Thursday, May 1, 2008

Hi, Stephen MacNeil!

The Liberals have launched a new ad campaign to introduce the leader to Nova Scotians. I haven't seen them, but we kept saying "Hi, Stephen MacNeil" all day long!

We ended the show talking to two lovely ladies, Andree Gracie and Suzanne Morrison about the Family Expo. It was good hour, talking about issues which affect families. Not having any kids, it's not really something I really think about, but it's interesting. Something Andre said really grabbed me. She said it's important to take time to laugh and not get bogged down in the heavy media stuff. I completely agree, but it's difficult, when you're sitting behind the board listening intently to the world's woes every day. It's hard to turn off. You can stick your head in the sand, but I'm definitely going to try to get out and do the things I enjoy before the world ends. (See, I can't turn it off completely).

Edwin Black was a fascinating interview! I want to get his books right away! His thoughts and feelings on corporate criminality, along with his facts, were terrifying but enlightening. He warned us that Islamic extremism is the number 1 most dangerous thing facing our world, along with "petro-terrorism". He warns us about the dangers of believing "pseudo-science" and, he was just so compelling. I must get his books! Here are his 2 websites to check out:

It is Holocaust Memorial Day and it's just overwhelming to really think about the Holocaust and the number of people who suffered because of Hitler and his "final solution". To hear about these companies that worked with the Nazis, very scary stuff. In my travels to Germany, I've been to Buchenwald and Dachau and they were incredibly difficult experiences, you're really put in a position where you can start to get into the mindset of what the people went through. Actually seeing ovens where people were burned is something so shocking, it turns information that seems too horrific to be real into stark, cold reality. Both trips were on sunny days and the contrast between the bright sunshine and the grey, uniformity of the place where these atrocities occurred was such a contradiction. It's impossible not to feel the gravity of these places. It is hard to see, but important at the same time not to forget what happened.

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Mr.k said...

Hello Amber....

Whenever you see a business coming out with big advertising it usually means business is slow or not good.

The finanical business such as insurance brokers and financial planners use this approach all the time...When you see them recruiting, that means they have lost some people, some agents....probably for not preforming or producing enough sales..

The political parties are no different. The Tories don't really have to do it because the Rod has got his mugg pic in the papers everyday. So everybody knows him.Un-fortunet for them.

With the Tories, Liberals and NDP all in the same boat together they also are experiancing the samethings as each other party....The Liberals and Tories have all said that they have had trouble getting good quality people to run in some of the past and recent elections.This is their reason for such high pay checks and entitlements..To get quality people is what they have said..

The other thing they all have in common is the ever decreasing numbers of people coming out to vote....and of course the less voters , the less money for the parties.

In a business that would mean that business is not is down so get your people out there...get your face out there....thus Stevie's new look....A new man??I think not....A new party? NOT....

Anyhow people might remember Joe Clarke. The saying in his day was 'Joe who?" Soon it will be Stephen who? Rodney who? Daryll who?
Soon these faces or agents of their parties will be gone as well and they will bring in new faces or agents...all in hopes of their party doing better than the others because they have a new leader, a new producer...get out there new leader and show your face so everybody will recognize you....But those same people quickly forget over time...and then they are a nobody....Just a Who...

Now with regards to another hypocrite, that would be Andree Gracie who was talking about the Family Expo....talking about how valuable family is to her...when at the sametime they kicked young John Gracie(her stepson) out of their home a year or more ago and have chosen to have no contact with him at all...wouldn't even send him his clothes....

Sorry but that is a hypocrite who says one thing and does the opposite....I do agree with her thoughts on laughing and taking the time to laugh but as you know it isn't always that way, of hiding behind rose color glasses when what is going on around you is very much reality and very little to laugh at...

Mr. Blacks interview was very interesting....and a real eye opener when you compare what Mr. Black had to say and what Dr. Daeigle had to say.....put it all together and there was nothing to laugh at.


Cry when you have to
Smile when you want to
And laugh as much as you can.