two time loser from the Island

That was Moosehead Mike's description of Ben today! We put them both on the air together for a little smackdown and it was pretty funny. Ben gave us his predictions for the PEI election yesterday, which were wrong, but in his defence, I don't think even Robert Ghiz saw himself winning 23/27 seats! It's very interestesting though - the Green Party finished third in the election over the NDP. According to an Elizabeth May news release, it's the first time that's ever happened in any provincial election. You can hear May's thoughts about the election and many more issues tomorrow during the first hour of the show.

It was quite busy today! The lines were jammed for the councillors, as they usually are. I know we slam politicians all the time, but you really do have to a thick skin to be a politician, especially in this town. CBRM's Vince Hall is going to need that thick skin. Isn't the crazy that he went to his day job, but then calls in sick to the budget meetings! Yikes.

Caller "Inch" led off the show with a call about motorcycle safety, in connection with the horrendous accident on the 103 on Sunday. That is truly the saddest story and according to the papers anyway, it seems like the cause of the crash is still a mystery.

Rick expressed an interest in getting back on the bike. I can totally understand that. My grandpa used to ride and he took us on his bike all the time, it was awesome! I remember being about 8 or something and we went on this dirt road and hit a bump and went airborne! Nowadays I would have probably screamed my head off and never got on a bike again, but as a kid, my grandpa and I just laughed and talked about how awesome it was! It's amazing the lack of fear kids have! I remember he always told me to lean into the turns, but thinking I knew something about physics at the age of 8, I would always covertly lean against the turn, thinking I would somehow be righting the bike. Ahh..good times. I can't believe Rick said he saw a motorcyclist doing a wheelie on the highway! That's just stupid.

Did you see the clip of Miss USA falling in her evening gown? Now, you now schadenfreude is a powerful thing, but I was kind of creeped out by it. She doesn't show any human emotion. You would think you would laugh, or maybe cry or look horrified, but she gets up in one super human motion and then plasters her creepy pageant smile on. It's actually disturbing.

So David called today, the David with the alleged mayoral candidate. He says they're getting a late start and just called to slam the councillors. God knows who is running and when they'll announce, or if David is just pulling our leg. We'll just have to wait and see.

All this transit talk reminded me of living in Hamburg. The public transportation was absolutely incredible. There was the U-bahn (subway), the S-bahn (light rail), ferries and buses serving 1.7 million people. I think ferries in general are a good idea and I liked the idea of a ferry serving not just Bedford, but maybe other places as well. 30 million for just Bedford to Halifax does seem kind of expensive, maybe if it was the blueprint or the first step in a ferry strategy or something. Take the poll question today and let us know what you think. I think Bruce had a great point about raising the driving age to say, 18 and they you've got an opportunity to get new transit customers in the meantime. Right now, kids think they must use public transport until they get their licence and then they're done. I think it needs to be ingrained as a functional part of life and not just something you use if you can't afford a car. Rodenhiser talked about using transit yesterday. I think it's very handy, unless, your bus doesn't show up, which was the problem Larry Hughes mentioned today! In the budget, they talked about installing a "real time" Go-time system. Right now, when you call the Go-time, it tells you when the next scheduled bus will come, which sometimes means nothing. With the real time system, it will actually tell you with precision when your bus will be there. They had that in Hamburg too, and it's great to know exactly how much time you have, rather than just an optimistic figure.

Well, they're calling for showers this afternoon...but it's still sunny outside. I'm not complaining though!

Hey, I tried a home remedy to try and get rid of my sore throat today - gargling with cayenne pepper! It wasn't so bad and my throat does feel better. Has anyone else tried this...or I am just nuts?

Have a great day!


Monday, May 28, 2007

A little bit of this, a little bit of that

Some days are like that on the Hotline; shows where not one big issue dominates. Today was like that...from a so-called shop tax at car dealerships to fast ferries, it was all covered today on the show!

Rick did speak to the police spokesperson about the decision to lay charges against the beaten gas bar clerk. I agree with the people who e-mailed Rick saying police saw the entire video. We saw a snippet of it without audio. Charging the person who looks like a victim is kind of bad publicity for the police force, so I'm kind of assuming they had grounds to lay the charge. What do you think? Whatever the clerk may or may not have done, I think we all agree with people in the video took it too far. Anyway, take the poll question and tell us what you think!

The issue of talking on a cell phone while driving also came up. I wrote Rick a little note during his conversation with Mark saying that 99 per cent of the time when I'm nearly hit a crosswalk, the drivers are on cell phones and completely oblivious to what's going on around them. I was talking to one of my friends the other day and she was talking and driving and she said, I have to call you back, some driver is motioning to me. She called back later and turns out, the driver was motioning for her to get off her cell phone and when she hung up, he gave her a thumb's up!!!! I agree with a couple of the callers to ban talking on your cell in the car, like they do in Newfoundland.'s lunchtime for me! Don't sweat the rain too much - it looks like sunshine for the rest of the week.

Who loves the David Rodenhiser intro?? Thanks to the incredible Terry Purcell for putting that together.



Friday, May 25, 2007

It's algebra time.....get out your sticks!

That was the tongue-in-cheek suggestion by Kathleen, a teacher who worked with Gary Carson and called to voice her support for him today. Not every call was positive. Gene didn't support him, making the valid point that if you actively criticized your boss, you probably would be fired. But that doesn't make it right though, in my opinion. People can't be afraid to speak out, especially when it was constructive criticism by an expert in the field! Plus, the government needs to realize how its heavy handed tactics look to the public.

The story that I follow religiously is the saga of Sandy and Heli Munroe. It breaks my heart. All the man wants to do is see his wife again. It was good to get an update from Sandy today and it sounds like his spirits are up. Good luck Sandy!!! I hope you get her back soon.

So AJ wants to run in the Bluenose Marathon next year. I say good for him! I know Rick can't run because of his knees and it's not a sport for everyone. I usually only run in the summer to get outside. I'm not one of those people who gets up in a blizzard to get my run in. No thanks! I wish AJ good luck and I hope to be participating with him next year. He was interested in racing Rick, so do you think I should challenge him? He seems to like these challenges. It's on!

Rick mentioned that I saw the trailer to the new documentary Sicko by Michael Moore. I think it looks great! I think there's going to be a lot about Canada in it too. MM shot a big portion of Bowling for Columbine in my hometown of Windsor, ON. He made the point that in Windsor, which is right across from Detroit, the crime is practically non-existent, especially compared to the Motor City. Confession time: I soooo wanted the Red Wings to win the Stanley cup again!!!! I'm not even a hockey fan, but I go for all the Detroit teams. It's like the law in Windsor, so sue me. Anyway, back on topic, here is the link to the trailer if you want to check it out!

In regards to whether the police should have jumped in to try to save the 19 year old who drowned in the Arm earlier this week - the fact that the suggestion was even made is unfortunate. I know it seems like it came from the grief of a friend, and I appreciate that. But to suggest the officers just stood around and sipped a coffee or something and let someone die in front of them is ludicrous. As Constable Jeff Carr told us, the officers felt helpless and realized, he was too far out. As Tim said, you know how on a sunny day, you dip your leg into the pool and are chilled by the cold. That pool is probably 20 degrees. The water in the Arm was 3 degrees. Plus being in an unlit area, even if the officer did swim out, without a light, he or she couldn't see or anything. It's just a sad, sad story, but not one that should be blamed on HRP.


Thank you for your calls this week. You, the listener/reader, make the Hotline what it is - the number one talk show in Metro. Thank you for your comments, suggestions, information and sometimes just a hello. Rick and I truly appreciate you guys.

Next week looks to be so busy - "The Rodenhiser" is in on Monday and other guests next week include Elizabeth May and Darrell Dexter. We hope you tune in!!!

Have a wonderful weekend - I'm going to try and get rid of this sore throat that's been plaguing me for 2 weeks!!



Thursday, May 24, 2007

The postcard campaign

You've heard about Ben's postcard campaign, so I thought I'd give you a sneak peek into what we are seeing every day from PEI!

What a vindictive, petty bunch

Could Rick have come up with a more fitting description for the Nova Scotia Education Department for its treatment of Gary Carson?

As you may or may not have heard, the Education Dept. cancelled a contract they had with Gary, telling him it was because of his comments on the Hotline a couple of months ago. This is such a serious concern! Can someone else who calls the Hotline be next? It could happen to anyone who calls the show. Check out Rick's column in the Daily News tomorrow, where he will address this issue. Rick's question was a valid one - from how high did this decision come? We know the disdain the Premier's top p.r. person holds towards the show. Trying to silence dissenters/whistleblowers is one of the tenets the Harper government holds dear. It's sad it seems like the provincial government is reading from the same petty playbook. A big Hotline SHAME to the people making the decision to try to silence Gary Carson. Sadly, it was poorly played. Gary and Rick are two people who will never be silenced and please continue to follow the saga on the Hotline.

The Police Chief was in today for an hour. Say what you want about the Chief, but he is one of the nicest men I've ever met. I think that's why callers are so docile when talking to him because he is very respectful to people and you can tell he is very passionate about his work. Okay, as Rick would say, enough sucking up! Violent crime is down 13 per cent in the first quarter of this year but the Chief admitted during a commercial break, there is a lot more work to do. I told the Chief, I'm most concerned with the muggings in this town. There are a lot of them, it seems like at least one a day. Sometimes they are violent, sometimes they aren't. It's scary enough though that I'm constantly looking over my shoulder when I walk anywhere and I hate that feeling.

Rick brought up an idea that was brought up by a prof at Cape Breton University a few years back. But he couldn't get the Chief to bite on the idea of licencing parents!! I think, in theory, it's a great idea. One of my pet peeves is seeing moms and dads with babies in strollers jaywalking. Like, across Robie Street!!! Putting your baby in that much danger drives me nuts. Also, when I see parents giving kids pop and sweets. I get mad at my brother for letting my 2 year old niece watch way too much TV. But hey, I'm not a parent, so I think I know everything right? I know I definitely do not.

Rick's stories constantly astound me. I hope he gets around to start writing his book this summer. Turns out Rick met the Queen Mum and went on a cruise with Princess Diana!! Do you think he took his hat off?

About the police stopping the runners for the Bluenose Marathon - I didn't see that at all. I can see how maybe 3 hours after the actual Marathon started they would start to let traffic go through a little more. Even the organizers didn't think it was that much of an issue in the newspaper today. The police officers were very encouraging during the run and cheered for the runners. It felt good, especially when I reached the point where I thought I would need to be defibrillated. CLEAR!!!!

Well, your thoughts about retribution in a democracy are welcomed!!

More tomorrow on this issue - I can't wait to read Rick's column!

Have a great day!



Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Icky and Horrible

Those were Elizabeth May's thoughts about possibly running against Alexa McDonough. I know some might criticize her for maybe sounding a bit juvenile, but E.M. is who she is! I'm sure you've heard her on the Hotline. She doesn't mince words and she's just....blunt about things. I don't think her use of the word "icky" takes away from her intelligence. I'd rather hear someone real, rather than someone putting on the fake intelligence act. (Stockwell Day)

So Ben in PEI lives right across the street from Mike Duffy's mom! Small world eh? He says whenever Mike comes home, he gets a limo to the house. That was Rick's complaint about Mike Duffy. He thinks he lost his edge a long time ago and is in too close with the politicians. I think one of the best political commentators is Jane Taber. I love her salacious column in Saturday's Globe!! Susan Bonner on the CBC is great too, but she's always overshadowed by Don Newman, who is a legend in his own right.

Speaking of legends, does Rick's memory ever cease to amaze you? Maybe it's all the preservatives in the Coca-cola that keeps every news story in the past 25 years fresh in his brain. He just randomly throws out details from crimes committed decades ago. I just stare at him in awe, wondering how on earth he remembers all these things. Maybe that's why he wears his baseball hat all the hide his protruding brain!! Funny thing from last week. Here at work, there's always an e-mail sent out every morning wishing people happy birthdays or congratulations on being here for a certain amount of time. Well on Rick's birthday, there was the e-mail...and then another e-mail was sent out wishing Rick's hat a happy birthday too. It was hilarious.

I agree with what Rick said about being transformed into a conspiracy theorist. He says 10 years of the Hotline has changed him and I definitely feel like I'm being changed too, and that's only after 1.5 years on the show full time!! So thanks....I think?

Oh...Ben wanted me to tell you - to watch the webcast of the election debate tonight. One hour starting at 6:30. Enjoy?

Talk about staring mortality right in the face. Peter Bigelow with the city's parks department straight up told Rick he wouldn't be alive to see these seedlings they planted yesterday in full bloom. Yikes! Then I had a jolt when I realized, wow, I probably won't be alive either!

I think it was an e-mail where the guy had a great line about Jack Layton - "he's a mouth unconnected to a brain". Right now...I'm in complete agreement with him. Remember the Shane Doan thing??

Well have a great day...enjoy the sunshine and I'll talk to you soon!



Tuesday, May 22, 2007


That was Mike Savage's assessment of Premier Rodney MacDonald. Rick didn't even bring up the topic today, the MPs did!! They sure didn't hold back on the issue either. I'll have some clips coming up at 4 and 5 on C100. Basically they said being nice isn't getting the MacDonald government anywhere. On the other side of the spectrum, they thought being as vitriolic as Danny Williams wasn't constructive either, but urged Rodney to be a little more outspoken.
It was a busy hour with the MPs. Caller Mickey brought up the Security and Prosperity Partnership signed with Paul Martin back in 2005. He called back after 12 to speak about it a little more. Sounds like we all have to do some investigating!! You can read more by clicking on or click on the U.S. Homeland Security website and search for S.P.P.

I'm just reading it now...and there is fact/myth section.

I feel a little better after reading this:

Myth: The SPP was an agreement signed by Presidents Bush and his Mexican and Canadian counterparts in Waco, TX, on March 23, 2005.
Fact: The SPP is a dialogue to increase security and enhance prosperity among the three countries. The SPP is not an agreement nor is it a treaty. In fact, no agreement was ever signed.

Myth: The SPP is a movement to merge the United States, Mexico, and Canada into a North American Union and establish a common currency.
Fact: The cooperative efforts under the SPP, which can be found in detail at, seek to make the United States, Canada and Mexico open to legitimate trade and closed to terrorism and crime. It does not change our courts or legislative processes and respects the sovereignty of the United States, Mexico, and Canada. The SPP in no way, shape or form considers the creation of a European Union-like structure or a common currency. The SPP does not attempt to modify our sovereignty or currency or change the American system of government designed by our Founding Fathers.

Let's hope it's the truth!!

Mike Savage had a great line today. He said he was talking to Peter Poilievre, a Conservative MP, and told him "You don't know the difference between the Atlantic Accord and a Honda Accord". You probably heard me laughing in the background. I always razz the MPs about taking time off since watching question period every afternoon is part of my routine. I hate when I can't tune in in the afternoon. They think I need to get a life. I agree.

It's strange to see the Swiss Air 111 crash in the news again. I mean, it was such a huge story. I wasn't here for it, but I remember waking up that morning and hearing my news director in Windsor, ON at the time read that story during his 7 o' clock newscast and just feeling chills. Rick mentioned the website where you can listen to air traffic controllers from all over the world - it's

So..thanks to everyone who asked about the Bluenose Marathon! I am happy to say I completed my 10K run (mostly) intact. I wish I would have broken an hour, but my final time was 1:05...good enough for 864th place or something like that!! Thanks to all the people who came out in the rain to cheer on the runners. It was another great year and it made me really glad to live in Halifax. There are some great people in this town.

Should be another busy day I hope you tune in!

Enjoy your day!


Friday, May 18, 2007

I've forgotten what the sun looks like!

Have you?

Pray that there's not a downpour on Sunday. A little rain during a marathon is a godsend, but pouring rain, as evidenced by the Boston Marathon, is just unpleasant. This year's Bluenose Marathon is featuring over 7-thousand runners, can you believe it? That's incredible. Seriously, this is a great event and the spectators provide incredible support for the runners. Can you believe the teasing I got today from Cecil and Rick? It was all in good fun and I'm really excited about the race. My friend Jillian and I are thinking about training for the half marathon next year, but that is a huge commitment. I give major props to the people running the full marathon. That is such an achievement and you need real dedication to do something like that. I find it's hardest to defeat your mind when running; I can't even imagine where your mind would go running 42.2 kms. Maybe one day I'll find out!

So more bomb threats...unbelievable! There have been some examples of some real jerks in Halifax this week. First, the "people" (and I use that term lightly) who beat up the gas bar clerk at Robie and Young. That was unreal and sickening. Now, the idiots calling in these bomb scares. I don't get it. Rick's column in the Daily News really affected me today, especially with his last line: It may already be too late. Completely depressing. Let's hope civil society resumes on Tuesday.

There was a bit of levity on the show today (as always). Cecil vs. Joan never fails to crack up everyone in the room. Joan might be an elderly lady, but she is a fierce competitor who goes toe to toe with Cecil. I wish I could post today's exchange because it was a classic!!!! Rick had Nova Scotia Senior baseball star Darren Doucette in for sports as well. I swear, this man was about 10 feet tall and his arms were about as both of my legs combined. Notice how Rick didn't say anything snarky to him? There was a reason and it was called "muscle".

Then there was Will with his fashion critique of Rick, saying his jacket didn't do anything for his complexion and it wasn't a complimentary colour!! I disagree!! When Rick came to work with that jacket a few weeks back, I thought it was a very nice coat and very stylish. I didn't see Rick on CBC yesterday, but usually all of his television appearances generate some conversation the next day!

Bill Mont had a floating restaurant? I've got some googling to do this afternoon.

I hope the sun comes out this long weekend!! We deserve it don't you think?

Have a great one and we'll talk to you Tuesday on a little program we like to call - THE HOTLINE!

Take care,


P.S. Thanks for everyone's patience today...we had an extremely busy show so thank you for hanging on to talk to Rick!

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Lessons learned from today's Hotline

1) Never ask Al Hollingsworth for a singing telegram.

That's about it!!! No, it was a fun show today remember the "good ol' days" with two fantastic individuals Pat Connelly and Al Hollingsworth. I love Pat Connelly's voice. When he cracks the mic, I'm just in awe of the guy. Both of them are so jovial and listening to them made me want to live during that time, it sounded like an absolute blast. Obviously there were issues (wars etc.) but one thing I think they had that we don't have is - time. It seems like they were able to live in moments and really experience them. Now with all the technology around us, it feels like there aren't that many really real moments to experience and treasure. There is always something to check on, click on, watch, listen to or do. It is truly hard to "tune out" nowadays as hard as I try.

Rick's conversation with John Williamson with the Canadian Taxpayers' Federation was certainly interesting. 35 % of the price of gas in this province is tax! It's Gas Tax Honesty Day, so John gave us those shocking stats. 15 cents per litre is a provincial tax, 10 cents is the Federal Exise tax and the HST on top of that! Tax on Tax!! I was thinking about finally getting a car in the fall, but I don't know...I don't want to have to make the choice between gassing up the ol' car and eating.

This foreign stripper story is out of control. I put it on Rick's desk yesterday and wrote "Is this really a priority?" The way the government is pushing this, you would have thought it was one of the 5 pillars of their "new" government as one of the callers mentioned. Foreign strippers. Does this sound like something that needed a grand news release or am I missing something here? Wouldn't it have been funny to have one of the ministers going to an actual club to make the announcement?

5Pm today - rally at Grand Parade for the International Day against Homophobia. I think whether or not you think being gay is right or wrong, I think we can all agree a society with less hatred is a step in the right direction.

I think everyone agreed that Gene and his hatred was completely off base today - agreement on that IS definitely a step in the right direction.

More rain today....will it ever stop? I love how the anchors at CTV keep snipping at Peter Coade. It takes a thick skin to be a meteorologist in Nova Scotia!

Have a great one,


Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Latest on thr Murder

HALIFAX - A Nova Scotia man arrested at the U.S.-Mexico border faces murder charges in Canada following the slayings earlier this month of two gay men from the Halifax area.Glen Douglas Race, apprehended Tuesday in Texas, is wanted in Canada for the murders of Trevor Brewster, 45, and Michael Knott, 44.Race, 26, was arrested Tuesday in connection with the killing of caretaker Darcy Manor last week in Mooers, N.Y.The two murder cases in Nova Scotia prompted police to take the rare step last week of warning gay men to avoid cruising areas.Knott was found dead May 5 in the woods near Mill Cove, N.S.Brewster's body was found three days earlier in a Dartmouth park frequently used by men cruising for gay sex.

To strike or not to strike...that is the question

I'd like to give Premier Rodney MacDonald a Hotline round of applause. Whenever I get a government news release in the afternoon, I know it will generate conversation the next day on the Hotline. So for that reason and that reason only....Thank you Premier.

As expected, taking away health care unions right to strike was extremely contentious today. I thought Rick was right on asking the question about the teacher's union too. There can be an argument made for all unions being "essential". As I mentioned before, Joan Jessome does quiet rage so well. I spoke to her yesterday afternoon and she was fuming, but she channels it into her words and she's very well-spoken don't you think? All I know is that I'm a union member and if someone told me I didn't have the right to strike because the news had to get on the air, I'd feel castrated in a way, so I get where the workers are coming from. I don't understand why people aren't taking this umbrage out on the politicians who give themselves raises whenever they damn well feel like and work like 30 days a year in the legislature! The leg. wrapped up a few weeks ago...this legislation won't be introduced until the fall. In the meantime, the politicians are receiving their entitlements and don't even have to do squat! I know there are hardworking MLAs like Bill Estabrooks, out on the road everyday talking to people. But direct the anger in the right areas! If it came to giving more money to the nurse or doctor who will save my life, or the x-ray tech that will find my cancer, or the therapist that's going to help me walk again, well, they will beat out a politician every time (in my humble opinion).

Wow, I felt like Rick for a moment there.

In other news....

There is a news conference in 15 minutes to update us on this development in the latest 2 murders in Metro. As soon as I get an update...I'll post it for you.

What did you think of the Bill Casey interview? Despite the fact he voted to kill the accord, as a a person, Bill Casey is an extremely good-humoured individual. Seriously, one of the nicest, funniest people you'd ever meet. That being said, did you buy his excuses? He called just a few minutes before newstime. Maybe he could come in the studio for an hour one day and take calls - now that would be interesting!!

What was up with Gary Hines? I'm sure Mayor Kelly wasn't angry, or else the Mayor would have called the show like he does ALL THE TIME and taken Rick to task. He didn't because it was a JOKE and it was FUNNY. I guess someone lost their sense of humour when they lost the last election. Thanks again to the mayor for the (expired) birthday cake!

Look who showed up at council last night - GLORIA!! We're so glad she's back and healthy.

Paul Pettipas with the Homebuilders association threw this bon mot out from council last night. He says Brad Johns claimed "he wasn't the brightest bulb in the pack". Thoughts? I hear he's an excellent DJ though!

Well kids....a grey day...but don't let it get you down!

More tomorrow,


Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Hypocritical much?

It's disappointing to hear - Cumberland-Colchester-Musquodoboit Valley MP Bill Casey says he will vote again Bill C-52. He says he's not in favour of forcing Nova Scotia to choose between the Atlantic Accord and the new equalization formua, but he's going to vote against it anyway!!! Why? It's not like he's a cabinet minister...or maybe he's waiting to become one? I know it's hard to stand up to Stephen Harper, he has a reputation for being a complete jerk, but c'mon. I hope Rick tries to get Bill on the show so he can explain this seemingly very hypocritical stance.

Any thoughts about Ross Haynes? I thought he and Rick had a great discussion about a bunch of different issues, especially disillusion with the Harper government. The first article about the possible resurgence in the Reform party was in Saturday's Globe and Mail. A caller talked to me off air and said their focus is on the fiscal side of things, not on the social. They think the Harper Conservatives are spending even more than the former Liberal government did and they aren't happy about it. Now a new Reform party would be very interesting. It would be great to see the old school, Preston Manning, possibly taking on the new school, Stephen Harper! The Globe article is very interesting - here's the link:

I agree 100 % with the David Emerson line in the article. I couldn't believe the hypocrisy of Harper's decision and the fact that he was so small, as he had to have retribution in some way because of Belinda Stronach's decision.

If you were interested in Civitas - here's another link to read more about it too:

Again, Rick was lambasted over his stance about what went down at Lockview High. I wonder if this debate will ever fade!! Rick's pretty firm on this on, but keep calling - maybe someone can get him to change his mind!

A little excitement this morning when one of the listeners called and told us there were fighter jets at the airport! Turns out there were 3 British R.A.F. jets and a tanker. One of the jets had to get a little non-emergency maintenance done at the airport and then they took off. No drama, for once.

An all open show set for tomorrow and they on Thursday, two of the most rambunctious men in radio - Al Hollingsworth and Pat Connelly! Rick, Al and Paul will be talking about the "good old days" in Metro Halifax. That should be a lot of fun!

Hope you enjoyed the sun this morning - it looks like we won't be seeing it again until next week!

Have a good one,


Monday, May 14, 2007


Oh yeah...I forgot about the caller's idea for a mascot!

I don't think it's a bad idea actually..but Bruce had a really funny e-mail about it. Even the Mayor giggled a little.

Here it is - thanks Bruce!

We are going to have a round table discussion on this. There will be a committee formed from this meeting to call for studies on the matter.
One study will look at the need for a mascot
One will look at what the mascot will be
One will look at the numbers of people needed to run the office on City Mascot.
One will meet with the province and province asking for cost sharing
The Mayor and a group will tour various cities with mascots looking at how they handle this matter.

Happy Birthday Rickster!

Just to clarify for the Mayor - Rick isn't sixty, he's a very spry 53.

To honour the birthday boy, the Mayor brought in a cake, which was very sweet but the thought somewhat nullified when he told us there were 72 candles on the cake and he came in brandishing a fire extinguisher. HA! Then after he left, Rick discovered the cake was best before May 14th (today) and was 50 % off at the grocery store!! We had a good laugh at that one and as Gloria McCluskey pointed out, "It shows how frugal he is!" That's a good thing, but I wish I would have known the cake was about to expire when I scarfed down a piece after 11 o' clock. Rick, or as e-mailer Ken called him "the big fancy star"had a good birthday, so thank you for all the b-day wishes.

Rick spoke to Theresa Brien from Regional Police about the investigation into these 2 very disturbing murders in HRM. They are still looking for Trevor Brewster's car. Here's the description of it:

Major Crime investigators are looking for Mr. Brewster’s black,two-door 2004 Honda Civic with Nova Scotia license plate DYS 031 and a‘rainbow bear’ decal on the back left side, just above the taillight. Anyone with information on the whereabouts of his vehicle or whomay have seen anything suspicious at Frenchman’s Lake over the past several days is asked to call 490-5016 or anonymously through CrimeStoppers at 1-800-222-8477 (TIPS).

Hopefully they find the car soon and find the person or persons who committed these heinous crimes.

Most everyone disagreed with Rick today in regards to the Facebook situation at Lockview. A few kids were talking about how their teacher was cranky etc. at the school and made some comments about running over her baby with a golf cart. Rick's problem with the situation is that the RCMP were called in. Rick admits he may feel differently because he knows the kids involved. It's a tough call. You have to allow society freedom of speech, but at the same time, all these crazy incidents are happening at schools and it seems like you can't be too careful. Tough call on this one, but I'm sure those kids won't be doing anything similar again.

So anyone else battling this spring cold? It hit me on Saturday morning. Rick Clarke had it when Rick spoke to him last week and I know several other people who have been felled by it. There's nothing worse than being sick when it's gorgeous outside. I hope it's over by next Sunday - that's the Bluenose Marathon and I'll be participating in the 10km. The Bluenose is such a great event and the spectators are incredibly supportive. If you want to on the link to do so!

I would be remiss if I didn't mention something I did on Friday night. I went to see the production of Titanic at Q-E-H, the last production for the school. I didn't really know what to expect, but it was incredible! The orchestra was so professional and there were some stars in the cast! Congrats to everyone involved in what must have been months and months of hard work. After hearing constantly about "bad teens", it was so refreshing to see a bunch of kids working so hard on something so positive.'s lunchtime for have a great Monday and I'll talk to you tomorrow!



Friday, May 11, 2007

Geese have teeth?

The Hotline turned into Lorne Green's New Wilderness today with so much information on an animal I had barely bothered to think about before - the goose!

Here are a few of factoids we learned:

-geese have teeth
-geese can break a human bone with their wings
-geese are used in Scotland to protect whiskey
-geese have been used by the Canadian military
-certain former military men have been known to run from geese after spending too much time at the Legion (Ernest!)

My question (and Bruce E. asked this too) was what do you do with the geese during the day? Will we be turning the Public Gardens into a fortress? How will the geese differentiate between vandal and tourist? Well, Dawn says you just put the geese back in their cages during the day and entice them there with food. Okay. All the callers on and off the air make these birds seem like the flying equivalent of Jaws. I pity the vandal who tries to take them on! Rick (and I) started out the show thinking Dawn was completely "bonkers", but it looks like she has a point!

I'm trying to think what else we talked about on the show, but the conversation was seriously dominated by talk of the killer, park protecting geese. It might sounds weird, but it was very entertaining!

Did you like Rick's column in the Daily News today? I loved the line about the "moonscape-like roads"!

One caller told me something disturbing off the air. A Canada Post driver chucked a MacDonald's bag full of garbage right out his window today, in a Canada Post truck. It happened on Wright Ave. in Burnside. The caller told me he was disgusted by that and Rick was too. Where is the civic pride asks David Rodenhiser......and stories like this make you shake your head.

The story in the C.H. about the teen being bitten by the dog owned by a police officer is a bit strange eh?

Rick spoke to a police spokesperson but the story wasn't really cleared up. In fact, police apparently went to a house several times where they thought the officer lived, but then deduced that he didn't live there! It's the most bizarre story and you would think a police officer would step up and do the right thing. Apparently the Chief is looking into it.

Kudos to Mayor Kelly for trying to be pro-active to help the Moir's plant workers. The Mayor got on the horn yesterday to 3 major players in the confectionary industry to see if there is any interest in taking over the Woodside plant. Who knows if he will be successful, but hey, the Province hasn't even been able to get a meeting with Greenbrier in regards to the Trenton Railcar plant. Go get 'em Mayor Kelly! 600 unionized jobs lost would be incrediby devestating.

It turned out to be a very nice day!!! It is Rick's birthday on Monday but he really doesn't like to make a big deal out of it, so feel free to leave your birthday greetings/comments on the blog since Rick reads them religiously!!!!!!!

Have an awesome weekend!



Thursday, May 10, 2007

Green side up this time!

Brian Phillips is the funniest man alive.

That was his quote to Ben before the actual show started in regards to laying sod. I could not stop laughing about that throughout the whole show. In fact, I'll probably be walking down the street and you'll see this person laughing to herself and you'll be thinking "She's nuts", but I'm actually just laughing about the hysterical things Brian Phillips comes up with every morning. Remember "Thanks Dick!" from a few days ago. You rule Brian!

So since David Rodenhiser is in pretty regularly (or The Rodenhiser) as Rick called him today, we're going to produce a little special intro for him. I already have it worked out in my head, so in a couple of weeks, get ready for something special when David comes in. We received another postcard from the Island yesterday. Ben's postcard campaign continues!

Lots of interesting calls today including a call from Doug, who heard through his "channels" that Stephen Harper wears a wig. As DR suggested, his hair might be a bit better if it was a piece. Any thoughts?

It's sad about the Moirs plant eh? I mean, the history of the Moir name goes back to the late 1800s in the area! We receivecd a couple of calls about people who say they will stop eating Hershey products because of this closure. Here is the contact info I found for Hershey Canada if you want to inform them of your decision.

Hershey Canada Inc.
2350 Matheson Blvd E
Mississauga, Ontario
L4W 5E9


Consumer Relations: 1-800-468-1714

There is no e-mail available for the Canadian company, but here's a link to the American website's online form:

Here's an interesting article from Forbes today about the Hershey situation. Turns out we're not alone in Dartmouth - they're also shutting down a plant in Montreal.

Rick spoke with Lana Garrison with the Trax program through the Ecology Action Centre about bike paths and bike safety etc. My grandma gave me a bike last year, but I haven't been on it yet! I'm frightened to ride on the road, especially Robie Street. Plus I look dorky in a helmet (even though I know you should wear one!) I wish the city was like Hamburg, Germany where I used to live. There were roads (obviously), bike paths on every major thoroughfare...and then huge sidewalks. So everyone had a place. It was nice and you didn't hear about a lot of accidents.

I thought Danny Graham was really well-spoken today (well, he always is) about a very complex issue. We had only a couple of calls that hour, so it seems like everyone was sitting back and listening. I liked Andrew's point a lot - if a third nation came in and took our land, we'd feel very resentful too. That what I love about the Hotline. People will call and give you a completely different way of looking at an issue. I mean, it works on Rick too. He used to be for gas regulation right?

Well I think that about does it for today. I know a lot of people have been calling about not being able to listen to the stream on the internet, and the engineers are working on it!!!

Have a wonderful day....more tomorrow! Sports during hour number one...and then the FRIDAY FREE FOR ALL!

Take care,


Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Sloane calls for killer geese to patrol park

One of the many, many topics discussed on today's show. I don't even know where to begin. Tonnes of calls, tonnes of different topics. Thank you!!

The first caller today, Barry, brought up the issue of buses and that led to a discussion about low floor buses, strollers on buses, rude passengers etc. One day I want to bring Rick on a Metro Transit bus to experience what it's like to be a passenger. I'm not a huge fan of the low floor buses, because they get so incredibly crowded, but if they are helping people get around who normally couldn't, I should not complain about them!!

Dawn Sloane popped by for the second hour and it was so hilarious when Rick was slamming the councillors when she was sitting right next to him and she's just shaking her head because her mic wasn't on and she couldn't respond!! I can't tell you when she called him off the air, but it was funny (and deserved!) Something very strange happened while she was on. We're on the second floor of our building and all of a sudden we see a ladder right outside of the window. Rick turns off his mic and wondered if someone was trying to get to Sloane. Then a man climbed up the window and we're just staring outside wondering what the heck this person was doing climbing the side of the building. Then we saw what was in his hand - he was a window washer. Does that say a lot about us that we were riveted by this for several minutes?

Pat Murphy called in regards to Ann's complaints about Access-a-Bus. Pat says you can call and schedule Access-a-Bus service for any reason. It doesn't have to be an appointment. Obviously they need to know where you're going, but they don't restrict the service.

I thought caller Robert had a great point during hour number 2. He noticed that cars barely stop or slow down or pay any heed at all to emergency vehicles on the roads. I thought I was the only one that noticed that!!! Seriously, I'll be walking down the street, hear a siren and the cars will keep going like it's nothing. In Ontario, when I took my written driving test, there was this question I found so hilarious. The question was: What do you do when you see an ambulance with its lights flashing in your rearview mirror? It was multiple choice, so one answer was the correct one...pull over to the side of the road and let it go by. Another answer (the wrong one, obviously) was "speed up and try to pass it". That's literally what it seems like people do here! It's nuts!!

Now, I know I slam Halifax a lot. It's mainly fuelled from the Hotline, but today I wanted to say something nice. Yesterday I was running on the bridge around 8:15 and I looked over and saw the sun setting over the water and it was absolutely stunning. Say what you want about Halifax, but the city has been blessed with a lot of natural beauty and I really appreciated it last night.

Back to the negative!!! Troy's story was unreal! He drove his motorcycle over this seemingly massive pothole and nearly died and damaged his bike. When Troy gave us the dimensions of the pothole Rick said, "That's not a pothole, that's a mine!" Turns out, if no one has reported the pothole, Troy is out of luck in terms of getting money from the city. If it has been reported, Troy may be able to recoup some of his expenses. Good Luck Troy! FYI - the pothole is at Dunbrack before Willet and Troy says he's been driving by and there are no signs there yet. He's going to keep us posted but in the meantime - be careful!

Here is the link for the Grandmothers to Grandmothers group. Check it out!

Ben from the Island has started a postcard campaign. We just got his first one with the words Rickster on it (of course), then SUMMER HOTLINE HOST - DAVID RODENHISER!!!

He says he's going to keep sending them until Rick changes his mind. I'll let you know how it turns out!!

Thank you for listening, calling, reading and being a part of the Hotline!



Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Recycle, re-use, a point

Recycled meat - pretty gross eh?

If you heard the show today after 12, you heard caller Roxanne tell us about a pretty nasty experience at a dining establishment in Dartmouth. She says she sent back her steak to the kitchen and then watched as the chef placed the steak on another plate and served it to another customer!!

The story brought back memories of Jeffrey Simpson's excellent series on restaurants a few months back. Roxanne says she got the run around while trying to file a complaint, but I hope she keeps at it. Another caller suggested calling the Better Business Bureau as well. Hopefully she will keep us posted with her progress.

So are you with Rick on this one? Fall River: God's Country. Discuss.

Taxi driver Bob called with a litany of complaints about the city etc. It was definitely a long list of things that have been ticking him off, well, for the past few years!! I used to have to take a taxi to work when I worked weekend mornings a few years back. The taxi drivers were prompt and very courteous. There were just two exceptions. One time, the driver seemed, well, intoxicated and I put on my seatbelt and prayed I wouldn't die! And it was only a 5 minute drive away!!! I mentioned his number to another driver who told me the guy had some issues. Another time, a taxi driver got mad at me because I didn't want to accept 3 dollars in change in nickels. Other than that, I find the cabbies so friendly in Halifax and I've never had a problem trying to get a cab, even downtown.

We did our "Hotline House Calls" in the second hour with Dartmouth General emergency room physician Dr. John Gillis. He's also the host of a show on Eastlink TV. He took health questions for the hour and I'm sure Rick will have him in again soon. During the commercial I pleaded with him to convince Rick to give up Coke. Rick drinks a can of Coca-Cola during every show. The doctor suggested switching to Coke zero or Diet Coke, but you know how stubborn Rick is. Direct quote: "I won't give up my Coke!"

So the fired school board members will have their day in court! What an interesting development! What would the province do if a judge ordered the fired board members back on the job? June 12th/13th have been set aside. The Hotline will keep you posted!!

Have a great day and be sure to tune in tomorrow for another action packed edition of the Hotline!

Until then,


Monday, May 7, 2007

Shoot to kill?

That was Rick's facetious answer to getting rid of the punks vandalizing the Public Gardens. What is wrong with people? Plus, were you shocked by the revelations that cabbies and other cars are being pelted with rocks as they drive by Uniacke Square? I received several calls off the air from people that had similiar experiences. Again- what is wrong with people? I think the sad fact is, we have to stop expecting people to do the right thing. They won't. The city needs to think outside the box to come up with some creative solutions. Rick suggested barbed wire around the gardens. I think it's a good idea (minus the 50-thousand volts of electricity). That would just result in a lawsuit - but sadly, probably less vandalism!

We had a busy, interesting show today! Tonnes of different topics discussed from vandalism to gardening to lighthouses. You really never know what you're going to hear on the Hotline. The best call we received today was from Gloria McCluskey! We're just so thrilled that she's back up and walking around and getting ready to come back to council and shake it up again. Go get 'em Gloria!

Did you hear Rick's complete and total lack of gardening knowledge? I mean, I'm no expert. In fact, I had to ask Tim from Halifax Seed ( how to grow herbs on my deck! But at least I have the knowledge that sheep manure should probably be kept on "outdoor" plants exclusively. We had a good laugh about that one!

Well, it's a gorgeous sunny day and it will be until Friday (hopefully). Enjoy it!



Friday, May 4, 2007

Watch out for this dude

This is a pic of the guy Rick was talking about today - Paul Corkum.
This is from the Regional Police website:
High Risk OffenderMay 3, 2007
Police are providing information to all citizens of Nova Scotia, in particular, those residing in Halifax Regional Municipality, about a sexual offender residing in our community.Forty-five-year-old Paul Franklyn Corkum has been released after serving his full three year sentence for sex related offences, including Sexual Assault. He has been professionally assessed as a high risk to re-offend. Corkum has convictions for sex related offences dating back to 1993. He is on a number of conditions, which are intended to prevent him from having contact with children under the age of 14. He is described as a white male, 5'10, 190 lbs, with brown hair and brown eyes. THIS INFORMATION IS PROVIDED TO ALERT MEMBERS OF THE PUBLIC OF HIS RELEASE INTO THE COMMUNITY. ANY FORM OF VIGILANTE ACTIVITY OR OTHER UNREASONABLE CONDUCT WILL NOT BE TOLERATED.

You gotta know when to fold 'em

Sadly, a gambling addiction doesn't always seem that easy to break. We heard Debbie Langille's story today on the show and what a sad story it is! She's with the group Gameover VLTs and as you might have heard, they're having a full day workshop tomorrow at the Loyola Building at Saint Mary's. Luckily, she's channeled her addiction into helping others.

I don't know about Rick, but I love gambling, love going to the Casino, love everything about it. But, since I know I love it so much I go to the casino just once a year. I take 20 dollars, bet it, love every second of it (except when I lose) and then leave. I know I have to because I feel like I have the potential to be addicted to gambling. It is criminal that the government actually makes money of people's addictions. Just like with smoking. It's so hypocritical to spend money on commercials advertising the dangers of smoking when governments profit from it!!

Speaking of government, what did you think about Rodney MacDonald's new "get tough" attitude with Prime Minister Harper? Do you think Harper is as Rick said "quivering in his boots"? I think it's a bit hypocritical to day "a deal is a deal is a deal", when he didn't live up to come of his own election promises. Do as I say, not as I do, I guess.

Peter Stoffer was fired up today when Rick interviewed him! Did you hear him drop the A-bomb? Rick and traded shocked looks across the desk!! Plus, he's an MP, besides Ken Dryden who has some common sense and basically said the Shane Doan issue is a complete NON-issue and we should all move on to bigger and better things!! Thank you Peter! Also, thanks for the great quote: "If you're not Dutch, you're not much"!

The HCAP thing was pretty interesting yesterday eh? I was thinking to myself though when Rick was doing his rant that there's a reason social assistance is low. It's so people don't stay on it forever! Disability is a whole different issue. I am glad there are people actively looking to end poverty, that is very admirable. Tactics wise though, I don't know. I guess the approach I agreed with most taking my Poli Sci classes at Dal was "quiet diplomacy". If you want to make changes, change it from the inside.

Rick had a pretty interesting conversation with Dave to start the Friday free for all at 11. Dave told Rick, in essence, that he was a bad parent because he still has to sometimes discipline his 16-year old son. I was incredulous when I heard this, because apparently Dave has 2 complete angels! Congrats to him on that, but I still broke curfew when I was 16 and you know, goofed off...little things. Rick's son isn't going around robbing banks or anything, which is kind of how Dave played it off!! The whole conversation stemmed from the woman in the U-N calling for a complete spanking ban in Canada. Take the poll today and let us know what you think! Maybe we should take away the right to spank kids, but only with the provision that we can actively slap politicians whenever we want!

During the sports hour Rick and Cecil did a great interview with former major league pitcher Bill Lee. It was so entertaining to listen to. My favourite part was when he trashed one of his old rivals calling him a "Duvet Cover". Ouch.

Have a great's been a busy week and I'm looking forward to re-charging for the next one! Do you want to hear something scary? Only 6 more weeks until the Rickster goes on holiday! WHERE DOES THE TIME GO?

Slow it down and relax this weekend!



Thursday, May 3, 2007


Normally I don't post this much, but I just saw this story that you have to see in print to get the full extent of it.

This story just moved on our news wire.

(Spelling-Errors)They're errors that his students probably wouldn't make. An intermediate school dean on Staten Island, New York, sent a note home to parents.It complained about student "misbehaver" in the "caferteria."He called it "unexcecpable" and warned it could mean exclusion from school "activates." There were 16 spelling and grammatical errors in the letter.Students were laughing but the principal is investigating and one parent wants the dean fired for setting a bad example. (ABC)

Save Doan!

I just found this link, so I thought I'd pass it on:

If it started with "F"....

it was mentioned today on the Hotline. And I mean everything!

You can meet Glenn Murray at the Family Expo ( this weekend at Exhibition Park. Should be interesting! I checked out the book, Walter the Farting Dog, on looks really funny. Do you think there's enough material for an entire film though? Do you think the gag would get old?

Let's see..what else starts with F? Flip flop!! Will accused Rick of sounding like he was flip flopping on gas regulation. It's funny because last week I asked Rick the same thing off the air. Then Rick let me in a little talk show host secret that I will reveal to you exclusively in this blog: sometimes he stirs the pot to get people to call. It's true!! So when you hear Rick, definitely challenge him, but remember he is a talk show host who needs people to call in order to fulfill the mandate of "call in talk show".

I liked caller Chris' one word summary of Hockey Canada testifying in front of this Commons committee - CRAP. It's so asinine, I can't even mention it anymore.

Speaking of, check out That's the site for this conference on "walking" being held in October in the T-dot that a couple of councillors are expected to go to. Here's the write-up from the site:

"This exciting conference will bring together hundreds of delegates from across Canada and around the world, including leaders from government, academia, the private sector, non-profit, community, and advocacy groups. The conference slogan - Putting Pedestrians First - reflects our desire to make this a conference that motivates people to build on examples of best practice from their home communities and around the globe, and turn plans into action."

Now check out Rodenhiser's column today:

(It's another classic)

Is it just me or does it crack you up when Rick tells someone to "Go pound sand"? I find that so entertaining.

Well thanks again for the calls and the comments on the MacNeil blog from yesterday. I'm glad I'm not alone!

Sports talk with Cecil in the first hour tomorrow, then the Friday free for all!

I guess I would be remiss if I didn't mention Ben's call today. He had a suggestion that will further sour his relationship with Mr. Walling. Ben says he's going to write a book called "AJ the Farting Senior". Oh dear.

Can't wait to see what happens tomorrow!!

Thank you for listening,


Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Look to the Terminator!

I see what Bruce was saying today about wanting your politicians to a) have vision and then b) do something about it.

Stephen MacNeil is doing something about it, I mean he ran for the leadership and won. I guess I just expected him to come out firing. The media honeymoon won't last long, so you would think you would take an hour on the Hotline to explain your vision, not just say you don't have any answers yet, but you definitely will when an election is called. They always say "Trust us". Do you? Nice guy and everything, but I'm a little tired of hearing words and having people not answer questions. Did you hear the answer to if he would take away for the right to strike for essential workers? Neither did I. He said he's not a politician and that he's an "ordinary Nova Scotian trying to do the best he can". Thoughts?

Bruce had a good line - you can take what he said and put it in a bag and sell it to the farmers! I don't mean to slam this particular politician, but I think I speak for the majority of listeners when I say it's just so frustrating to hear a politician talk and not say anything. Are you with me?

I was so aggravated when I lost my blog yesterday. Rodenhiser was in defending his column he wrote about the 1 day walkout at the IWK. Earlier on Tuesday's show Joan Jessome slammed him and his column and if you heard the interview she was seriously ticked. JJ does quiet rage really well.

Rick recounted the most hysterical thing from the weekend. He was at a basketball tournament and a coach was asking him how he felt about the MacNeil win. Rick responded, but then made his almost perfunctory remark about how the Premier has stumbled and bumbled from one issue to the next and the coach asked him, "Do you know who you are talking to?" Rick didn't and it turns out it was Scott Armstrong, who is the PRESIDENT OF THE PC PARTY OF NOVA SCOTIA! HA! Yeah, we had a snowball's chance in hell of getting the Premier on our show and now it's a snowflake.

Random Hotline moment du jour: What was up with Rick calling John Baird a "big ugly bird"?

The most ridiculous thing I heard today was about the Shane Doan issue. Jack Layton is totally persona non grata to me right now. He accuses Harper of playing politics with the soldiers and instead of voting with the Liberals to get the troops home on schedule in 2009, he holds out and of course LOSES a motion to bring them home now. Way to go Jack, really, well played.

Then to come out and condone Shane Doan for a comment he didn't even make 2 YEARS AGO and to get a commons committee to investigate it. Really, again, well played. If he's really so interested in dealing with what happened in the past, about about hmm...trying to force the Harper government to sign the Kyoto protocol. Canada signed in 1997. Trying to change history there might be a good idea.

Wow, I feel quite jaded today, which is what a good Hotline show tends to do to me!!

Councillor Hendsbee called off the air in relation to the compact fluorescent bulbs. He echoed what a bureaucrat told us last week that there's a place in Burnside that actually makes a machine that, for lack of a better description, eats the bulbs. So Hendsbee has asked for report to go back to council asking why this machine couldn't be installed at Enviro Depots etc. As Rick would say "Go get 'em councillor!"

So hope this blog suffices for two days and be sure to give us a call tomorrow. Let us know what you think about MacNeil and Brendan Haley from the Ecology Action Centre is in to talk about all this green stuff going on lately. Call him and challenge him, as callers Maxwell and Gary did today with Rick.

Be careful out there - full moon tonight!! I remember getting a call in the newsroom a few years back on the night of the full moon and there was a woman running down Portland Street buck naked!! Full moon indeed.



Tuesday, May 1, 2007

The perils of technology

So...I just finished writing this super long blog....I hit "Publish" and then the internet goes down.

It's gone.

I'm not going to try and write it again, in case the computer craps out again. So...lots more tomorrow with a 2 day recap of the show!

I see sunshine, so that's positive!