Tuesday, May 6, 2008

A small victory

We accomplished something today.

It's so nice to come out of the studio and feel happy instead of feeling the typical sense of impending doom. Our phone assault worked!! Even though the Premier claimed Judy Streatch said she was going to pay for the damages yesterday, we know our boiled over anger today played a role in the contrite news release. How could it not? I mean, a Minister gives her son the keys to her government-leased S-U-V, her work car, go to down the street and get some ice cream? Hey, I like a delicious dairy treat as much as the next person, but come on! Here's what I haven't heard: I haven't heard Judy Streatch say it was wrong for her son to be driving the car in the first place. That is why this is a small victory. She'll pay for the damages, but it still doesn't sound like her government-leased car is going to be for business only.

You know it's serious when Wade Keller calls the newsroom and wants to get the Premier on the Hotline. To me, that's the number one sign it's damage control time! The Premier tried to speak very clearly and utilized some very good spinning techniques. Putting the potential injuries of the 17-year old out there - very clever. However, ever caller who phoned in after the Premier was not impressed. Clearly Rick struck a nerve with his "Take the Bus" comments over the past 2 weeks. What made me laugh was caller Tony railing against the Premier while having no clue the Premier was waiting on the line to come on next. It was awesome. The Premier tried to be clever at the end by twisting the bottom line of why he won't come on the show. The bottom line is - all the Premiers have always come in for an hour. It's the way it has always been because there's not enough time to deal with the amount of problems in this province in 30 minutes. 1 hour isn't enough time either! Rick said an hour or nothing and they said no, that's why the Premier hasn't been on the show. Don't let them spin you otherwise. Another thing that struck me as incredibly hilarious was the though of Wade Keller and the Premier being chauffered around listening to the Hotline and grimacing and making notes and grinding their teeth. Overall, it was just a stellar day on the show.

As Rick says: the Tories are toast. That's his prediction, and I'm going to have to agree.

On a totally different note: GO CANADA!!! Huge game this afternoon, should be a great one. It's so cool to see the foreign fans walking downtown, faces painted, wearing crazy costumes. This is a great tournament and it makes Halifax look so good. I'm wondering how it's going over in Quebec City.

Well, it's a sunny warm day today. I kind of have a hankering for a big ol' ice cream. Maybe I'll take a station vehicle to Dairy Queen. Wait a second, not a good idea. If I got in an accident and wasn't doing something for work, I'd probably be fired. Why is that different in the government ranks?

Thank you so much for the calls today and the participation in the phone assault. Next up, the election. Let's make a difference!



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Mr.k said...

Hello Amber....

Three cheers for the people.

Watching the CBC news this am they showed the accident scene and this kid was going pretty fast when you consider the skid marks.

While the media was interviewing her about the accident I notice she, as they all do, basically blamed her staff for giving her the wrong information as to whether the kid was allowed to drive the government vechicle..

Rodney and his ministers sure know how to pass the buck...they always blame the staff...same as Cecil Clarke did when a document was signed by him to wave any tenders during the immigration scandle....

These puppetts will not take responsibility for their actions and lack of action in some cases.

And when the Premier came on the show it wasn't hard to tell it was damage control...and the sound of his voice was that of a coward running scared..

I seriously hope that the good people of Mabou and the province don't put Rodney back in during the next election. If they do , then they deserve what they get.