Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Bring it down!

I'm serious. DD and Stephen MacNeil - BRING IT DOWN!

This budget is an absolute disaster!!! When the highlight is a tax credit for people who join gym that might save them all of 10 dollars on their taxes, that's pretty pathetic.


I can't believe I agree with something Michael from Cape Breton said today. He said "Bring it down". There must be an election. Bring it down!

The only winners: Nova Scotia post-secondary students and people living with colorectal cancer. I chatted with Cathy Connors yesterday, Jim Connors' wife, and she thought Jim would have been very pleased about the government's decision. It's too bad Judy Young and Jim Connors had to die before it happened. The government even admitted it was a political decision. Rick did a great interview with Pat Connors today, Jim's son, who is pleased his dad made a difference. We're happy too, and he is sadly missed.

As for the electricity thing, it's just so shocking I can't even believe it actually happened. I don't know how long they think the middle class can prop everyone up. The middle class is quickly becoming the lower class with tax hikes, the price of food, gas, etc. It's, as we say in today's Hotline poll, it's Armageddon, baby!

I'm actually kind of in a better mood today, because everyone else was depressed on the show today. One caller even went as far as to tell me he was sad, sad Bob, in fact! Knowing I'm not alone in my utter and complete frustration with what we have to deal with here makes me feel a little better anyway. Thanks!

I don't know if you caught what went down at the end of the show. First of all, I think Rick and Sue Uteck have called a truce. They were very friendly, even agreeing with one another!! I think they were both shocked since they've been kind of nemeses for so long. Secondly, Jim at the very end called Rick "Rickster", which made me grimace because Rick thinks I put everyone up to it and I do not! Then he told me he loves Ben from PEI! Obviously I do we had a moment. Jim Smith and I united over our admiration for the crazy dude from the Island.

The world has officially changed: Ontario is a have not province, and Newfoundland doesn't need equalization anymore. Wow. You have got to hand it to Danny Williams, that province is only going up! Where's N.S. going? God, the answer is too depressing. Despite that, I definitely want to wish Michael Baker well. He's fighting cancer and obviously we wish him the best. For a N.S. Conservative, I've always thought he was a pretty good guy.

Well, that's my rant for today. It's getting sunny outside too, so the day is looking up.

Can you believe Fred MacGillivary? I don't know what to say.



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Anonymous said...

Do you have a copy of the interview with Pat Connors regarding the approval of Avastin that Jim fought so hard to have this drug funded?

Thank you.
Charlene B. Connors